Killer Nights Novel Read Oline
    Killer Nights Every city always has a few brightly-lit spots full of glitz and glamour. But just beyond the bright lights, one can always find one or two dimly-lit alleys where a few women loiter about, wearing lots of make-up and little else. Author: Yi Sheng Liu Lang De Mao
    Sundering Nature Novel Read Oline
    Sundering Nature At the summit of an imposing iron tower quietly stood a man of unimposing stature, his clothes comprising of nothing more than a sleeveless shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of flip flops. A bag with red and blue lines in a pattern dangled from his shoulders, and he held a nearly extinguished cigarette butt between his fingers. Author: Qing He Lao Shi
    Supernatural Girlfriend Novel Read Oline
    Supernatural Girlfriend This was the 26th floor! Wasn't she tired from hanging upside down daily? Wasn’t she afraid? Wasn’t she fearful of heights? I guess she was reluctant to let go of this apartment, eh... Author: Miao Le Ge Wang
    The Devious First-Daughter Novel Read Oline
    The Devious First-Daughter A lonely soul,which was placed under the care of the Lord Protector’s Manor, ended up having her lover stolen by the family’s eldest daughter and dying tragically the day before her wedding. Somehow, she was reborn in the family as their 14-year-old first wife’s daughter, Ning Xueyan, with a startlingly familiar face. Step by step, she will ruthlessly scheme to seek revenge as well as uncover the mystery of her tragic death. Her former fiancee, the flirty crown prince and the bloodthirsty prince, will now bear witness to a vengeful Ning Xueyan becoming the peerless lady of her generation... Author: Lian Shuang
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