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Chapter 93 Truth, or Scandal

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Meanwhile, Madam Ling was gritting her teeth and got chilled in her heart. She was unable to argue anything now. What Ning Xueyan had said had already declared Ning Ziyan's guilty. What was more, Ning Xueyan had also mentioned Ning Ziying who had already been dead. There might be someone who began to doubt about the cause of Ning Ziying's death. What was worse, if anyone wanted to dig out the truth of that girl's death, Madam Ling and Ning Ziyan would be doomed.

So Madam Ling had to keep her mouth shut. Otherwise she would sound more suspicious!

A few madams looked at Ning Ziyan with a doubtful look. Xia Yuhang always had a good reputation of being a decent man. It was true that he didn't seem like a shameless person.

"Since she didn't have a love affair with Xia Yuhang, is it possible that the baby's father was not him?"

"Anyway, it is true that she was pregnant. Has she cheated on her husband?"

Ning Ziyan was in great pain right now. Those women's talks made her also feel ashamed and angry. They said that as if she was a dissolute woman. Then with a fit of extreme anger rushed to her brain, she struggled to get up and stormed Ning Xueyan, "What the hell do you mean? This child's father is none other than Xia Yuhang! If he followed all the rules, then who do you think my child's father is!"

After losing the baby and being suspected of cheating on Xia Yuhang, Ning Ziyan couldn't keep calm and gentle like the ordinary times anymore with thunder rage. So she uttered those words with a vile visage.

Madam Ling was overwhelmed with sudden accidents right now. No one in the room had expected that Ning Ziyan would have raked up her own fault except Ning Xueyan.

Ning Xueyan knew Ning Ziyan so well. After being suspected of cheating on Xia Yuhang, that poor woman would definitely let rage alter her mind.

"Ziyan, what are you talking about!" Xia Yuhang who had been informed of what had happened by the servant spoke angrily after hearing Ning Ziyan's curse.

He was going to take the imperial competitive examination. So his reputation was the most important thing for him right now!

People who were blocking the door stood aside at one. Then Xia Yuhang, having shown up at the door with Chen Hexiang, winked to Ning Ziyan to tell her not to speak randomly.

"Nice to meet you, my eldest brother-in-law. Isn't she the personal maid of my Eldest Sister? Why isn't she serving my sister and staying by your side? Don't you know what has happened to my Eldest Sister?" After saluting Xia Yuhang, Ning Xueyan watched Chen Hexiang who was standing beside Xia Yuhang with her eyebrows wrinkled and said sullenly.

Hearing her words, Ning Ziyan also rested her eyes on Chen Hexiang and found the latter following Xia Yuhang closely. Then Ning Ziyan was steamed up. Now she realized why Chen Hexiang had not been here before. It turned out her maid had left here to seduce her husband when she had been sick.

Seeing her ferocious eyesight falling on Chen Hexiang, Xia Yuhang pulled his lover to his back gently. However, this movement just was like adding fuel to the fire, Ning Ziyan now was simmering with rage.

"I didn't say anything wrong. It is the truth. What now, you want to deny that you are the father? And what are you doing with that b*tch! Is she trying to lure you again?!"

Ning Ziyan was filled with anger and hatred right now. When she saw Xia Yuhang having no intention to defend her but protecting her maid as if he was afraid that she would hurt Chen Hexiang, she just couldn't bear it. As a result, she threw the thing in her hands without knowing what it was.

The china was smashed on the ground in front of Chen Hexiang heavily and broke into pieces immediately. Then she, as shocked as she was, took a few steps and stood behind Xia Yuhang tremblingly. At the same time, she also looked at Ning Ziyan with terror, saying, "Mistress, I, I just happened to meet Master Xia. I wasn't intended to find, find him in the front."

"Hey! Isn't this the maid who was looking for Master Xia just now? She has also asked me the way to the male guests' seats. She told me that Eldest Young Lady had told her to find Master Xia because of something important. So... she was telling a lie?"

Chen Hexiang and Lanning were speaking at the same time. Although Lanning was merely murmuring to herself in a low voice, all the people still focused their eyes on this maid who wore showy clothes. Some of the madams already found that the material of the clothes on this maid was quite expensive.

How could the clothes of a maid be made of such expensive material? Unless there really was something stealthy between her master and her.

Moreover, what Chen Hexiang had said to explain for herself contradicted what Lanning had said. Seeing Chen Hexiang blushing right away and Xia Yuhang showing an awkward face, all the people there realized instantly that this maid really had some bad intentions by having abandoned her own mistress and meeting her master secretly at her master's father-in-law's manor.

So, was this Xia Yuhang really a gentle and cultivated person as what people had said?

"How come I don't know about asking you to find him! Anyone! Drag her out and beat her to death!" How Ning Ziyan wished to tear Chen Hexiang apart right now! Since she had just suffered the miscarriage and felt ashamed now, she then vented all her anger to Chen Hexiang due to Lanning's words.

She said that severely while patting the bed board.

Though she hadn't brought any older female servant with her, there were still two older female servants who had received the order from Madam Ling showing up right away and dragged Chen Hexiang. After all, this was the Lord Protector's Manor where servants were everywhere.

It was beyond Chen Hexiang's expectation that Ning Ziyan would lose control in front of everyone! She pulled Xia Yuhang's robe with fright, begging for help pitifully, "Master, help me!"

"Ziyan, just forget about it. We'll discuss this maid after we got home. Don't make a scene in the Lord Protector's Manor." Having given a nervous cough, Xia Yuhang approached Ning Ziyan and said that in a low and displeased voice.

What he meant was talking about this in front of everyone at this moment was clearly inappropriate!

"Eldest Sister, just let it pass. I believe my brother-in-law didn't try to defend her on purpose. You two should discuss it until you go back home. Anyhow, it is just about a maid. Do you think my brother-in-law will let her tread on you?" Ning Xueyan comforted Ning Ziyan gently.

However, those words hit the sour spot of Ning Ziyan again. Judging from Xia Yuhang's attitude, he was determined to protect Chen Hexiang. After all the things she had been through today including losing her baby, not only did Xia Yuhang refuse to comfort her, he even showed an intimacy to her maid.

Ning Ziyan felt like she was stabbed right into the heart.

"Beat her. Beat her to death!" She thumped the bed with full hit and ignored Xia Yuhang. Now both her eyes turned red and the blue veins in her forehead kept jumping. And she nearly uttered those words with her teeth crunched.

"Ziyan, don't act recklessly! Let go of Hexiang!" Xia Yuhang saw that there were more older female servant pulling Chen Hexiang while the latter was screaming and struggling, he couldn't restrain the anger either. Then the expression on his face turned cold.

"Recklessly? I did have been reckless. Otherwise, this kind of thing would never happen. How could I let a maid climb on the top of me! I could turn a blind eye when I was in the Xia Manor. Now we are in the Lord Protector's Manor! And this barefaced maid just couldn't wait a second to sneak out and meet you secretly! Do you know how humiliated I feel right now?!"

It seemed Ning Ziyan had gained some power from her extreme anger. She suddenly sat up straightly and pointed at Chen Hexiang while cursing in rage.

Those harsh words also pointed at Xia Yuhang. Now everyone knew that not only had this man flirted with his wife's maid in his own manor, he also couldn't control himself in his father-in-law's manor. It seemed that Xia Yuhang's moral character was not as good as they had heard.

Some madams who had doubted the father of Ning Ziyan's child all came to realize that this couple must have had an illicit sexual relationship before their marriage. And they had only got married because Ning Ziyan had been pregnant. No wonder why they had even covered Second Madam's death. Because they had to, due to the disgraceful thing they had done.

What a scandal it was! And now even the cause of hiding the Second Madam's death was exposed!

The Eldest Young Lady and the Childe of the Xia Manor had claimed that they knew nothing about Second Madam's death. But actually, it was clear that they had illicit intercourse at first and hidden the Second Madam's death in order to get married. And they had shown others that they had been kept in the dark. How hypocritical and dishonest they were!

The color of Madam Dowager's face had turned from green to purple, then green again. Now she really couldn't stand sitting there. She stood up abruptly and said to Xia Yuhang with a gloomy look, "We won't step in the affairs of your home. Go back to your own manor please."

She had just ordered Xia Yuhang and Ning Ziyan to leave!

"Mother, how could Ziyan move being like this! We should let her rest for a while. She can leave after she got better!" Madam Ling was anxious about Madam Dowager's order. Ning Ziyan couldn't move a bit right now. After taking the medicine which was prescribed by the doctor of the manor, she finally got a little better. However, the doctor had also instructed that she couldn't make any movements right now.

"Grandma..." Seeing Madam Dowager really got mad, Ning Ziyan stared at her grandma and said that.

"Servants, take this coarse maid away first." Madam Dowager looked at Ning Ziyan's face and found her granddaughter in a weak state indeed. So she waved her hand depressingly and ordered the older female servants that.

As long as this maid was here, the situation would only get worse. The reason why Ning Ziyan hadn't been able to control herself was because of this maid. And that Xia Yuhang was totally senseless by defending that maid till this time. What Madam Dowager planned was dragging the maid down and kill her secretly.

After all, that was just a maid who had slept with her master. This kind of maid could be seen in every manor. When Madam Dowager had been young, she had dealt with more than one of these maids. She had always managed to get rid of these girls before things went bigger.

There was no need to be held to ridicule as it was now.

"Yes!" Two older female servants came up to drag Chen Hexiang down.

As Chen Hexiang saw Madam Dowager's scary face, she knew that she was done. Now those older female servants were really trying to drag her down, so she could only grasp Xia Yuhang's robe and said, "Master, you cannot let them take me away... I, I am pregnant with your child now. My death is not to be regretted. But what about the child?"

Her words caused a great disturbance in the room...

So this maid was also pregnant...

This, this childe of the Xia Manor who was famous for his high morality was actually a libertine. Those madams who had wanted to marry their daughter to him before because of his good reputation all felt lucky now.

Fortunately, it was not their own daughter that Xia Yuhang had married. He had already had an affair with his wife's maid within a month of his marriage and even got the maid pregnant. What a mess in the Xia Manor! The madam and the maid both got pregnant from adultery!

"So you two have already had an affair with each other behind my back. How many times have you two slept with each other?! And you, Xia Yuhang told me that she only stayed in our home for a while and let me take care of her." Ning Ziyan thought that bitterly.

"You, you two have already..." Ning Ziyan was trembling due to the anger with her face turning green. She said that while pointing her finger to Xia Yuhang's embarrassed face, then to Chen Hexiang. After that, she swayed and fainted...