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Chapter 59 Madam Dowager Shows Partiality to Madam Ling and Takes Away All Medicine

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There was also a problem with this medicine!

Madam Dowager's look changed as soon as she heard that!

Madam Dowager had been frightened by the matter of her medicine. When she heard that something was wrong with Ning Xueyan's medicine, she looked at the medicine bowl with gloom and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Madam Dowager, it's poisoned too! And the poison in it is the same as that in your medicine." The female physician smelled again and said firmly.

"Was my medicine material taken from grandmother? It's impossible. I didn't use up my medicine last time. They were directly taken from the manor." Ning Xueyan slight frowned and said casually.

But her words made Madam Dowager's look more sinister!

"Please help our Young Lady!" Qingyu got the hint of Ning Xueyan and knelt down to the female physician.

Madam Dowager nodded with a gloomy face.

The female physician went to Ning Xueyan and took her pulse. But after a while, she frowned tightly and took Ning Xueyan's other hand to feel her pulse again.

"Am I... unable to be cured?" Asked Ning Xueyan.

"No..." The female physician felt embarrassed and looked around.

Madam Dowager waved her hand, all servants leaving the room except her two henchmen.

"What's the matter?" Madam Dowager asked with a gloomy look. She had to care about Ning Xueyan. The Third Prince had clearly expressed his like for Ning Xueyan and his wish to marry her. Although Ning Xueyan only would be his co-consort, she had won the favor of the Third Prince. The Third Prince gave gifts to Ning Xueyan in person, which obviously showed his attitude towards Ning Xueyan.

Nothing could happen to Ning Xueyan at this time!

"Madam Dowager, long-term use of this poison will not only lead to death but also..." The female physician spoke with hesitation and took a look at Ning Xueyan's pale face.

Seeing that things went on as her expectation, Ning Xueyan showed coldness in her eyes. Madam Ling didn't add too much poison to her medicine. It was she herself who deliberately add that poison to all medicine.

In this way, the female physician could distinguish it easily.

"Just say it. I can stand it!" Ning Xueyan calmly said with a faint smile on her face. She still kept graceful and calm in the face of disasters, which few men could do. Madam Dowager couldn't help but attach more importance to Ning Xueyan.

"Say it!" Madam Dowager said with a serious look.

It could be seen from the female physician's face that this matter was quite serious!

"This medicine is only harmful to ordinary people's body. Long-term use will lead to death. But for young women, it will also make them... childless!"


"Ah! Our Young Lady will get married in the future. What will happen if her future husband knows it?" Qingyu was astonished and cried out in distraction.

Her future husband? Madam Dowager's face suddenly turned gloomy. She was very angry and even wanted to kill Madam Ling.

In Madam Dowager's opinion, Ning Xueyan was now favored by the Third Prince and would marry him. She was beautiful and sensible. She would be favored by the Third Prince for a long time after getting married.

If one day they found that it was Madam Ling who made Ning Xueyan childless, this marriage would become a misfortune for Lord Protector's Manor.

Madam Dowager was very angry and wanted to kill Madam Ling directly at this time when she thought of the final result of the marriage.

"Can I be cured?" Although Ning Xueyan's face was pale, she still was calm and forced a smile on her face. She didn't ask the reasons, but directly asked the results.

The matter that Madam Dowager was poisoned was directly related to Ning Yuling's a personal older female servant who was Madam Ling's henchman. Although there was no evidence that Madam Ling had poisoned Madam Dowager, people who saw the whole process knew that it must be Madam Ling's order. How could an older female servant dare to poison the Madam Dowager?

Now, this kind of poison appeared again. And Ning Xueyan's medicine was taken from the manor too. Everyone could imagine who poisoned Ning Xueyan.

Besides, the death of Madam Ming was related to Madam Ling. But Ning Xueyan's words showed that she didn't want to hold anyone accountable.

Ning Xueyan was so generous that Madam Dowager's face softened. She also became angrier with Madam Ling. Then she turned her head and beckoned the female physician to go on.

"Fifth Young Lady has been poisoned for a long time and her body has been seriously hurt. In the future, she needs to be nursed carefully so that she might recover." The female physician frowned and didn't express her meaning directly. But her meaning was clearly understood by others.

Ning Xueyan had been poisoned for a long time, and she wouldn't be cured in a short time. Whether she could have children in the future was still a problem. That was to say, it not only relied on her future treatment, but also depended on her fate.

Madam Dowager had wanted Ning Xueyan to marry the Third Prince, but now she was hesitant. It was very likely that Ning Xueyan would be childless. If the Third Prince blamed the whole Lord Protector's Manor when he became the emperor, they all would get into trouble.

Moreover, if Ning Xueyan had no child after she married the Third Prince, she might lose the Third Prince's love soon and the Lord Protector's Manor might not maintain the glory and wealth.

Madam Dowager greatly hated Madam Ling as long as she thought of the possible future results.

"Xueyan, how much medicine is left?"

"Little of the medicine I brought from the manor is left. There are about ten doses. When I came to the temple, I brought some with me. Soon afterward, mother sent some to me. I think she's afraid I've run out of the medicine."

Ning Xueyan thought for a moment and replied.

"Take them and show me!" Madam Dowager said.

Ning Xueyan nodded and asked Qingyu to fetch them. After a while, ten doses of medicine were placed in front of Madam Dowager. The female physician looked at them one by one, and finally stood in front of Madam Dowager. She looked up and said, "Madam Dowager, all of the ten doses are poisoned. Fifth Young Lady is very weak now. If she takes another month or two, I'm afraid she would have no children."

Things were very clear. It must be Madam Ling who poisoned Ning Xueyan. Madam Dowager was livid, and her face darkened and turned gruesome.

"Xueyan, you take a rest first. I'll certainly look into this matter." Madam Dowager calmed down and conciliated Ning Xueyan.

Even if Madam Ling bore Ning Zu'an a son, Madam Dowager wouldn't allow her to be so presumptuous. She turned her head and said to Mother Qin with a cold look, "Pass on my message to others. Tell them that Fifth Young Lady is filial and obedient. From today on, she'll receive the same treatment as the Second Young Lady's and all her articles of daily use will be taken from my place."

Mother Qin hurried to nod her head.

It meant that Madam Dowager would protect Ning Xueyan in the future.

"Grandmother, thank you." Ning Xueyan said with gratitude.

"Well, that's it. The servants in the manor are too cunning. Your mother should teach them a lesson. Here, pack back all the medicine." Looking at Ning Xueyan's grateful face, Madam Dowager stood up with satisfaction. Then she went back with her servants, leaving such a sentence to Ning Xueyan.

Looking at Madam Dowager who left with her servants, Ning Xueyan sneered in mind. Before leaving, Madam Dowager told Ning Xueyan that it was servants' faults and had nothing to do with Madam Ling. This matter would be dealt with like those matters before. Some servants would be punished, and Madam Ling would be let off.

Unfortunately, Ning Xueyan would never let off Madam Ling this time.

Ning Xueyan played such a show so that Madam Dowager wouldn't casually determine her marriage and had to carefully reconsider. Besides, one of her purposes was to expose Madam Ling’s evil deeds. How could she let off Madam Ling easily?

Madam Dowager wanted to cover up the fact, but Ning Xueyan would disclose it...

Seeing off Madam Dowager in the corridor and seeing her disappear outside the courtyard, Ning Xueyan returned to the house.

"Young Lady, Madam Dowager is unfair and helps the First Madam. She even took the medicine away." Qingqu followed Ning Xueyan to the house and said with indignation. The medicine was the evidence that the First Madam framed Ning Xueyan.

Madam Dowager's help to Madam Ling was too obvious, and she even took away the evidence.

"Qingyu, don't worry. Our Young Lady had thought of it before!" Lanning smiled, took out two doses of medicine from Ning Xueyan' sundries box, and put them in front of Qingyu.

They were the same as those were shown to Madam Dowager, and also were sent by Madam Ling. Besides, they had already been added poison to.

"Fortunately, our Young Lady had thought of it before, otherwise our efforts would be wasted! Young Lady, what should we do now?" Thinking of Ning Xueyan's foresight, Qingyu smiled. Then she turned to ask Ning Xueyan.

Ning Xueyan sat down on one side, took a sip of tea, and relaxed, looking at the sky outside the window with a faint smile on her face. "Lanning, check it for me that whether the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li is gone?"

Although the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li got rid of that scandal, his reputation must have been suffered.

Ning Yuling was rakish, but the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince also behaved poorly. He shouldn't habe held that sort of vulgar picture!

The Consort Dowager of Commandery Prince Li's Manor originally wanted Ning Yuling to marry her grandson. But after such a scandal, they wouldn't get married. And even the Consort Dowager would dislike Ning Yuling because her grandson was involved in this scandal because of Ning Yuling. It was heard that this Consort Dowager loved her grandson very much.

Presumably, Consort Dowager also hoped that Madam Ling and Ning Yuling would fall on evil days! Moreover, it looked like that the civet cat was favored by Consort Dowager...

"Yes, Young Lady. I'll ask now." Lanning nodded, turned, and left.

"She refused to marry me?" The Third Prince put down the writing brush and inkstick in his hands, took the towel handed by the maid to wipe his hands, and asked.

"Yes. I heard that the Madam Dowager of Lord Protector's Manor went to see her with anger. Your Highness, you're the exalted Third Prince. She's an unfavored Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor. Why did you want to marry her? How dare she refuse you? Maybe she'll show off it in the Lord Protector' Manor."

The guard said in indignation.

His master was gentle and cultivated and countless Young Ladies wanted to marry him. It was Ning Xueyan's luck that his master liked her. But this weak woman dared to refuse, which made him angry!

The handsome Third Prince smiled. He would like to help Ning Xueyan, but why did she refuse? He said, "It doesn't matter. I just want to know her family's attitude. I didn't expect her to irritate the Madam Dowager."

Actually, the Third Prince was annoyed. He clearly expressed the willingness to marry her, but she refused. However, he certainly would marry the daughter of Lord Protector. He was looking forward to seeing how she would respond next time!