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Chapter 102 No Matter Which Way Concubine Ma Chose, She Would Not Survive

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"No trouble at all. Anyway, I have nothing to do recently. Everyone involved in those cases are dead. I'm very bored!" After saying that, Ao Chenyi tried to show a gentle smile.

But in Xia Tian's eyes, the smile was treacherous and cold.

Almost instantly, Xia Tian made his decision. He said in panic while kowtowing, "Your Majesty, in any case, that woman lost her baby because my son kicked her. So it's normal that she hates my son. He made the mistake on impulse. He will be responsible for that. Your Majesty, please punish him."

At this time, Xia Tian did not insist that his son was framed by someone and his attitude also softened.

This meant that there was no need to investigate this matter and Xia Manor was willing to take full responsibility. Meanwhile, Xia Tian also flattered the emperor by what he said.

In times of danger, Xia Tian remembered what Xia Yuhang said last night. Xia Yuhang had told Xia Tian that he could say those words to admit mistake if something happened unexpectedly.

When the present emperor was still a prince, he once beat his brother half-disabled on impulse. Because of that, he was almost murdered by the former emperor. Although he was framed, at last he had to admit this mistake. It was almost the same with Xia Yuhang.

So this time, Xia Yuhang asked his father to imitate what the emperor had done.

Sure enough, the emperor's angry face softened a little.

Ao Chenyi nodded and said while slightly tapping his fingers on the table, "Official Xia, you're right. If I act on impulse next time, I wonder if I also won't be punished."

Ao Chenyi's words made the emperor changed his face greatly, and people could almost clearly see the bulged veins on the emperor's forehead.

The two ranks of officials standing below were all frightened. Only the Prince Yi seemed to have no idea that he had said something wrong, and still showed a cold smile with great interest.

After a while, the emperor regained his calmness. He pounded his chair and said to Xia Tian while sharply looking at him, "The son's committing mistakes should be blamed to his father's failure to teach him. Xia Tian, you will be fined half a year's salary, and Xia Yuhang won't be allowed to participate in the Spring Metropolitan Examination. This also is a warning to others."

The emperor made the final judgement.

The Spring Metropolitan Examination was held once three years. Xia Yuhang lost the chance this time and had to wait for another three-year, which was a great blow to him who wanted to be the very best this time.

Xia Tian was bitter, but he had to thank the emperor!

Compared with that matter, this was much less serious.

Qingyu rushed in, carefully closed the door, and said with a smile on her face, "Young Lady, I have inquired. The emperor doesn't allow Childe Xia to participate in the Spring Metropolitan Examination and gives marquis a three-month vocation to deal with family affairs. Madam Dowager was very angry and scolded the First Madam just now.”

It was a happy news to them. The Auspicious Clouds Courtyard was in a mess, which made people in Bright Frost Garden very happy.

Ning Xueyan put down the brush pen in her hands, took the towel Lanning handed over to wipe her hands. Then she turned her head, took a deep breath, and asked, "Did you get some news about Xia Manor?"

"The Eldest Young Lady sent someone to look for the First Madam, but the First Madam was shut up in the Buddha Hall by Madam Dowager. So the people sent by the Eldest Young Lady didn't see the First Madam. The servant was anxious and directly asked an older female servant of the First Madam. I happened to be there and heard what they said."

Qingyu widened her eyes and showed an exaggerated expression, making Ning Xueyan and Lanning laugh.

Ning Xueyan smiled and said, "Tell me, what happened?"

"What that maid said was a mess. So actually I didn't hear clearly. I only heard that Xia Manor is in disorder now. Childe Xia can't take part in the examination the next spring and there's one more concubine. The Eldest Young Lady is arguing with Childe Xia and the Madam of Xia Manor is scolding the Eldest Young Lady. So the maid wanted to invite the First Madam to mediate."

Qingyu said that happily, but then she felt confused. In her opinion, some things were irrelevant.

"But, I still don't understand, Young Lady. That woman informed against Childe Xia, why did he still marry her?"

Qingyu was loyal, but sometimes she could not understood these matters as quickly as Lanning. When they heard Qingyu's question, Lanning smiled first. Then she slightly pushed Qingyu and explainced to her, "The more people know about this matter, the less they dare murder Chen Hexiang. The reputation of Childe Xia is bad now, so he dares not deal with Chen Hexiang. If the Eldest Young Lady wants to harm Chen Hexiang, Childe Xia had to stop her."

They did not expect Chen Hexiang to be so clever.

Mother Han talked about a similar thing when she comforted Chen Hexiang.

In terms of strength, Chen Hexiang was no better than Ning Ziyan. In the past, Chen Hexiang believed that she was beloved by Xia Yuhang. But being kiked by him so heavily, she had realized she was not!

Chen Hexiang was a very cruel woman. She had figured out the whole matter and chose the best way for herself. As long as she did not compromise and informed against Xia Yuhang, people of Xia Manor would ask Xia Yuhang to marry her and prevent Ning Ziyan from harming her.

The bigger this matter was, the better it was! That was why she asked Xinmei to throw the letter at righteous Official Huai's door.

Chen Hexiang indeed planned to met Xia Yuhang and have a relationship with him. But Xia Yuhang was also a playboy. So Chen Hexiang did not spent much effort on this matter.

Therefore, Xia Yuhang could not clarify!

In addition, Chen Hexiang also knew something about Ning Ziying. But she did not mention it in her letter. It meant that she did not want to destroy both Xia Yuhang and herself.

However, these were also what Ning Xueyan needed. The more cunning Chen Hexiang was, the greater pressure Ning Ziyan would have, and the more Xia Yuhang dared not kill her.

Chen Hexiang and Ning Ziyan were equal, so the fight between them was fierce.

Both of them were heartless and cruel. Ning Xueyan wondered who would win in the end.

Since both of them wanted to marry Xia Yuhang and be his Legal Wife. So Ning Xueyan would let them fight with each other...

Qingyu still did not understand. She asked while touching her own head, "Oh, I see. But Young Lady, there still are some things I don't understand. Why did Chen Hexiang trust Xinmei and give the letter to her?"

Ning Xueyan said while showing an ironc smile on her face, "We didn't ask her to believe Xinmei. She believed Xinmei on her own initiative. At that time, no one in Xia Manor could help her. So Xinmei was her only hope. She had no other choice but to believe Xinmei!"

A woman like Chen Hexiang would absolutely do so when she was in such a situation. She did not care who the masked man in black was. If she wanted to survive, she had to ask Xinmei to help her.

Lanning carried the well-prepared hamper in her hands and softly asked, "Young Lady, everything's ready. Are we going to see Concubine Ma now?"

"Yes, let's go." Ning Xueyan nodded and stood up.

The meal that Madam Ling sent should happen to arrive at this time...

After they found that Concubine Ma was not pregnant, so many things happened. Both Ning Ziyan and Chen Hexiang lost their babies, and it was exposed that Xia Yuhang and Ning Ziyan had a premarital adultery. So nobody cared about Concubine Ma and all forgot that Concubine Ma had pretended to be pregnant.

However, Ning Xueyan did not forget.

Concubine Ma had been very popular in the past few days, so the courtyard she lived in was relatively close to the middle. However, her courtyard which used to be very busy was desolate now.

When Ning Xueyan entered the room, Concubine Ma suddenly sat up in panic. To their surprise, Concubine Ma who was still beautiful yesterday had been very thin and old. She looked like a totally different person.

Everyone knew her current situation was bad!

Concubine Ma showed a timid expression as soon as she saw Ning Xueyan. She said with a tremulous voice, "Fifth Young Lady!"

"Concubine Ma, how are you doing? Is there any food you want to eat? I brought some food for you, but I don't know if you like it or not." Ning Xueyan smiled and sat down in a chair near the bed, as if nothing had happened between her and Concubine Ma.

Lanning, who was behind Ning Xueyan, put the hamper on the table in front of Concubine Ma. There happened to be another exactly the same hamper in which the dishes were very delicious. All of the hampers were bought by the servants of the manor, so they were all the same.

"Thank you, Fifth Young Lady. I... I'm all right." Concubine Ma answered in a hoarse voice. Following the hamper put down by Lanning, Concubine Ma looked at the other one with scare.

Ning Xueyan said with a smile on her face, "Anyway, you're a member of Lord Protector's Manor. Even if mother can't tolerate you, she'll allow you to be full before dying." Ning Xueyan's deep gaze fell on Concubine Ma, which chilled her.

Concubine Ma felt scared!

Concubine Ma felt that the thin Fifth Young Lady in front of her had a kind of inenarrable imposing manner. It seemed that her eyes could suck out people's soul, making Concubine Ma dare not look back.

Concubine Ma turned her head and forced a smile. "Thank you, Fifth Young Lady. I've come to such an end, how can the First Madam not tolerate me?"

"Oh, I guess wrong. I wanted to show you a way to survive. Since you needn't, I'll leave now! Please enjoy your meals!" Ning Xueyan emphasized 'meals' when she spoke. Then she stood up with a cold smile and was about to leave.

On seeing that Ning Xueyan was going to leave, Concubine Ma was in a great hurry.

In fact, Concubine Ma was disturbed. This matter was caused by Madam Ling, but it was she who took the responsibility!

Who would believe it if she said it all?

Concubine Ma extremely hated Madam Ling, because Madam Ling had poisoned her and made her infertile. Therefore, Concubine Ma was so impulsive at that time and rushed to bite Madam Ling.

Unfortunately, when she calmed down, Concubine Ma found that she could not spoke out this matter. Madam Ling had the evidence that Concubine Ma had had a love affair stealthily with her lover. If Madam Ling told Ning Zu'an, Concubine Ma and her family would fall into danger.

Concubine Ma had thought about it all night, but she still did not come to a conclusion. If Concubine Ma admitted that she was not pregnant, then she would be accused of poisoning the Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor. If she said it was Madam Ling's order, her secrets would be exposed by Madam Ling, then Ning Zu'an would be angry and vent his spite upon her and her family...

No matter which way Concubine Ma chose, she would not survive. She did not know how she would end up!