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Chapter 54 Insisting

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They showed up in front of the noble madams with tears and much noise. The Madams already knew what had happened. Consort Dowager of Commandery Prince Li, who liked Ning Yuling a lot before, talked with the other madams, while holding a leopard cat in her arms. She just heard that Ning Yuling had hit her baby grandson.

She was immediately unhappy. Princely Heir was her beloved grandson who grew up by her side. Even Commandery Prince Li would be punished if he touched him, let alone a stranger.

Let alone a strange woman.

She knew everything about her grandson. She understood that she had overindulged him. This made him naughty. It was said that Second Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor was vixenish so she was satisfied and hoped that maybe Ning Yuling could change her grandson. It would comfort her and her son wouldn't say that she spoiled her grandson too much.

Ning Yuling was a beauty from a good family, so she was satisfied with her at the beginning. It would be a good thing if her grandson could marry Ning Yuling. Although she knew that Lord Protector's Manor and Honored Consort Ya wanted Ning Yuling to be Third Prince's wife, she still wanted her. Anyway, she was the emperor's aunt. If she asked for a lady of Lord Protector's Manor, Third Prince would have to give her up.

So she gave the bracelets to Ning Yuling on purpose.

But Ning Yuling knew nothing about it and had accepted it, although she felt a bit confused.

Madam Dowager and Honored Consort Ya were aware of this. But she was Consort Dowager, so they wouldn't be against her openly. In the end, this became unexpectedly feasible. Now she only wanted her grandson to get to know Ning Yuling. He was a royal heir with good looks, so Ning Yuling would like him definitely. She could help a little after, then it would be done.

This was what she had planned, but what happened today was unexpected. She was furious now and already erased any ideas that she previously had. Ning Yuling had hit her grandson before their marriage. Her manor wouldn't be peaceful anymore if they really got married. Sure enough Ning Yuling was a heinous shrew. There was no way she would let the shrew into her manor.

She didn't want Ning Yuling any longer and sat there with a dark look on her face, waiting for Ning Yuling's explanation.

Ning Xueyan walked towards them, mingling in quietly with the crowd.

"Grandmother, grandmother, that... that jerk... where is he from? He said all kinds of things. Grandmother, please let someone flog him to death!" Ning Yuling cried piteously. She could get whatever she wanted in Lord Protector's Manor and had never been a doormat. Now she wished she could tear Princely Heir up.

She rushed to Madam Dowager's arms, crying grievously as soon as she saw her.

"My baby girl, what's the matter? You are a noble daughter. Why are you doing this?" Madam Dowager avoided the topic awkwardly, with a dark face. The one beside her was the grandmother of the "jerk", who looked at her with such a horrible expression. Madam Dowager was cunning so she did not answer Ning Yuling's questions directly.

"Second Young Lady, what happened?" Honored Consort Ya had to ask. Honored Consort Ya was the organizer of the Chrysanthemum Party. As the highest-ranking imperial concubine of the emperor, the emperor trusted her, so he asked her to help heirs, princes and ladies with their marriages and got them acquainted with each other.

Two teams, who were supposed to get along well, had a fight from the start. This annoyed Honored Consort Ya. Cold light flashed through her eyes.

The only reason why she agreed to let her son marry the shrew was because she was interested in Lord Protector's Manor after Ning Yuling. But now Ning Yuling had shown up, looking so messy. The rouge and make-up on her face had been washed off by her tears and her face was covered with red and black tear marks.

There was no air of a noble lady on Ning Yuling now. She looked like a crazy, ugly woman who disgusted people.

Hearing Honored Consort Ya's question, Ning Yuling became sad. She wiped away her tear marks, then complained tearfully to Honored Consort Ya, "My royal madam, please help me regain my reputation. Please let your officers punish the jerk who is bothering the girls."

Everything happened too quickly so she couldn't react to this in time before she got slapped. Now she ran back tearfully without thinking about who Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li was. She only remembered she needed to pay him back for what he had done. Actually, her reputation could be ruined by getting slapped by a man and showing up here in a disheveled state.

Madam Ling had warned her many times that the reputation of a woman was very important. As a result, she said, in a rage, that she was determined to get the man killed without any hesitation. Nobody would dare to hurt her anymore.

"Hum!" A cold snort was heard before Honored Consort Ya spoke.

"As what Second Young Lady says, my grandson needs to pay for your unnecessary reputation with his life. Isn't it?" The cold voice came from Ning Yuling's lateral side with irrepressible anger in it. Consort Dowager was really angry. She did not expect Ning Yuling to be not only mean, but vicious as well. She was the one who started all these. She was the one who had invited her grandson first, but now Ning Yuling refused to admit it. How could Consort Dowager tolerate this? So she opened her mouth.

Ning Yuling felt dizzy and befuddled because she had cried for so long. Finding someone against her, she retaliated without figuring out who was the one talking before, "He is an ignoble lecher. He even dares to harass me. Of course, he need to pay for it with his life. Grandmother, Honored Consort Ya, please help me. Please kill him!"

She continued crying after finishing her speech.

"Bitch! What did you say? I harassed you? Look at you, do I need to do that? You will come voluntarily. You asked your maid to lead me to you, then you pretend to be innocent when I am here. It sounds like I am the one who came voluntarily." Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li arrived and scolded her harshly, after hearing what Ning Yuling said.

He hated her so much. She had made it into such a great issue. There was really a maid who told him where Ning Yuling was and asked him to find her. He was conscious now and saw clearly, Honored Consort Ya sitting above and Consort Dowager's wink, and wanted to let Ning Yuling take the blame.

A jerk like him, could turn nothing into anything. And something had really happened between them just now.

"Nonsense! You, bastard! I didn't do it. I never asked you to come over. I don't even know who you are." Ning Yuling shouted again tearfully. She would have kicked his ass if the two older female servants didn't stop her. She looked like a mad woman with her crazy looks and actions. People looked at her with great scorn.

How could this girl be Second Young Lady with the good reputation? She was a totally mad shrew.

Third Prince, who had just come over, was standing next to his mother, had a dark expression on his face.

Honored Consort Ya frowned and didn't know what to say at the moment. A woman like Ning Yuling could never marry her son and be the future empress.

"My baby girl, don't hurry. Talk slowly. It is Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li in front of you. His grandmother gave you the bracelets yesterday. Did you forget that due to the grievances today?" Madam Dowager consoled Ning Yuling and held her hands. Trying hard to repress her face muscles, she kept a serene look on her face, although she was so angry with Ning Yuling.

She had tried to hint to her that the man in front of her was Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li, instead of a lecher. Especially since Honored Consort Ya and Consort Dowager were both there. Ning Yuling couldn't afford to offend them.

"Madam Dowager, the education of your manor is really good. Your granddaughter uses words like Lecher, bastard and jerk when she speaks. Our eyes are truly open now. Luckily we know she is Second Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor. If we did not, we would have thought that she is a disgraceful shrew."

Hearing Ning Yuling calling her baby grandson a lecher and a bastard, Consort Dowager couldn't help saying this. She lost all interest in the marriage so she stopped being courteous and retaliated harshly against the shameless shrew.

Not to mention the single girls, even the madams could not take it.

Ning Yuling raised her head in amazement after hearing her words. She saw clearly now that the one sitting beside her grandmother was Consort Dowager of Commandery Prince Li, who had been kind to her. What did she say? Did she scold her just now?

Madam Dowager felt suffocated and almost fainted because of Consort Dowager's words. If Ning Yuling's reputation was tarnished by Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li, her innocent granddaughter would be unable to marry anyone in the future.

"Heir, you say it is Second Young Lady who asks you to come over. But she doesn't know you, how could she invite you here? Enlighten me, Princely Heir. "Madam Dowager said with great anger, while she used her cane to knock heavily on the ground. It wasn't time for tolerance. She got to the point and asked Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li, while staring at him.

"She sent a maid to tell me that she was waiting for me there. The maid emphasized especially it was Second Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor." Princely Heir said, with a cold snort, as he held his head up high.

As for whether the maid emphasized it or not, when she said it was Second Young Lady, then it must be.

"The maid? Which maid? Ning Yuling only has several maids with her this time and they are all here. Can Princely Heir recognize the maid?" Madam Dowager had a surprised look on her face. Looking at Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li, she thought Ning Yuling wouldn't like him, so she asked again.

"They all look the same. How can I tell which one is the maid? Just ask them who the one who informed me earlier was. Anyway, I was invited by Ning Yuling. It's expected that she would not admit it in front of the crowd." Princely Heir still believed it was Ning Yuling who invited him.

Seeing the situation, his eyes blinked a little. He was conscious now so he wouldn't take the blame. He would let Ning Yuling be responsible for all of it. He was Princely Heir. If he was found to be harassing the daughter of Lord Protector's Manor, his father, who had a bad temper, would break his legs.

He was clearly aware of this.

Ning Xueyan had a slightly cold smile on her face as she stood at the other side. She knew that Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li would take a bite at Ning Yuling.