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Chapter 94 I've Only Taken You in for Half a Month

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After Ning Ziyan fainted, she attracted everyone's attention.

Ning Ziyan's current situation was not very good. Everyone in the house was sent out; only Madam Ling and Madam Dowager were left. Basins of blood were taken out one after another and many female servants shuttled in and out in a flurry. Ning Xueyan stayed outside and could not help pulling an older female servant and asking her about it.

The older female servant only said that the Eldest Young Lady would lose her baby and was in danger now!

After that, she ran back in a hurry.

Chen Hexiang was frightened pale. She held Xia Yuhang's clothes tightly with panic on her face. Although she wanted Ning Ziyan to lose her baby, she did not want to be involved with it. Even though she was scheming, she was still in a great panic now.

"Eldest Brother-in-law, couldn't you talk about that when you go back? Did you have to stimulate my Eldest Sister at this time?" Ning Xueyan turned around and coldly spoke to Xia Yuhang while looking at Chen Hexiang's hands, which were holding Xia Yuhang tightly.

As Ning Ziyan's sister, Ning Xueyan could defend Ning Ziyan against this injustice!

Hearing Ning Xueyan's words, all the madams turned their eyes to Xia Yuhang and saw Chen Hexiang holding Xia Yuhang tightly. They could not help sighing in their minds that Xia Yuhang was really not good!

In their view, Xia Yuhang still flirted with a maid while his wife was in danger, and such a person did not deserve to be an official!

Xia Yuhang already felt disgraced when his amour with Chen Hehiang was exposed in front of so many people. At this time, after listening to Ning Xueyan, Xia Yuhang pushed the sobbing Chen Hexiang aside and said coldly, "My child? Is there any relationship between your child and me? I've only taken you in for half a month. How can this child be mine?"

"Childe, you..." Chen Hexiang was pushed to the ground and felt a pain in her stomach. She could not help raising her head and looking at Xia Yuhang in disbelief. She could not believe that he had gone back on his word. Xia Yuhang had promised that he would marry her and cherish her and her child from then on, and would also protect them from being bullied by Ning Ziyan.

But he had gone back on his word after just a short time!

"Take her down and give her some money, and then see her off!" Xia Yuehang was no longer tender, and he waved his hands with a look of indifference on his face.

It meant that she would be driven out of the Xia Manor, which Chen Hexiang could not bear. In order to become the hostess of the Xia Manor, she racked her brains in scheming. To achieve her goal, she had framed Ning Ziying before and told Xia Yuhang about the baby in front of Ning Ziyan today.

But she did not expect that Xia Yuhang, who had always been gentle to her, would drive her away.

"Childe, you... you can't abandon me. I'm pregnant! It's yours! We spent so much time together in Cold Mountain Temple. How could we only know each other for half a month..."

Thinking that she would lose everything, Chen Hexiang was unwilling to give up. She rushed over to Xia Yuhang, held his legs, and started crying.

The two had had sex in the temple, which greatly shocked everyone, but Xia Yuhang looked sanctimonious. Unexpectedly, he dared to have sex in a temple. Wasn't he afraid of offending the Buddha?

"Cold Mountain Temple? The Cold Mountain Temple that Sister Ziying had visited before?" Ning Xueyan raised her head and asked while frowning, as if she really had been shocked.

Ning Xueyan's words reminded Chen Hexiang of the past. At this time, she would tightly grab onto it, even if there was only one life-saving straw there. Xia Yuhang did not admit to their amour. But Ning Ziying knew that she had been taken in by Xia Yuhang at Cold Mountain Temple.

"Yes. Young Lady Ziying can prove that I didn't lie. She became aware of me when she came to see you at Cold Mountain Temple... Young Lady Ziying..."

Before she had finished, Chen Hexiang suddenly felt a pain in her waist and found that she was being kicked out by Xia Yuhang. Chen Hexiang flew out and hit a tree so hard that she spit out blood as she fell down.

"Take this bitch away! She dares to slander me!"

Now Xia Yuhang was not gentle at all. He shouted with a gloomy and angry look and regretted that he had not asked the older female servants to take Chen Hexiang away and beat her to death just now.

Chen Hexiang not only irritated Ning Ziyan, but also destroyed Xia Yuhang's reputation. Now, she even dared to talk about Ning Ziying. If the secrets about Ning Ziying were exposed, the Xia Manor could not afford the consequences.

"She... she seems to be bleeding!" One madam was shocked by Xia Yuhang's sudden brutality and shouted while pointing at Chen Hexiang's skirt.

Needless to say, she would lose her baby as well!

But she used to be the maid of the Xia Manor, and the Eldest Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor fell into danger because of her, so no one stood up to take care of her. In the end, Xia Yuhang asked two older female servants to take her away. The fainted Chen Hexiang was dragged away, leaving a trail of blood on the ground.

Those madams standing aside covered their mouths and noses with their handkerchiefs while looking at Xia Yuhang with disdain, ridicule, and suspicion, while thinking in minds, "Who is Ning Ziying? It seems that she also comes from Lord Protector's Manor. When did Xia Yuhang have a relationship with another Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor?"

Ning Xueyan looked down with her head hanging low. Her ink-like eyes were full of tranquility and coldness, as if they were filled with darkness.

This was Xia Yuehang. He would listen to you and was willing to do anything for you when you had a good relationship with him. But when it came to his own interests, he would be fierce and merciless. Chen Hexiang had thought that she was Xia Yuhang's beloved and believed that Xia Yuhang would listen to her, so she was so indulgent today.

Xia Yuhang was extremely good to Chen Hexiang before, so she dared to say that she was pregnant in public. However, this man was unreliable. Maybe now at the end of her life, she would understand that Xia Yuhang could give up anything for his own future.

Would he marry a powerless orphan girl instead of a Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor?

For his own fame and future, it was almost inevitable that Xia Yuhang would abandon Chen Hexiang.

Unfortunately, he was caught up in such a scandal. After today, how could he keep his reputation? And his rich knowledge would be useless!

With a bad reputation, how could Xia Yuhang become an official and achieve his career success?

Ning Xueyan lowered her head and coldly smiled.

The birthday banquet hosted in Lord Protector's Manor for the concubine of Lord Protector became a farce in the end, the news of which was soon spread out.

First, it was found out that the concubine of Lord Protector was not pregnant. Then, it was discovered that the concubine had been poisoned with acyeterion. After that, the Eldest Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor, who had married into the Xia Manor, had a miscarriage. And it was found out that she had been pregnant for about three months, which meant she was pregnant before she had gotten married.

They also knew that the Eldest Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor and Xia Yuhang had premarital sex, so that the Eldest Young Lady was pregnant and Lord Protector's Manor concealed the Second Madam's death from others in order to hold a wedding for the Eldest Young Lady and Xia Yuhang.

Later, it was exposed that Xia Yuhang had carried on a clandestine love affair with a maid in Cold Mountain Temple before he married Ning Ziyan. It was also rumored that Childe Xia had a close relationship with a female relative who had lived in Lord Protector's Manor and they met in both Lord Protector's Manor and Cold Mountain Temple.

After that, it was said that the Young Lady had died on the eve of Xia Yuhang's marriage. How could it not be suspicious?

It was chaos in Lord Protector's Manor and the host had no time to entertain the guests. Therefore, the guests gathered in twos and threes to gossip.

Ning Xueyan was not married yet and this was the first time that she showed up in front of others, so she could not make any judgment. A few moments later, Madam Dowager asked her to return to her own courtyard.

Mother Han had already returned to Bright Frost Garden. When she saw Ning Xueyan coming back, she immediately reported to Ning Xueyan in a low voice, "Young Lady, Madam Dowager invited a doctor to treat that woman. She has stopped bleeding. But she will lose her child. One reason is that she was kicked. The other reason is that she has been poisoned. The poison was smeared on her hairpin and will lead to an abortion."

"Ning Ziyan will never show mercy when she poisons others!" Ning Xueyan sneered as she turned to the bookcase. She picked up a brush pen and started drawing. She liked drawing and her pictures were quite different from those of ordinary women, which was due to her mother's cultivation.

Ning Ziyan put the hairpin on her head because Concubine Ma had asked her out. If something happened, the first person to be checked was her. As long as the hairpin was found on her, she would not be able to clarify even if she had more mouths.

Madam Ling made the plan and Ning Ziyan carried out the place. They fit together perfectly as usual. They had conspired together to kill Ning Ziying beside the lotus pond before and they tried to frame Ning Xueyan now. But Ning Xueyan was no longer cowardly!

She would not only save Chen Hexiang, but also make her hate Ning Ziyan. Actually, Chen Hexiang was a scheming and cruel woman. She failed today because she did not realize her weight in Xia Yuhang's heart. Ning Xueyan hoped that Chen Hexiang could give her a bigger surprise the next time.

Why was there poison on that hairpin? Why did it fall into her hands? Ning Xueyan could figure it out easily!

At lunchtime, Madam Dowager organized in the inner courtyard while Ning Zu'an organized in the outer courtyard. But no one was in the mood for dinner. So they finished lunch quickly and left!

Such things happened in Lord Protector's Manor one after another, so nobody had the mind to take care of Bright Frost Garden. Originally, no one paid attention to Bright Frost Garden. So at this time, no one cared about Ning Xueyan. She secretly changed into a young male servant's costume and went out of Lord Protector's Manor alone.

Today, there was still one last important step to go!

Otherwise, what she had done would all have been in vain!

In other people's opinions, Ning Xueyan was an emaciated girl who never went out. But Ning Ziying was not. She was a guest in Lord Protector's Manor, so they seldom stopped her from going out. Therefore, she went out many times when she was Ning Ziying and knew the layout of the street outside.

And now she was about to look for that man!