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Chapter 109 Madam Ling Wants Ning Xueyan to Marry Marquis of Ping'an

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Madam Ling coldly asked with an unhappy face, "What's the matter?"

"Although marquis has pity for you, he went to Concubine Ma's courtyard and asked people to invite a doctor for Concubine Ma as soon as I left." Mother Chen said indignantly, "This b*tch had promised to you, but eventually she helped Fifth Young Lady deal with you. She's an ungrateful person."

Madam Ling gritted her teeth and asked again, "What about that little b*tch?"

Mother Chen knew that Madam Ling was asking about Ning Xueyan. She answered while pointing to Bright Frost Garden, "I've already inquired about it. I heard that nothing had happened to Fifth Young Lady and Madam Dowager had rewarded her a lot of things and asked maids to send them to Bright Frost Garden. The servants said that the Fifth Young Lady is preferred by Madam Dowager and no one will dare to slight her and she will certainly get a good marriage."

"A good marriage!" Madam Ling snorted coldly. Mother Chen's words aroused her anger.

In Madam Ling's opinion, both Ning Yuling's marriage and reputation had been ruined by Ning Xueyan so that she had to marry the useless libertine, Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li.

"My Ling'er won't marry a good man, can she marry a good man?" Madam Ling would definitely choose a normal family for Ning Xueyan, so that she would be inferior to Ning Yuling for her whole life.

"Bring me the matchmaker who was invited by Marquis of Ping'an's Manor last time. Just tell her that I have something to ask." Madam Ling made a decision in a moment while maliciousness flashing in her eyes.

In Madam Ling's mind, Ning Xueyan wanted to marry the Third Prince. How could she allow that to happen? She would not let her daughter be inferior to Ning Xueyan. So she would choose a "good family" for Ning Xueyan!

Mother Chen asked hesitantly, "Yes, but Madam Dowager..." She did not think that Madam Dowager would agree to the marriage that Madam Ling would arrange for the Fifth Young Lady.

"Doesn't Marquis of Ping'an have a daughter who is His Majesty's consort? It's said that her position is not high, but she's favored by His Majesty." Madam Ling smiled gloomily. Her swollen forehead, together with her gloomy face, making her treacherous.

"I understood. Do we need to tell Madam Dowager? If Madam Dowager agrees, the Fifth Young Lady has to get married even though she doesn't want to."

Mother Chen reminded Madam Ling with a look of disinclination. The Third Prince wanted to marry the Fifth Young Lady. It was better for Lord Protector's Manor that if the Fifth Young Lady became the co-consort of Third Prince than marrying Marquis of Ping'an. Madam Dowager always attached great importance to the reputation of Lord Protector's Manor. How could she allow the Fifth Young Lady to marry Marquis of Ping'an?

Madam Ling bitterly said with a cold smile on her face, "At the beginning, Madam Dowager didn't want me to be marquis's Legal Wife, but she had to agree in the end!"

Mother Chen became nervous when she heard what Madam Ling said. She asked in a low voice with a serious look, "Madam, are you talking about those things?"

Madam Ling proudly said, "With those things, she has to agree with me about Ning Xueyan's marriage."

"But, madam, you, you want to give those things to Marquis of Ping'an?" Mother Chen was shocked and her face turned pale involuntarily. She said with worry, "What if this is known by Marquis of Ping'an..."

"Don't worry, I've had a plan!" Madam Ling said while fiercely looking at the direction of Lucky Garden, "You're old enough to die, why you still firmly control the womenfolk place of Lord Protector's Manor?"

Concubine Xu sneaked in Buddha Hall at dusk. The light in Buddha Hall was always on, and the figures inside were sometimes together and sometimes separated. Mother Chen, who was guarding outside, looked at the surroundings cautiously, but did not notice the dark shadow on the trees in the courtyard.

In the Bright Frost Garden, seeing that Ning Xueyan was leaning on the bed and reading a book carefully when she came in, Lanning advised, "Young Lady, you should stop reading now. It's time to rest!"

Ning Xueyan had taken a bath, now her black long hair casually scattered on her shoulder. The pills given by Prince Yi were indeed good. After taking, Ning Xueyan's face became ruddy. Although it was still paler than a normal face, it was much better. Under the light, her indifferent face looked gentle and charming. Young as she was, she was already pretty.

Her long eyelashes cast a shadow on her jade-white face. Hearing Lanning's words, Ning Xueyan did not raise her head. She nodded, yawned, and closed the book. Lanning took over the book and placed it under her pillow.

Ning Xueyan closed her eyes and softly said, "Lanning, you go out, I'm going to sleep!" She really was tired.

Seeing Ning Xueyan lie down, Lanning tucked her in and said to her, "Yes, I'll go out. The tea is on the table. I've wrapped it with cotton sheath. If you're thirsty at night, you can drink it."

Ning Xueyan did not like anyone sleeping in her room. This habit was almost the same as Ning Ziying's. Lanning, who used to serve Ning Ziying, sometimes felt that Ning Xueyan was Ning Ziying. If not, why did she feel that she was serving Ning Ziying when she served Ning Xueyan?

However, they did not look alike.

Lanning shook her head with a bitter smile on her face to get rid of this unrealistic idea. "I've been thinking too much. How could this happen?" Then she blew out the lamp and walked out quietly.

Lanning went outside and took a long sigh. "Young Lady Ziying has died. The one in front of me is the Fifth Young Lady. They're completely different. How can they be the same person?"

"Is it because I miss Young Lady Ziying too much so that I see the Fifth Young Lady as Young Lady Ziying?"

The wind in winter was very strong, but it was quiet in the room. There was a foot-warmer prepared by Lanning beside Ning Xueyan's feet. The warmth extended from the sole of the foot to the body, making her whole body warm. Ning Xueyan was in a bad health, so Lanning had already prepared the foot-warmer.

Ning Xueyan closed her eyes and the pictures of her dying appeared in her mind again. She subconsciously tightly held her hands. It seemed that the warmth under feet subsided gradually and coldness spread from her heart. That night when she waited to become a bride became her last night.

Suddenly, she touched something hard, soft and warm. She immediately woke up. But before she spoke, her mouth was tightly covered by a big hand.

"Don't make a noise!" said a familiar voice in Ning Xueyan's ear. Even though she was dizzy now, she still could recognize who it was.

It was Prince Yi, Ao Chenyi. "He always haunts here. What's his business with me today?"

Hearing that voice, Ning Xueyan relaxed. She reached out one hand and pushed his hand, telling him to remove his hand. She could not clearly see Ao Chenyi's face in the dark. She could only saw his profile.

Ao Chenyi stopped covering her mouth when he sensed that she was no longer resisting. Ning Xueyan gasped for a moment and then curiously asked in a low voice, "Prince Yi, is there anything I can do for you?" Ao Chenyi never came here for nothing. Of course, Ning Xueyan had to ignore his unruly coming.

Ao Chenyi asked lazily, "I heard that someone of Lord Protector's Manor is going to marry Marquis of Ping'an?" His voice was gloomy and cold.

"Yes, Madam Ling has this idea." Ning Xueyan turned to Ao Chenyi with curiosity. She did not understand what this matter had to do with him.

"Who will marry him?" It sounded like Ao Chenyi was laughing.

Ning Xueyan indifferently said, "Originally it was Ning Lingyun who was going to marry him. But now... I guess that Madam Ling wants me to marry Marquis of Ping'an and be his concubine." After that, she casually yawned with sarcasm on her face. But then the sarcasm on her face turned into embarrassment and she flushed. When people were in the dark and could not see clearly, the sense of touch would be extremely sensitive.

The changeable and decisive Prince Yi also lay with Ning Xueyan in the same quilt and Ning Xueyan leaned on him. No wonder she felt strange.

Ao Chenyi asked while looking at her beautiful little face, "You're not going to fight?" Ao Chenyi had not seen her for several days. Now he found her face was no longer pale. Her ruddy face made her eye-catching. Her dark long hair scattered on the snow-white pillow. Even though it was dark, she was still charming.

Ning Xueyan was no longer the cowardly Fifth Young Lady who almost died in the hands of the Second Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor!

Ao Chenyi had asked people to investigate Ning Xueyan and found nothing unusual. It was impossible that she was not the Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor. But why could a person's personality change so much?

Did this little girl who looked weak but was fierce change so much that she became so different from the past because of her natural mother's death?

What an increasingly interesting little girl!

Marquis of Ping'an wanted to marry this little girl. If this happened in the past, she would not say something and not dare resist. But now, she had stretched out her claws, so she would not let others bully her. It could be seen from the matter that she exposed that her natural mother was poisoned with the help of him.

"Will you help me?" Ning Xueyan took a deep breath and secretly pushed Ao Chenyi away a little from herself.

Ao Chenyi was not angry. He directly lay down and lazily said, "No! I'd like to see you do it by yourself!"

"So you're here especially for the show? But now it has not started yet. You came too early!" Ning Xueyan sat up and reached for the coat on the bedside. She had pretended to be his concubine on that day and was held tightly by him.

But it was because there were some audiences at that time. It did not mean that she was willing to do that when there was no one around!

"You needn't get up. I'll leave in a minute." Ao Chenyi stretched out one hand to put his arm around her waist and pulled her into his arms. "You have to pretend to be my concubine in the future. If you can't accept this, how can you make people believe the intimate relationship between you and me?"

Ao Chenyi looked down at Ning Xueyan. He directly looked at Ning Xueyan's black jade-like eyes with his black and cold eyes. He saw the indifference in her eyes. If he had guessed right, she only blushed for a moment just now and now she was no longer shy. She looked more like a wild cat who was waiting for a chance.

In order to better attack, she had endured for many years!

Was this tender girl in front of him really only fourteen years old? She had taken full advantage of her limited resources to deal with Ning Yuling and Madam Ling. Who could expect that such a beautiful and tender girl was fierce and manful?

How could a girl who always stayed in her own room be like that?