The Rules Of Living On The Wasted Land

Du Xiao | Game | Ongoing

More than a hundred years had passed since a nuclear war destroyed most of humanity, and the rest of humanity had struggled in the post-war world. They killed each other for food and for their own safety. In addition to the calculations and killings from humans, they also had to face the brutal mutants. These mutants were ugly, huge and powerful. Faced with them, most people would die. I was a vagrant scavenger in the wilderness. My parents died and I was adopted by an old man. After the old man was framed and murdered, I began my wandering life alone. In order to survive, I lived with danger all the time. I hid in a dark basement, I learned to kill, and I learned to set warning devices. I did everything because I wanted to be alive. By chance, I learned about the gun team, Guns and Roses. In order to get more advanced weapons, I decided to complete some tasks for the gun team. After I successfully finished the first task, the captain of the gun team and their medical soldier invited me to join the gun team. But I was used to wandering on the Wasteland alone. Should I accept their invitation? It was hard to survive in this Wasteland which was full of calculation, monsters and killing, but I must survive by all means.

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Mars Gravity | Game | Ongoing

It was noon in the suburbs of Zhong Zhou City in China. This was a normal street in a what could not be more normal resident district. The hot sun scorched the earth, blistering the poor pedestrians on the street, causing them to curse and complain at the unforgiving weather. Though not a silent city, it was not as bustling and flourishing as the city center.

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Master of the Stars

Jian Fei Zhuan Jia | Game | Ongoing

The nation of crows, the City of Xia, had just entered the end of autumn. These ugly and intelligent life forms were the true masters of this city. They gathered upon the rows of trees, and with coarse, raspy monotone voices, they made fun of the scurrying travelers coming to and fro.

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Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured

Guan Zhen | Game | Ongoing

Zheng Xiaoguang was a huge fan of online games. Although she did not have much money to splash out on the games, she had a big brother to take care of her. With the help of her capable big brother, she always enjoyed herself when exploring the gaming world. One day, his big brother suddenly allied himself with another powerful and rich player Bluegreen-Clad, the gang boss of the League of Strong Families, and married her off to this Bluegreen-Clad without telling her beforehand. At first, she thought gleefully, "Well, lucky me. Bluegreen-Clad has been voted The Most Desirable Husband and Most Desirable Lover by the female players of this zone. By marrying him in the game and going around with the attractive title 'Bluegreen-Clad's wife', I'll surely court a lot of envy." Beyond her expectations, she got a lot more than that. She quickly became the target of malicious envy and the common enemy of nearly all the female players on the server Watery South. Gradually, a rumor went around. Zheng Xiaoguang was stunned and wondered, “What? It looks like that I am not a lucky heroin of a romantic story but a vicious girl who has stolen someone else’s finance."

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Chen Ran | Game | Ongoing

After the Cataclysm, the world was flooded with carnage and destruction where law and order were all gone, and the earth became a jungle wilderness of the strong. He woke up in a deep slumber, his right golden eye reflected this crazy world; In a dark abyss, a person walked alone!

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Return of the Net Gaming Monarch

Yao Xie You Lei | Game | Ongoing

The terms: explosions and hidden thieves, have long faded out of public vision, but they reverted when the foreign world newly opened. Meanwhile, the previous game legend entered the foreign once again world.

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Online Game: Don't Heal the Others

He Dao Zhang | Game | Ongoing

Online Game: Don't Heal the Others is a long fiction written by He Daozhang. Xiao Feng, the protagonist of the story was an ace at online games. By accident, he knew a game called Mystery which can reduce human’s energy consumption and improve the space-allocation on the earth.

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