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Chapter 84 Ming Feiyong Visits Lord Protector's Manor

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When Ming Feiyong came to visit Lord Protector's Manor, Ning Zu'an met him at the door.

He went down the steps and welcomed Ming Feiyong with great enthusiasm. "Brother, I knew you were back, but I'm so sorry that I had no time to visit you."

Ming Feiyong took a cold look at the smiling Ning Zu'an and snorted, "Do you still know that I am your brother?"

"How could I not know? Brother, you're my lifesaver. If it weren't for you, I would already have died." Ning Zu'an ushered Ming Feiyong into the house while smiling and talking.

Ning Zu'an was raised in the Ming family when he was a child and had a good relationship with Ming Feiyong. When he was about 10 years old, Ning Zu'an climbed a tree and fell into the river. At that time, no one was around him. It was Ming Feiyong who saw that and rescued him. So Ning Zu'an said that Ming Feiyong was his lifesaver.

"If I had known what was going to happen, I wouldn't have saved you at that time!" looking at that hypocritical face, Ming Feiyong coldly said.

At Ming Feiyong's words, Ning Zu'an almost could not maintain his smile. But he still was able to do so as he ushered Ming Feiyong into the hall, then they sat down together.

"How did my sister die?" Ming Feiyong directly asked.

"Brother, she had been unhappy ever since she was downgraded to the co-wife on her own initiative and seldom left Bright Frost Garden with Yan'er. I was shut out every time I went to see her. She would only say that she was in a bad mood and didn't want to see anyone. She also stopped contacting you, brother. She died because of depression. We couldn't help her."

Ning Zu'an sighed and answered with sadness in his eyes while forcing a smile.

Although Madam Ming was poisoned to death, the servants concerned either were dead or had left Lord Protector's Manor. Ning Zu'an believed that he had left no trace. Ming Feiyong also knew that his sister was stubborn and never changed her mind. If it were not for that, Madam Ming would not have been out of touch with him for so many years.

Zing Zu'an believed that Ming Feiyong would never find out the truth.

"My little sister died, but that woman became the marchioness. Ning Zu'an, do you need to give me an explanation?" Ming Feiyong put the cup in his hands on the table heavily, making a loud sound.

"Brother, it... it has nothing to do with her!" Ning Zu'an coughed to clear his throat before explaining.

"It has nothing to do with her? My sister wouldn't have been so angry if you hadn't had an affair with that woman and had an illegitimate son and an illegitimate daughter with her. If that woman hadn't knelt outside the door with her two children when she was pregnant, my sister wouldn't have been so disappointed with you. Ning Zu'an, if it hadn't been for our Ming family, you wouldn't have everything you have today!"

Ming Feiyong spoke coldly.

The murderous look of Ming Feiyong fell on Zing Zu'an, making him uncomfortable all over.

"Brother, things were not just like that. You also know what happened. Madam Ming felt sorry for me and was voluntarily downgraded. It was not Madam Ling and I who forced her to do that." Being satirized by Ming Feiyong repeatedly, Ning Zu'an also got angry. But when he looked at Ming Feiyong's face, he felt guilty again.

"Speaking of that, I still don't understand what happened. How could such a thing happen to my little sister? And that woman benefited the most from the whole thing. Shall we make a further investigation into what happened?" asked Ming Feiyong. In fact, how could they find out what had after so many years?

It sounded like he was joking, but there was no smile in Ming Feiyong's eyes.

"Brother, you're too humorous. Those things are disgraceful and Madam Ming is dead. So we'd better not bother her anymore! Just forget about it!" A fierceness flashed through Ning Zu'an's face as he spoke. But facing the aggressive Ming Feiyong, Ning Zu'an had no imposing manner at all.

If someone else was there, it would be beyond their expectation that this weak person in front of them was the powerful official Ning Zu'an.

"Didn't that woman frame my little sister?" Ming Feiyong reluctantly asked, ignoring what Ning Zu'an said.

"How could she frame Madam Ming? If she did, I would be the first to deal with her." Ning Zu'an promised him.

Madam Ming's death was weird. But Madam Ling had explained that she had nothing to do with Madam Ming's death. So Ning Zu'an directly made several maids pay for Madam Ming's death to protect Madam Ling. No matter what, Zing Zu'an would never admit that Madam Ling had any connection with Madam Ming's death.

"What if she killed my little sister?" asked Ming Feiyong.

"If, if she framed Madam Ming... I'll directly kill her." Ning Zu'an swore with a serious expression. At this time, he just wanted Ming Feiyong to leave. In his opinion, the matter of Madam Ming having a private affair with a man had been solved, and she had already died, so Ming Feiyong could not find anything out.

"Ning Zu'an, remember what you said today." Ming Feiyong grinned coldly. All of a sudden, he asked, "Is that man still here?"

Ming Feiyong did not believe that it had happened this way. How could his younger sister have an illicit relationship with a man? They were found to have been in correspondence with each other all the time and those letters fell into the hands of Ning Zu'an. Because the Ming family had helped him, Ning Zu'an did not punish Madam Ming. But Madam Ming felt sorry for Ning Zu'an and gave up her position as the Legal Wife on her own initiative.

This matter was really weird. But Madam Ming did not allow him to investigate and admitted that she had a personal relationship with that man.

Ming Feiyong was so angry when he learned what his sister had done that he left the capital. It had been 10 years since he left the capital. During the past 10 years, he had not written a letter to Madam Ming. Unexpectedly, he found that the lovely little girl had died when he came back. Ming Feiyong's eyes were full of tears as soon as he thought of that.

If Ming Feiyong had known what was going to happen, he would not have agreed with his sister to marry Ning Zu'an in any case.

"No, he's not here. When their relationship was exposed, I also tried to find him. But I didn't find him. Maybe he ran away as soon as their amour came to light." Speaking of this, Ning Zu'an was embarrassed. In any case, it was not a pleasure to talk about his wife's betrayal with others.

"Give me the information of that year, and I'll have it checked out," Ming Feiyong indifferently said.

"Okay, I'll give it to you later." Ning Zu'an nodded his head while feeling relieved. At that time, he increasingly liked the delicate Madam Ling and disliked Madam Ming, who always ignored him. However, although he disliked Madam Ming, he still could not stand her betrayal.

He almost killed Madam Ming when he learned of her betrayal. But Madam Ling begged him to forgive Madam Ming. Madam Ling said that Madam Ming was his wife and they also had a child. After comparing the gentle and considerate Madam Ling to Madam Ming, who betrayed him, Ning Zu'an liked Madam Ling more.

And he also increasingly disliked Madam Ming's child, Ning Xueyan.

Later on, Madam Dowager learned of this matter and intervened. Madam Ming volunteered to become the co-wife and Madam Ling became the Legal Wife. Everything went on naturally. To others, they declared that Madam Ming felt sorry for Ning Zu'an because she did not give birth to a son for Ning Zu'an, so she volunteered to be the co-wife and suggested that Madam Ling should be the Legal Wife so that Ning Huaiyuan would no longer be an illegitimate son.

This result was also compensation for Ning Zu'an because his son, Ning Huaiyuan, would always be an illegitimate son even though Madam Ling was the co-wife.

Seeing that he had achieved his goal, Ming Feiyong stood up and said, "I'm going to visit Madam Dowager."

"Okay. Knowing that you're coming, mother has been waiting for you in the backyard." Seeing that Ming Feiyong stopped questioning him, Ning Zu'an was relieved and ushered him into the backyard.

Madam Dowager's family name was Ming, and she was Ming Feiyong's aunt.

After speaking with Madam Dowager in Lucky Garden for a while, Ming Feiyong went to Bright Frost Garden.

Ning Xueyan had already received Ming Feiyong's letter, so she had been waiting for Ming Feiyong at the gate of Bright Frost Garden for a while. When she met Ming Feiyong, she was very sad and almost cried. Then she ushered him into the hall and asked the other servants to leave. Only Qingyu was asked to stay to serve them.

After offering tea to Ming Feiyong, Ning Xueyan sat down and asked calmly, "Uncle, did you find out what happened?"

Madam Ming was found to have been passing ambiguous letters with a man, which was the key reason she was downgraded. Then, Madam Ling became the Legal Wife and her children's status became known to others. The greatest beneficiary here was Madam Ling.

Therefore, Ning Xueyan could almost be sure that Madam Ling must have been involved in framing Madam Ming!

So she wrote to Ming Feiyong before to discuss this matter!

In order to defeat Madam Ling, they had to investigate how Madam Ming died.

"At that time, your mother didn't allow me to investigate and also said a lot of harsh words to me. I was very angry with what she had done to me. So I left the capital. It can be said that I barely looked into what happened. Therefore, I'm here today to ask your father for information. No matter what happened, he must give me an explanation. So he must be keeping something," said Ming Feiyong.


"How are you doing in Lord Protector's Manor? Do you need me to take you to my house?" Looking at the emaciated Ning Xueyan, Ming Feiyong felt distressed and spoke in a soft voice.

"Not yet. I will ask you to help me when you are needed. Uncle, you just need to concentrate on investigating what happened to my mother." Ning Xueyan shook her head while smiling.

At this time, how could Ning Xueyan leave Lord Protector's Manor? The peace of Lord Protector's Manor had been broken by her, and more things would surface then. If she did not take this opportunity to get revenge now, when would she? Furthermore, she needed to restore Madam Ming's innocence. How could Madam Ming, a proud woman, have an affair with others?

"Uncle, you investigate outside Lord Protector's Manor and I investigate inside. Although many years have passed, there certainly must be some traces as long as Madam Ling participated. If I leave, no one will be able to find out what happened in Lord Protector's Manor. What's more, the dowry of my mother has been taken away by them."

She certainly would not let her enemies go!

She would take back what belonged to her.

"Okay. Now that you have decided, I won't force you to leave with me. But, you have to be careful in Lord Protector's Manor." Ming Feiyong also knew that there might be no clues outside. After all, many years had passed. It would be better to investigate in Lord Protector's Manor. Then it would be easier for them to find out the truth when they united.

But he was worried about the safety of Ning Xueyan. Fortunately, her place was remote but quiet. After thinking about it, Ming Feiyong agreed that Ning Xueyan should stay.

The two talked for a while and set a place to meet later. Then Ming Feiyong left.

After Ming Feiyong left, Lanning went over to Ning Xueyan and said to her in a low voice, "Young Lady, Mother Han is back!"

Mother Han had been out for three days. In order to investigate Concubine Ma, she took three days off on the pretext of her son's accident. It seemed that Mother Han had learned something since she came back now. Thinking of this, Ning Xueyan smiled coldly. It looked like it was time to expose Concubine Ma's lie.