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Chapter 95 Prince Yi's Favorite Concubine

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Ning Xueyan went through the gate of Lord Protector's Manor, turned left toward the main street, and then passed by the most prosperous street in the capital. Finally, she went to a capacious intersection, where eight horses could pass side by side. She turned at this intersection and arrived at a street where all of the buildings on both sides were owned by one person.

That was Prince Yi, Ao Chenyi!

Standing in front of the gate of Prince Yi's Manor, Ning Xueyan frowned. She had passed through this intersection before, but she had never been to Prince Yi's Manor. Only then did she find that she could not enter Prince Yi's Manor! Ning Xueyan was in a hurry when she got here and did not think about it, so now she could only stand outside in despair.

While Ning Xueyan was trying to find a way to enter, several horses suddenly rushed out of the manor. The guards at the door almost unconsciously flashed away and respectfully knelt on the ground.

Did Ao Chenyi happen to come out?

However, before Ning Xueyan could move, the one who rushed out first wielded a long whip in his hand and then she was pulled toward him before she could respond.

Anyone would be frightened if they suddenly experienced that. Ning Xueyan subconsciously held Ao Chenyi's waist to prevent herself from falling down from the horse. The horse kept running rapidly and did not stop. If Ning Xueyan had not reacted quickly, she would have flown out and died when Ao Chenyi took the whip back!

The wind blew so furiously that her hat was blown away. Immediately, her long black hair was scattered. Several strands of her hair slapped her on the face and it was painful.

Ning Xueyan heard Ao Chenyi's malicious and cold laughter, which made her very angry and firmly believe that he had done that on purpose!

Suddenly, the horse stopped. Ning Xueyan could hardly hold onto Ao Chenyi and was about to fly off due to inertia. Ao Chenyi wielded his whip again and looped it around her waist to hold her in his arms.

"Uncle, she is?" Suddenly, Ning Xueyan heard a surprised voice. It was the Third Prince!

How did they encounter the Third Prince?

Ning Xueyan did not dare to move at this time. She hugged Ao Chenyi motionlessly and buried her head deep in his arms. At this time, her face could never be seen by the Third Prince.

"She's my girl. She's very naughty. I don't know how she got such an outfit. She usually stays in the manor and seldom comes out. So today I especially took her out. But she is too timid. Turn around and salute the Third Prince," Ao Chenyi said drowsily while tapping Ning Xueyan on her back with his whip.

So Ning Xueyan had to turn around. She slightly tilted her head while not looking at the Third Prince on the opposite horse, bent slightly on the horse to salute the Third Prince, and said delicately, "Your Highness!"

Ning Xueyan's long hair was scattered, covering a large part of her face, so the Third Prince only saw a little of her face and lips. Although he could not see clearly, he also realized that the woman in front of him should be very beautiful. So the Third Prince could not help but say with a smile on his face, "I didn't expect there to be such a beauty in your manor. My father worries about your emotional life every day. It seems that all his worrying is in vain!"

"She is not exceedingly beautiful, but just happens to be my type. As for other beauties, they're not my cup of tea." Ao Chenyi stretched out his hands to touch Ning Xueyan's long hair and held her closer while laughing.

Ao Chenyi had never been so tender to a woman before. Therefore, all of them were shocked and widened their eyes when they saw the gentle Ao Chenyi. They wanted to know how beautiful this woman was so that Ao Chenyi was attracted by her and brought her to this important occasion.

"My father would be sad if he heard what you said. Uncle, you're Prince Yi. Ordinary women do not deserve you. The hostess of Prince Yi's Manor must come from a noble and exalted family." Once again, the elegant voice of the Third Prince came to Ning Xueyan's ears. It sounded like he was very concerned about Ao Chenyi and wanted him to marry a suitable woman.

The Third Prince was really hypocritical. In his mind, he wished that Prince Yi would marry an ordinary woman. However, in front of Prince Yi's concubine, he deliberately said that Prince Yi should marry an exalted woman. This was to make Prince Yi's concubine jealous and cause Prince Yi trouble. After all, if Ao Chenyi's Legal Wife came from a powerful family, the pressure on the Third Prince would be greater.

If Ning Xueyan really was Ao Chenyi's beloved concubine, she would be jealous and cause him trouble. Unfortunately, Ning Xueyan was not. Ning Xueyan unconsciously smiled and appreciated the performance of Third Prince while leaning into Prince Yi's arms.

Anyway, it looked like she would not be able to leave now!

The two groups slowed down, headed by Prince Yi, and ran all the way to the Third Prince's manor outside the city.

The wind was very strong, Ning Xueyan felt cold in her flimsy dress. So she subconsciously got closer to Ao Chenyi. Ning Xueyan was in poor health. She would be seriously ill if she were to be blown by the strong wind the entire way.

But now, she had a wolf by the ears and could not leave.

Suddenly, Ning Xueyan felt warm, as if she had been wrapped in something. She got a glimpse of the pure-white fox-furred edge. Unexpectedly, it was Ao Chenyi's cloak.

It seemed that he was afraid that Ning Xueyan could not pretend to be his favorite concubine due to being frozen!

Since it was beneficial to both of them, Ning Xueyan did not refuse Ao Cheyi's cloak. She tucked into the cloak and was wrapped in his chest and cloak. It was really warm, and she unconsciously relaxed.

Then she began to think about where they were going!

Ning Xueyan raised her head, pulled Ao Chenyi's clothes on his chest, and asked in a low voice, "Where are we going, Prince Yi? What should I do?"

She did not believe that Ao Chenyi had taken her without a purpose.

Feeling that she was talking to him, Ao Chenyi looked down and saw a small head peeking out above the snow-white fox-furred cloak. Her dark hair fell back, making her look charming. Ao Chenyi answered with a smile on his face, "You don't need to do anything, just dress up as my favorite concubine."

"But the Third Prince knows me!" Ning Xueyan hesitated and said.

The Third Prince did not recognize her just now because she was on a horse and her face was half-covered by her flying hair. However, when she got off the horse later, she would be clearly seen by the Third Prince and might be recognized.

"Don't worry, I have my own way. You just have to lie in my arms." Ao Chenyi slightly narrowed his eyes and smiled, but Ning Xueyan could hardly feel his warmth.

The man was completely indifferent. He showed no warmth even when he was smiling and always made people feel like they were in the cold. Ning Xueyan sighed and said nothing more. She closed her eyes and rested in the cloak.

Fortunately, his body was warm and she did not feel cold.

Not knowing how long the horse had been running, Ning Xueyan became sleepy on the horse. Suddenly, she felt the horse stop. She opened her eyes and blinked. Ning Xueyan raised her head unconsciously and looked into a pair of cold eyes. Then she blinked more before she remembered where she was.

"Prince Yi, here we are?" Ning Xueyan wanted to sit up.

"Hmm!" Ao Chenyi drew back his gaze, tossed away the whip in his hands, and got off the horse while holding Ning Xueyan by one hand. Ning Xueyan was still half wrapped in the fox-furred cloak, with the top of her head exposed in the air. Her eyes were bright and beautiful, making Ning Xueyan look enchanting.

Since she could fascinate Prince Yi, how could she not be a stunner?

Those who followed Ao Chenyi also got off their horses. Ning Xueyan secretly scrutinized them while still leaning into Ao Chenyi's arms. Besides the Third Prince, they also seemed to be extraordinary. But they were totally unrelated with Ao Chenyi. Why were they together?

Ning Xueyan frowned and had a feeling that something unusual would happen!

Suddenly, Ning Xueyan looked into a pair of smiling eyes, whose owner deliberately winked at her. It was the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min, Wen Xueran. "Why is he here?" Ning Xueyan was very surprised. She always felt that Wen Xueran was dangerous.

Ning Xueyan tried to calm down and quietly turned to another person. Then she turned back and buried her head in Ao Chenyi's arms. Compared with the Third Prince, the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min was more difficult to fool. Ning Xueyan did not want to see him.

"Uncle, please come in!" The Third Prince jumped off the horse, took two steps forward, and made an invitation gesture at the door!

Ao Cheyi nodded and strode in while holding Ning Xueyan!

The rest of them followed, only Wen Xueran stopped in place and thoughtfully looked at Ao Chenyi with a faint smile on his face.

"She is Prince Yi's favorite concubine? When did Prince Yi have a favorite concubine? This is a piece of news that's worth looking forward to," Wen Xueran thought.

"Don't they say that Prince Yi has no concubine? Where does this woman come from? She should dress in a young male servant's clothes. As Prince Yi said, she is naughty.

"It's interesting that the cold-blooded Prince Yi would allow a woman to be mischievous and doesn't punish her."

"Xueran, why don't you come in?" A childe of a noble family ahead looked back and cried when he saw that Wen Xueran had not moved.

"I'm coming!" Wen Xueran responded and entered the house after them with a smile on his face while spinning the folding fan in his hands.

Out of fear of being recognized by the Third Prince, Ning Xueyan was more careful in peeking this time. She grasped the fox-furred cloak and secretly peeked while the Third Prince and Ao Chenyi were talking.

This courtyard was a richly ornamented building. Carved beams and painted rafters were everywhere. Lord Protector's Manor was well-known in the capital for its grandness. But it still was inferior to this building.

Surrounded by the crowd, Ao Chenyi, holding Ning Xueyan, walked through the corridor and stopped at a waterside pavilion.

One could see the rockery in the lake and the gurgling water. The view was open and excellent!

Ao Chenyi sat on the first couch in the middle, while the Third Prince and the others sat on both sides. Ning Xueyan sat on the couch near Ao Chenyi. Her face was still half-covered by the cloak. The cloak, along with her scattered long hair, made her face indistinct.

Everyone sat down and began to drink while talking and enjoying the scenery. All of a sudden, the Third Prince came to the center and clapped three times. Then the door was opened and two teams came in...