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Chapter 103 The Way for Concubine Ma

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"Concubine Ma, when I came here just now, I heard that the First Madam had asked someone to send you meals even if she's in the Buddha Hall. She's really generous. In my opinion, if something happens to you in the future, it must have nothing to do with the First Madam."

Lanning glanced at Concubine Ma and spoke slowly while picking up the hamper.

This hamper was prepared by Madam Ling! After knowing that, Concubine Ma became shocked and grabbed the handkerchief in her hands. First Madam always returned evil for good. Concubine Ma had bit her and this matter had come to a deadlock, so the First Madam would not let go of Concubine Ma.

This was a threat to Concubine Ma!

"Fifth Young Lady, don't go. Please do me a favor!" Concubine Ma could no longer control her fear, and couldn't help asking for help in a tremulous voice.

Ning Xueyan stopped, but did not turn around. She directly said, "Concubine Ma, if you need anything, why don't you call my mother? Although she isn't allowed to leave the Buddha Hall, fortunately, all of the people in Lord Protector's Manor listen to her. If you really need something, she can help you."

Hearing that, Concubine Ma looked paler and could not help imploring, "They all say that Fifth Young Lady is clever and kind-hearted. Please help me, Fifth Young Lady."

Hearing what Concubine Ma said, Ning Xueyan could not help turning her head with a smile on her face. This Concubine Ma was really naive. She had poisoned Ning Xueyan before, but now said Ning Xueyan was kind-hearted and asked for help. Did she think that Ning Xueyan was the Madonna?

Seeing Ning Xueyan smiling and turning her head, Concubine Ma thought Ning Xueyan would help her and hastily promised, "Fifth Young Lady, I will pay back and risk any danger to do my duty as long as you save me this time..."

Ning Xueyan coldly said, "Concubine Ma, I don't need your thanks. Now that my mother has sent you food first, it will make her angry if I send you food again. As a daughter, I can't do anything against my mother."

"Fifth Young Lady, as long as you save me, I'll tell you who secretly framed you." Seeing Ning Xueyan did not want to help her, Concubine Ma was anxious. Now Madam Ling would not support her anymore, she needed to find another strong person to rely on. A drowning man will catch at a straw. Concubine Ma forgot that the one in front of her had been poisoned by her.

Seeming to be surprised, Ning Xueyan asked, "You know who framed me and poisoned me?"

As soon as she found that Ning Xueyan's voice softened, Concubine Ma thought there was hope and said urgently at the moment.

"Yes, as long as you can help me escape from Lord Protector's Manor, I will tell you everything." It was the only way Concubine Ma could think of. She would certainly die if she stayed. Leaving here might bring her a different end.

Ning Xueyan coldly said with an ironic smile on her face, "I know what you want to say, so I can't help you leave."

Concubine Ma had thought she could bargain with Ning Xueyan. In fact, her so-called secrets, including her lover, had already been known to Ning Xueyan.

"You knew that?" Concubine Ma was shocked and looked at Ning Xueyan with her eyes wide open in horror.

Ning Xueyan coldly said without expression, "I also know that you were good at singing and had stayed in Spring Theatrical Troupe before you entered Lord Protector's Manor. You and a man played lovers so well."

Concubine Ma did not expect that Ning Xueyan would know all of this. She was so shocked that could not say a word. Suddenly, she forced herself to get out of bed, up, threw herself at the foot of Ning Xueyan, and held Ning Xueyan's leg in her arms. "Fifth Young Lady, please save me. As long as you save my life, I'll do whatever you ask and never disobey your orders."

Ning Xueyan pulled back her leg while coldly looking at Concubine Ma.

"Concubine Ma, did you want to say these to my mother? Now my mother is in the Buddha hall, how about visiting her with me and making it clear to her?" Concubine Ma was so scheming. She actually wanted to exchange a changeable promise for Ning Xueyan's help.

How dared Concubine Ma see Madam Ling now?

"Or do you want to see that man? If my father knows that you were dating with a man in the pavilion at that time, will he be angry and drown you?"

Ning Xueyan spoke that with a smile on her face while looking down at Concubine Ma, as if she was looking at a dead man.

"Fifth Young Lady, you... how do you know that?" Concubine Ma's lips trembled so that she could not speak fluently. She looked at Ning Xueyan in horror. At that time, the man only showed for a second, and then left. How did Ning Xueyan know?

"Do you still think it's a secret? My mother won't forgive you for biting her. Even if my mother isn't allowed to leave the Buddha Hall, my Second Sister can come here to beat or kill you for her. At that time, no one will say a word for you. After all, you offended my mother."

Ning Xueyan spoke with a smile on her face. Then she winked at Lanning who immediately understood and dragged Concubine Ma back onto the bed.

In Lord Protector's Manor, no one was more unruly than Ning Yuling!

Many maids and older female servants have been beaten to death by her.

Remembering how fierce Ning Yuling was, Concubine Ma looked paler. Ning Yuling would really do that. In the past, Concubine Ma was protected by Ning Zu'an, so Ning Yuling did not hurt her.

But now, Concubine Ma had to thank God if Ning Zu'an did not punish her when something like this happened!

Lanning said to Concubine Ma with a smile on her face while tucking her up, "Concubine Ma, do you think that our Young Lady doesn't want to save you? In fact, the whole manor is strictly controlled and no one can go in or out at will. If you want to survive, you have to rely on yourself."

"I... what should I do?" Concubine Ma cried out, as if she had grabbed a life-saving straw.

No one was allowed to leave Lord Protector's Manor now. How could she not be depressed?

"The cause of your current situation is my mother, so you have to look for solutions from her. I heard that the Eldest Brother-in-law married a woman today who had informed against him. But he had to marry her for fear that something bad will happen to her and then his reputation will be worse."

Ning Xueyan smiled and lazily said while giving a meaningful look at Concubine Ma.

Xia Yuhang married that maid at this time, which shocked Concubine Ma. Concubine Ma also heard about what had happened to Xia Yuhang. They all said that a maid had had sex with Xia Yuhang and got pregnant, but lost her baby for being kicked by furious Xia Yuhang when Ning Ziyan knew their relationship and lost her baby.

In order to defuse the anger of Lord Protector's Manor, the little maid must be murdered!

How did she survive? And why did Childe Xia marry her and Lord Protector's Manor have no complaint?

"Concubine Ma, no one can take responsibility if more people know this matter. Lord Protector's Manor is in the troubled times. The Eldest Sister, Second Sister and mother have had accidents, and the reputation of Lord Protector's Manor is getting worse and worse. Grandmother is very worried," Ning Xueyan said that with a slight imperceptible sneer.

How could Madam Dowager not be in a hurry? The Lord Protector's Manor almost lost all face because of Madam Ling and her daughter.

"Lanning, there already are dishes for Concubine Ma, so we'll take back the dishes we brought so as not to waste them." Before Concubine Ma responded, Ning Xueyan stood up and walked outside. "By the way, Concubine Ma, do you still think that my father doesn't know your secrets?"

This was the last sentence left by Ning Xueyan, but it helped Concubine Ma make her decision.

"Yes, I'll do it right away." Lanning nodded. Then she came to Concubine Ma and whispered to her. After that, she walked to the two hampers and looked at them in confusion. It seemed she could not tell which one was brought by herself. In the end, she picked up one at will and left.

"Hey, this hamper..." The maid who was standing beside Concubine Ma couldn't help calling Lanning. The one on the right was the one she brought jus now, why did she take the one on the left?

"Shut up!" Concubine Ma's cold rebuke sounded in the maid's ear. She turned her head in perplexity and was startled by Concubine Ma's cold and crazy gaze.

Since this maid could get into the house, she naturally was Concubine Ma's henchman.

"Concubine Ma, what's wrong with you?"

Concubine Ma said with a gloomy face, "Show me those dishes."

The maid went over and gave the hamper to Concubine Ma who then took out a silver needle from the bed and inserted it to the food.

When the silver needle was pulled out, its tip had become black. This half-black needle made people feel chilling.

"They're, they're toxic!" The maid was so frightened that she staggered and almost fell down. She angrily said, "Concubine Ma... unexpectedly, the Fifth Young Lady is so vicious. She wants to kill you! "

"No... She doesn't want to kill me! She's helping me." Looking at the black on the tip of the needle, Concubine Ma forced an ugly smile on her gloomy face.

The food Madam Ling prepared was not poisonous, just because she wanted to be seen as virtuous. In this way, no one would believe she would murder Concubine Ma. So she would not poison Concubine Ma at this time.

However, when it quieted down, Concubine Ma would certainly be a scapegoat. Maybe she even would die painfully.

Concubine Ma was unwilling to give up. The words of Ning Xueyan and the food sent by Ning Xueyan gave her a hint. Ning Xueyan had provided her a solution. If she wanted to survive, she had to accept Ning Xueyan's suggestion.

She could only trust Ning Xueyan!

Maybe this was the only way for her!

"Xia Yuhang's new concubine should have died. Since she can survive, I can as well..."

Ning Xueyan walked back with Lanning who carried the hamper she deliberately changed. After they turned, they suddenly saw Madam Ling's maid Yu Lian passing by in gorgeous. Ning Xueyan immediately made a gesture to Lanning, then the two hid behind the bushes quickly.

Yu Lian, who always wanted to be a concubine, dressed like that at this time. Was she going to seduce Ning Zu'an again?

But, Yu Lian could not get to Ning Zu'an's place from that direction. Yu Lian's road led to two places. One was the back door, and the other was Ning Xueyan's Bight Frost Garden. Ning Xueyan remembered nothing had happened between her and Yu Lian.

Yu Lian stopped and walked, seeming to be very careful along the way. She stopped several times to see what was going on behind her. She was much more alert than usual.

Only when she turned to the path in front of her right, Ning Xueyan came out with Lanning.

"Young Lady, why does Yu Lian go to our courtyard? Shall we go and have a look?" Lanning asked Ning Xueyan.

"No. Xinmei is in Bright Frost Garden!" Ning Xueyan shook her head and said a meaningful word. Then she picked up a leaf at hand. The leaf had turned yellow and lost its vitality. And so did other leaves which were falling one by one.

How could the leaves survive when the tree was dead?

The Lord Protector's Manor looked grand, but in fact its root had already deeply rotted...