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Chapter 78 The Impolite Visitor

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Hearing what Ling Yi said, Mother Chen smiled happily. She took the money that Ling Yi handed her and nodded vigorously. "Yes. Childe Ling, you may rest assured. I promise your wish will come true."

Of course Mother Chen was happy. She not only completed what the First Madam had ordered, but also received a reward. Looking in the direction Ning Xueyan was leaving, Mother Chen praised the First Madam's wonderful foresight in her mind. Unlike the Second Young Lady, Ning Xueyan would not be protected by anyone if a scandal happened to her. At that time, she only would become someone's concubine.

Furthermore, the Hostess of Vice Minister of Justice's Manor was not kind-hearted. Any woman who Ling Yi did not like anymore would be beaten to death or sold to the red-light district by the hostess.

Thinking of this, Mother Chen felt proud inwardly and quietly left to arrange the next matter.

Ning Xueyan walked around the garden with Ning Lingyun for a while and then went to Bright Frost Garden.

Whey they arrived at Bright Frost Garden, Ning Xueyan took out the face powders that Ning Ziyan gave her and opened them one by one. All of them were precious, some in light colors and some in dark colors. As soon as they were opened, a faint fragrance could be smelled. At first glance, one could know that they all were treasures.

Ning Lingyun was just a concubine's daughter. Madam Ling was mean to those children that she did not give birth to. So they did not have enough pocket money every month. After buying daily necessities and rewarding servants, Ning Lingyun could not afford to buy such a high-quality powder. So when she saw those good face powders, she wanted them all, the greed showing in her eyes. She stretched out her fingers and tried them on the back of her hand.

At the same time, she said, "These face powders look beautiful, but the color isn't bright enough. The Second Sister might not like them."

Everyone in Lord Protector's Manor knew that Ning Yuling liked bright colors. Her clothes were gorgeous with exquisite decorations.

Qingyu, standing beside them, looked at Ning Lingyun and complained in her mind. "Aren't the colors bright?"

Ning Xueyan chuckled and said casually, "They are not bright enough, but there's nothing that I can give to the Second Sister now. Fourth Sister, we'll just choose two boxes for her, and you can take the rest if you like."

This suggestion satisfied Ning Lingyun. She liked them all and wanted to take all of them, so she deliberately slighted them and said that they were not very good. When Ning Xueyan said she could take the rest, Ning Lingyuan immediately agreed and began to choose happily.

But these face powders were so excellent, and the colors and fragrances were all different. So it was difficult for Ning Lingyun to choose. She felt that these face powders were better than any she had seen before.

"If only I could take them all away," Ning Lingyun thought in her mind.

When Ning Lingyun was selecting, Lanning came in a hurry, pale and panicked. "Young Lady, a maid in the courtyard fainted."

"What's the matter?" Ning Xueyan seemed to be frightened as she turned around and asked urgently.

"I don't know. That maid suddenly fainted and fell to the ground. Just now I asked people to take her to her room to rest. Young Lady, would you like to ask the doctor to see her?"

"There's no need to call a doctor. A maid merely fainted. I thought something big had happened. Xueyan, it's not important. Don't bother mother. I heard that the Second Sister is sick now, so how can we ask a doctor to take a look at a maid?" Ning Lingyun sneered and said with a strange smile.

"Yes, we can't disturb mother. She has a lot to do every day. I'll go take a look." Ning Xueyan nodded and was going to leave to see the maid.

Ning Xueyan went to the door and suddenly stopped as if thinking of something and said to Ning Lingyun with embarrassment, "Fourth Sister, I can't visit the Second Sister now. When you go see her, can you bring my gifts to her and tell her that I'm busy now and will visit her later?"

In Ning Lingyun's mind, Ning Xueyan was afraid of being scolded by Ning Yuling so she sent her gifts first to please her!

Ning Lingyun nodded disdainfully with ridicule on her face. She looked down on Ning Xueyan more in her mind. It was said that Ning Xueyan had changed. But now, Ning Lingyun thought she was as cowardly as before and believed that she would surely be much stronger than Ning Xueyan if she had been born by the Legal Wife.

Ning Lingyun replied while quickly packing up all the face powders on the table, "You can rest assured. I'll explain it to the Second Sister."

Since it was Ning Lingyun who would take the face powders to Ning Yuling, she would choose the best ones for herself. Ning Lingyun thought she just needed to take one to Ning Yuling. Anyway, no matter how much face powder Ning Xueyan sent, Ning Yuling would not spare her. So Ning Lingyun felt at ease when she took all the face powders.

Looking at Ning Lingyun taking away all the face powders and leaving with her maid, Ning Xueyan smiled coldly, standing at the door. When Ning Lingyun could no longer be seen, Ning Xueyan returned to the room and sat down.

"Young Lady, I just went to inquire about something for you. Today, the madam and Childe Ling Yi of the Vice Minister of Justice's Manor came. The madam talked with the First Madam in the First Madam's place. But Childe Ling Yi was also in the garden just now. I'm not sure whether he saw you or not... However, when I left the garden, I saw Mother Chen and Childe Ling Yi walking together, talking and laughing."

After that, Lanning added another sentence.

When they went to the garden, Ning Xueyan asked Lanning to inquire about it. Sure enough, some abnormalities were found.

This was not the first time that Ling Yi had come to Lord Protector's Manor, so he didn't need to be accompanied by Madam Ling's henchman, Mother Chen. It was clear that they were plotting something. Ning Lingyun intentionally said she wanted to see the flowers, so they went to the garden. Although Ning Xueyan said she didn't want to see flowers in the end, Ning Lingyun said nothing.

It seemed that Ning Lingyun just wanted her to go into the garden!

The garden was the same as usual. The only difference was that Ling Yi, the libertine, was there!

After thinking it over carefully, Ning Xueyan understood Madam Ling's plot. Ning Lingyun was indeed Madam Ling's lackey. Since they liked scheming, Ning Xueyan would beat them at their own game.

Ning Xueyan was worried that there would be no opportunity to drag the Vice Minister of Justice's Manor into the mire. But now, the opportunity arrived!

There were two reasons why Madam Ling could be so powerful in Lord Protector's Manor. One was that she had an outstanding son, who was the only son of Ning Zu'an. The other was that she came from the Vice Minister of Justice's Manor. Her brother, the Vice Minister of Justice, had real power in the court.

So it was not easy to overthrow Madam Ling. However, if one of her props were to collapse...

"Young Lady." Seeing Ning Xueyan's indifferent and cold expression, Qingyu called her feeling scared and uneasy.

"Qingyu, where's the maid who fainted?" Ning Xueyan suddenly asked.

"She just felt dizzy in the morning. It wasn't serious. I asked her and she said that she's anemic and it's an old problem. I let her rest in the room." Ning Xueyan had already known about this matter before she went to greet Madam Dowager this morning.

"She's a newcomer. When Mother Han chose the maids before, the manager deliberately left out that she's anemic. So she was chosen by Mother Han and came to Bright Frost Garden," Qingyu indignantly said. There were fewer people in Bright Frost Garden than in other places. Now the newcomer was sickly. It was clear that those people were bullying them.

"Investigate that maid for me. You can chat with her when you have time. If she happens to be sick, you can go to visit her." Ning Xueyan suddenly smiled.

In a word, this maid came to Bright Frost Garden by an improper method. At that time, Madam Dowager was thoroughly investigating Bright Frost Garden. Madam Ling was injured and had no time to care about other things. So it wasn't Madam Ling who sent the maid to Bright Frost Garden on purpose.

"Yes, we'll go to see her later." Lanning and Qingyu understood Ning Xueyan's meaning and nodded.

"You go first." Suddenly, a cold chuckle sounded in Ning Xueyan's ears. It was not loud, but it could be heard by Ning Xueyan clearly. Ning Xueyan was stunned, and then she calmly asked Lanning and Qingyu to leave first.

Lanning and Qingyu didn't understand why Ning Xueyan suddenly asked them to leave, they just looked at each other doubtfully and then left. Lanning walked behind Qingyu and deliberately closed the door for Ning Xueyan.

"Your maid is smart." When the door was closed, a pleasant but cold sound came from behind her.

Ning Xueyan sighed. She knew that Prince Yi, Ao Chenyi, had appeared when she heard his chuckle just now. Ning Xueyan didn't know why he quietly appeared here at this time, but that cold voice made her know clearly that it was Prince Yi.

Ning Xueyan calmed down and then turned her head. Although she had prepared well, she still couldn't help but be stunned when she saw Prince Yi.

Today, Ao Chenyi was obviously different from before. He wore ordinary black clothes instead of a luxurious black robe. There were no bodyguards or eunuchs following him, but he still gave people a sense of a strong and powerful momentum.

Ning Xueyan had to admit that some people were born kings, such as Ao Chenyi.

Ao Chenyi leaned lazily on her bed. The book she had just read and had leisurely thrown aside was now in his hands. He coldly looked at Ning Xueyan, which gave her the feeling of being stared at by a poisonous snake.

There was no doubt that Prince Yi was handsome and beautiful. But he also was cold and merciless. Although he wore ordinary clothes now, he still made people feel scared.

"You're surprised to see me here?" seeing Ning Xueyan staring at him, Ao Chenyi asked.

Ning Xueyan calmed down and answered softly, "Prince Yi, why are you here at this time?"

"I can't be here?" Ao Chenyi elegantly waved to Ning Xueyan and then pointed to the teapot on the table. It was clear that he wanted Ning Xueyan to serve him tea. He regarded himself as a master of this place.

Seeing his gestures, Ning Xueyan smiled, went over, and naturally lifted the teapot. When she was about to pour tea, she found that there was only one cup on the table. So she turned wanting to fetch another cup from the outside room.

Ning Xueyan directly ignored his counter-question.

As Prince Yi, he had come to Lord Protector's Manor with such clothes. Obviously, he had sneaked in and come to the place of the womenfolk. Was it really proper?

Ning Xueyan really wanted to tell him that if he were to be discovered, his reputation would be ruined.