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Chapter 65 - Framed, Mother Han Got Caught

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Qingyu and Lanning had everything well-prepared when Ning Xueyan returned to her yard. She wrote a letter hurriedly and asked a Cold Mountain Temple monk to give it to her uncle.

When everything was done, they got in the carriage that had been waiting outside and went to Lord Protector's Manor.

"My lady, many madams saw it. Consort Dowager of Commandery Prince Li is on her way to our manor, so Madam Dowager has to punish Madam Ling hard this time." Qingyu was thrilled when she thought everything had gone as Ning Xueyan had wanted.

Ning Xueyan smiled slightly and said, "She won't."

"She won't? Why not? The evidence is clear, so Madam Ling is definitely the one who should take the blame. Can't that get her punished?" Qingyu was astonished.

"Did anyone see her poison me? Did anyone say that it was her? Or did anyone sell her out?" Ning Xueyan had a little rest leaning against the carriage wall as she closed her eyes with a cold smile.

"We only need to find Mr. Lu. Under such great pressure, he will... My lady, will he sell her out?" Qingyu lowered her voice gradually.

Ning Xueyan smiled coldly. "Housekeeper Zhang can't decide what she can say and what she should keep to herself."

Housekeeper Zhang was born into the Ling family and followed Madam Ling to Lord Protector's Manor. She helped her with all the housework. Clearly, Madam Ling trusted her deeply. However, compared with Madam Ling's trust, her family, which was under Ning Xueyan's control, was more important. Unexpectedly, some of her family were not in the manor.

Being aware of this, Qingyu was surprised and said, "My lady, what if Madam Ling starts over? Maybe she will ruin you. Why didn't you come over in Madam Dowager's carriage?"

Lanning knew what would happen and said, "Will it be useful? Madam Dowager only needs to ask someone to tell Madam Ling first."

"But, Madam Dowager... she was also poisoned by Madam Ling... Isn't she angry?" Qingyu stammered because she did not know how to reply.

"Yes, Madam Dowager is angry and she will punish Madam Ling, but she won't let other people mock the manor. So she won't push her hard or let others know. At most, Madam Ling's power will be taken back and she will be abused a little. However, it's useless. It is so obvious that our lady will be with them soon. This will make Madam Dowager suspect us." Lanning understood Ning Xueyan better, so she explained it.

Madam Dowager wanted to show her love by asking Ning Xueyan to return later. If Ning Xueyan followed her, she would be suspected. After all, she was suspected before.

They fell into silence suddenly.

Ning Xueyan closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep as her she listened to the words of her maids.

So the best plan was to take advantage of Madam Ling when she was in trouble.

As Ning Xueyan was arriving, someone was waiting for her. It was Mother Qin, a servant of Madam Dowager. She ran up to her happily after seeing her coming. She helped Ning Xueyan get out of the carriage with respect. "Fifth Young Lady, you are finally here. I've been waiting for you for a long time. Madam Dowager and Madam Ling asked you to go see them."

She thought about the last time she left when nobody had said goodbye to her. Ning Xueyan was surprised that Madam Dowager had now asked her close mammy to wait here to show her concern. It was totally different from last time.

But Ning Xueyan knew that Madam Ling saved herself when she heard what the servant said.

Luckily, Ning Xueyan had already prepared for this. She said gently, "Thanks, mammy. Is grandmother angry now? I'm so sorry that she has to worry about me at her age. It's all my fault."

After what had happened, Ning Xueyan was worried about her grandmother first. This made Mother Qin have a good feeling about her. It was unexpected that Ning Xueyan was a good girl. She had thought wrongly of her before.

Mother Qin's face was full of smile-wrinkles while talking. She said, "What are you saying? My lady, it's Concubine Ma who was over the line and did this. You and Madam Ling will be wronged if we don't discover it. I can't believe there is a vicious woman like her in our manor. You can never know a person by their appearance."

"Concubine Ma?" Ning Xueyan had a cold gaze again. Madam Ling was good at telling a story. She could pass the buck to others easily.

Concubine Ma, who was new here, was a beautiful woman. She was always close to Madam Ling. She probably never thought this would happen to her.

Ning Xueyan pretended not to care much as she asked while was walking inside, "Why did Concubine Ma do this?"

"I don't know why. Isn't there a Mother Han in your yard? Her son badly hurt someone outside. The man who was beaten was Concubine Ma's brother. At first, it had nothing to do with you, but Mother Han said that you were the mistress of the manor and Concubine Ma was a servant, so it was okay that her son hit the concubine's brother. And she said she wouldn't pay any money.

"When Concubine Ma heard this, she was pissed off. She thought you supported Mother Han to humiliate her, so she poisoned you."

Mother Qin explained angrily and seemed to be on Ning Xueyan's side.

"Mother Han?" Ning Xueyan's face was frozen! She stopped to look at Mother Qin, who was in a good mood, and a coldness flashed through her eyes.

Madam Ling was truly cunning. She fought back using Mother Han even when she was in a panic.

"Where is Mother Han now?" Ning Xueyan stopped smiling and her cold face and sharp gaze appeared.

Being watched by Ning Xueyan's cold eyes, Mother Qin felt afraid. She tried to avoid her gaze but she could feel Ning Xueyan's indescribable temperament.

"Mother Han is locked up now, waiting for the buyer to pick her up tomorrow," said Mammy Qin slowly while lowering her voice.

Hearing this, Qingyu's face turned white. She was standing behind Ning Xueyan and was about to ask something. But Lanning, who stood beside her, pulled her sleeves telling her not to do so.

"Concubine Ma is also in the woodshed now, waiting for the buyer?" Ning Xueyan's face was frozen again.

"No, she's not. She fell down recently and the doctor said that she was pregnant, so the marquis said the punishment would need to wait until after she gives birth." Mother Qin regained her mood in no time. She could not be frightened by the weak Fifth Young Lady.

The bad person was safe, but the good one was locked up. Everything was opposite in the manor.

"Where is grandmother now?" Ning Xueyan could not show her unhappiness on her face, so she started to walk inside.

Seeing Ning Xueyan letting it go, Mother Qin felt relieved and smiled. "Madam Dowager is talking with Consort Dowager at Auspicious Fortune Hall now. Consort Dowager is seldom here. And after what happened, Madam Dowager needs to explain everything to her."

"Is the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li here?" Ning Xueyan asked, seemingly casual.

"Yes, Consort Dowager is here and he said that he will wait for her so they can go back together," Mother Qin replied.

By the crossroads, Ning Xueyan stopped to say to Mother Qin, "Mammy, I need to go back and change my clothes first. I will be there when I tidy myself up."

"OK, OK. Madam Dowager isn't in a hurry. You are weak so you need to take good care of yourself." Mother Qin said so, but Ning Xueyan noticed her smug demeanor.

"I will leave first, Mother Qin." Ning Xueyan no longer wanted to be there so she went straight away to Bright Frost Garden.

Seeing Ning Xueyan leaving, Mother Qin went back to tell Madam Dowager about her. She thought that Madam Dowager was overthinking it and the Fifth Young Lady was weak and fragile. Hearing what had happened to Mother Han, Ning Xueyan had just asked routine questions, showing no extra concern.

When they turned around, Qingyu could not hold it in any longer. She stepped ahead and said, "My lady, they're talking nonsense. Mother Han's son would never do such a thing. Mother Han told me the other day that her son became in charge of a shop. Why would he have a fight with Concubine Ma's brother?"

Qingyu and Mother Han were always loyal to Madam Ming and Ning Xueyan. They all trusted each other. Ning Xueyan would not believe what Mother Qin just said. She met Mother Han's son before and thought that he was a good man. He had been asked to buy medicine for Madam Ming when Madam Ming was ill but nobody cared for her.

Ning Xueyan dropped her eyes slightly and asked, "You don't believe it, Qingyu?"

"Of course I don't. I will never believe that Mother Han's son would hurt someone and talk like that." Qingyu stomped hurriedly. "My lady, I can make sure he didn't do it. What they said was to frame Mother Han."

"Nobody cares whether you believe it or not. They let Mother Han commit the crime." Ning Xueyan smiled coldly. Madam Ling had handled it well. She arranged everything correctly in just a short time. The fight had to exist.

As for the crime of hitting the other man, this was not up to Mother Han's son.

It would be easy if Concubine Ma wanted a new brother. Not to mention her pregnancy seemed to be right on time. How could it be a coincidence? Ning Xueyan was unprepared for this.

If Ning Xueyan punished Concubine Ma, everyone would think she was harsh and mean.

In the end, the blame was on her.

But she did not expect that Concubine Ma would agree to do this.

However, they missed something!

"My lady, what should we do now?" Qingyu fell into a panic after hearing what Ning Xueyan said. Her face became pale as she said, "They will sell Mother Han tomorrow, what we can do?"

"Qingyu, would you mind going to Qingrong Courtyard?" Ning Xueyan asked.

Madam Ling had handed a gift to her, so Ning Xueyan should give something in return as well.

Ning Yuling lived in Qingrong Courtyard. Ning Xueyan and Qingyu were bullied a lot by Ning Yuling, so they never went there. Not to mention the things in Cold Mountain Temple, Ning Yuling would abuse her. She would not leave Qingyu in peace when she saw her.

"I will!" Qingyu would do anything to save Mother Han. She gritted her teeth, showing her faith.

"Okay, you need to inquire about the Third Prince and..." Ning Xueyan whispered into Qingyu's ear. Qingyu's eyes suddenly became brighter and she handed over her bag to Lanning. Then she left in a hurry.