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Chapter 96 If It Is Good, You Just Keep Watching

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It was two groups of female dancers in flowing dresses. They entered the house in two teams and then started dancing face to face.

The team on the left was led by a beauty in a pink dress, who was slender and adorable.

The team on the right was led by a beauty in a green dress, who was sexy and enchanting!

Both of them were stunners!

The two beauties moved to the center as they danced. Then they bent down in front of Ao Chenyi and looked at him with shyness.

"Prince Yi, you are looking at... dancing?" The singing and dancing were still going on. Those beauties took a look at Ao Chenyi from time to time. But he was not moved. He held a glazed glass that was full of blood-like wine and indifferently looked at those beauties. Ning Xueyan felt uneasy and asked him in a low voice.

For fear of being recognized by the others, Ning Xueyan had to stick tightly to Ao Chenyi. The strong masculine atmosphere rushed at Ning Xueyan from all directions, making her blush. And because of the blush, she looked even more enchanting than usual.

Ao Chenyi looked down at her while supporting his chin with one hand and touching her earring with the other hand, and vaguely said, "Hmm."

Suddenly, he asked Ning Xueyan while looking at her with a faint smile on his face, "Do they dance well?"

"Yes!" Ning Xueyan nodded sincerely. They feasted their eyes on the flying ribbons and dancing beauties. Furthermore, these dancers did their best to dance. It was cold and they wore thin clothes, but none of them felt cold and their faces became red due to being so hot.

"Then keep watching." Hearing Ning Xueyan's answer, Ao Chenyi smiled and said a meaningful word.

While they were talking, the music was no longer soft and had become fast. The dancers also moved fast, looking a little bit fierce. From the place where she was, Ning Xueyan could see several dancers looking at her with tears in their eyes when they passed by her.

Yes, there were pleading. Their eyes were full of entreaty!

No man could bear the plea of a poor beauty. However, the one beside her was not moved at all. He still watched them dancing while holding the glass, as if he knew nothing. It was him who was so gloomy and cold-blooded!

It was easier to ask him to directly kill someone than hope that he could have compassion for women.

"Prince Yi, you don't like any of them? All of them are well-known beauties and were carefully selected, especially the leading ones. They are more charming than the others." A man sitting on Ao Chenyi's right could not help speaking first.

He said those harsh words while looking at Ning Xueyan, who was held tightly by Ao Chenyi, with disdain.

Ao Chenyi drank the bloody wine and then looked sideways at the man who just spoke with a slight smile on his face. Instead of paying attention to him, he turned to the Third Prince and said, "Mingyu carefully chose these beauties for me. They are indeed beautiful, but not my cup of tea. So, kill them all."

Hearing what Ao Chenyi said, Ning Xueyan sighed helplessly in her mind! Sure enough, he could easily determine those dancers' destinies.

And those dancers became disordered and their faces turned pale immediately.

Obviously, Ao Chenyi turned his nose up at these beauties, or at anyone else here. He glanced over the crowd and stopped when he saw the smiling Wen Xueran, and then he showed a strange and gloomy smile.

From her position, Ning Xueyan found that Ao Chenyi's smile was more like a ghost hand that silently caught her neck!

It was creepy!

The childe who had been directly ignored like dust by Ao Chenyi did not dare to say a word. Ning Xueyan even saw his cup-holding hand unconsciously trembling. The wine in the cup spilled onto his hand, as red as blood.

The others who did not speak also turned pale and lowered their heads.

The Third Prince clenched his fists in his sleeve and felt a sharp pain in his fingertips. He could almost not keep his elegant smile at this time. He looked down to hide the murderous look in his eyes.

He was the favorite son of the emperor, and his status was enough to become the Heir Apparent. If not for Ao Chenyi, he would not have been the Third Prince at this moment and a powerless Imperial Prince in the future.

It was not clear to the Third Prince how binding the last words of the former emperor were, but he felt that it was a great shame that his father did not confer the title of Heir Apparent onto him and let Ao Chenyi take control of the court.

He even controlled the emperor's...

Someone had opposed that, but they and their families had been decapitated!

Today, those childes who came here with the Third Prince were not only exalted, but also arrogant. However, Ao Chenyi's simple words frightened them all.

"Uncle, these are excellent beauties. Even though you don't like them, you needn't kill them all. For this dance, I searched many places to assemble them."

The Third Prince regained his elegance when he looked up again. He advised Ao Chenyi not to kill them while looking at those dancers with a gentle smile on his face.

Hearing the Third Prince's words, those dancers looked at him gratefully with tears in their eyes.

"Since Mingyu said so, I'll let you off. Guards, bring them all to my manor where there is a shortage of women." Ao Chenyi leaned back lazily and nodded his head as if he were very satisfied with what the Third Prince had said. "After hearing what you said, I find they are indeed beautiful when looking again. Since they dared to seduce me, I have to give them a chance to try it!"

What he said was very flippant. He described the noble Third Prince as a procurer of a brothel, making all the people present bow their heads in shame and indignation.

They all followed the Third Prince's head!

Blue veins stood out on the Third Prince's cup-holding hand, but he still gently smiled, as if he did not feel there was anything wrong in Ao Chenyi's words.

Ning Xueyan had been secretly paying attention to the Third Prince the entire time. Seeing his behavior, she could not help think that the Third Prince was quite tolerant!

"Prince Yi, since you like Lianyue and Xiyue, how about marrying them? There is no such a beautiful woman in the world. I'm afraid that they are much better than the one in your arms! Moreover, the two girls come from a scholarly family. I think they deserve to be your co-consorts."

There always were people in the world who were not afraid of death. When they got the Third Prince's hint, another childe stood out and suggested that Ao Chenyi should marry the two leading beauties. Although his face was pale, his behavior was normal.

How dare the Third Prince suggest that Ao Chenyi marry the two dancers! Ning Xueyan frowned when she heard what the man said. The Third Prince should not have done such a silly thing!

As the powerful Prince Yi, what kind of beauty had he never seen? How could he fall in love with a beauty given by the Third Prince?

"Want to see how my girl looks?" Ao Chenyi suddenly looked askance at the young man. His deep eyes, like the eyes of a ghost, were full of gloom and fierceness, making people feel chilly and cold.

He was both extremely beautiful and gruesome!

The two images were contradictory, but could be seen in Ao Chenyi simultaneously, forming a unique effect. The childe who tried to be calm turned pale as if he saw a ghost and teetered.

"Unfortunately, you don't deserve to see her!" Ao Chenyi coldly said while staring at that man.

As soon as Ao Chenyi finished, the man fell heavily to the ground and trembled. The wine in the cup was all splattered on him. Those with sharp eyes saw that the hem of his clothes had been wet.

He pissed his pants in horror!

The Third Prince's face clouded over at once.

Ning Xueyan did not expect that the man who was arrogant and spoke as raised his head would suddenly become like this. It really made people feel humiliated.

"Mingyu, this is the man you invited." Ao Chenyi chuckled as he tossed away the cup in his hands. The cup pounded on the man's head and the wine inside it spilled on him. The wine stain on his body looked like peach blossoms. The man immediately lost his breath before he could say more.

Was that how he died?

Ning Xueyan subconsciously bit her lips, and forcefully resisted the coldness and fear gushing from the bottom of her heart!

There was nothing to be afraid of. Ao Chenyi and the Third Prince were destined to be enemies and they would confront each other sooner or later. Although the two people seemed to be in harmony, this must have happened many times before.

Of course Ning Xueyan had seen blood. After her rebirth, she understood many things. At most, death was the worst!

So what she had to do was not be afraid, but stay close to the man. Anyway, she was on the same team as him now!

The Third Prince was very angry. He was angry not only with his useless people, but also with Ao Chenyi's direct killing of his man!

His hands inside his sleeve shivered slightly!

However, he had no ability or confidence to overthrow Ao Chenyi. He had to submit to Ao Chenyi before his father made a clear decision.

"Uncle, later I'll ask people to send these beauties to your manor." The Third Prince smiled and changed the subject as he swallowed his anger. "Uncle, do you want to see the next?"

"Do you want to have a look?" Ao Chenyi nodded, but did not directly answer the Third Prince's question. He turned his head and looked at Ning Xueyan's half-hidden face with interest. Ning Xueyan was no longer blushing. Her face was still a little pale but her eyes were calm.

She looked as if she hadn't seen death here!

"She's quite interesting!" Ao Chenyi thought.

"The next? How many beauties has the Third Prince prepared for you? I don't want you to look at them!" Ning Xueyan said as she moved closer to Ao Chenyi. Since she was Prince Yi's concubine now, Ning Xueyan pretended to be jealous even though she did not know what Ao Chenyi wanted to do. Although her voice was gentle, others could tell that she was unhappy now.

"Are you unhappy?" Ao Chenyi burst into laughter, stretched out his hand, and patted her on the back. In front of those surprised people, he coaxed Ning Xueyan as if there were no one around them. "Since you don't like it, I won't see them!"

The last sentence was for the Third Prince! After that, Ao Chenyi waved his hands lazily.

Then, the waterside pavilion suddenly quieted down and the atmosphere became strange...