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Chapter 112 I Walked Too Fast So That I Bumped into the Fourth Young Lady

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Marquis of Ping'an only felt that Ning Lingyun had already fallen in love with him, so he was very proud since then. Although he was old, he was usually flattered by those women in his manor. So he really thought that he was still romantic and more charming than those young men!

"The Fourth Young Lady is delicate. She wishes to speak to me but stops on a second thought. She must have fallen in love with me at first sight. She's a girl, and I am a man. I have to be active."

So Marquis of Ping'an directly rushed to Ning Lingyun when he stood unsteadily.

Although Ning Lingyun had been paying attention to the Third Prince in front of her, she was a clever one.

Hearing the sound behind was strange, Ning Lingyun rushed to move aside. She saw fat Marquis of Ping'an rushing towards her and frowned in disgust. Then she looked at the Third Prince who was walking in front of her and her eyes suddenly became bright.

When she avoided Marquis of Ping'an, Ning Lingyun pretended to stagger and rushed straight to the Third Prince. She held the same purpose as Marquis of Ping'an. Whether she would bump into the Third Prince, or the Third Prince would support her just like he supported Ning Xueyan just now, Ning Lingyun believed their relationship would be closer.

If she could directly bump on the Third Prince and fall into his arms, maybe the Third Prince had to be responsible for her.

Ning Lingyun thought so and also did what she thought.

Ning Xueyan, standing behind them, stopped and showed a slight smile on her face.

Unexpectedly, Ning Lingyun's reaction was quite fast. Unfortunately, although there was no romantic affair about the Third Prince for so many years, he had encountered many women who threw themselves on him.

Sure enough, the Third Prince reacted quickly. He slightly moved aside and successfully avoided Ning Lingyun who was rushing to embrace him. He raised his eyes and looked into Ning Xueyan's delicate black jade-like eyes and saw the sarcasm in her watery eyes. However, her sarcasm was mixed with girlish innocence.

Ning Xueyan slightly smiled. Even though part of her face was covered by her bangs, she still made people feel amazed, as if they had seen thousands of flowers blooming together. In addition, she was childlike naughty and childish, as if she had seen something interesting and secretly felt happy...

One had to admit that Ning Xueyan was not only beautiful, but also cute!

The Third Prince's gaze became deep.

Seeing that the Third Prince looked at her, Ning Xueyan hastily restrained her smile and avoided his gaze with a serious look. Then she turned her attention to the two people who were rushing forward with respective purposes.

It must be said that Ning Lingyun was unlucky. She had avoided Marquis of Ping'an. But she suddenly had other purposes and paused for a second. Unfortunately, Marquis of Ping'an trampled on her skirt during the second. In addition, she was rushing forward and the Third Prince avoided her. Therefore, she could not stand up and fell down.

More coincidentally, the fat Marquis of Ping'an rushed to her at that time. The two coincidentally collided and fell to the ground together. Fortunately, Marquis of Ping'an fell down first and Ning Lingyun fell on him, so that Ning Lingyun did not make a fool of herself.

The maid who followed Ning Lingyun also responded quickly. She pulled up Ning Lingyun quickly while screaming, "Young Lady, Young Lady, are you okay? Need I to invite a doctor?"

"I'm, I'm fine!" Ning Lingyun gritted her teeth and looked contemptuously at Marquis of Ping'an who was holding his young male servants and could not stand up a while. Ning Lingyun hated him very much.

"How come I didn't fall down with the Third Prince, but bumped into the ugly old man?" The ugly old man's pouch was obvious, which meant that he had had excessive sex and would die soon. How dare he look at her with lust in his eyes and bump into her?

Ning Lingyun bumped into the Third Prince with her own purpose. So she naturally thought that Marquis of Ping'an also had other intentions when he bumped into her.

Marquis of Ping'an finally got up. Regardless of the dust on his body, he turned to Ning Lingyun and said with a serious look, "Fourth Young Lady, are you okay? Just now... I walked to fast so that I bumped in you... I have to be responsible for you." It seemed that he really felt guilty about what had happened to Ning Lingyun.

But his opaque eyes under which there was obvious pouch were full of lust.

Ning Lingyun, though she did not know where this old man came from and wanted to beat him, still pressed her anger and answered in a delicate voice, "It doesn't matter. I'm fine!"

The Third Prince was still standing on one side. She could not be rude in front of him!

"You wanna be responsible? For what?" If she bumped into the Third Prince, Ning Lingyun would try her best to have a relationship with him. But it was an ugly old man who had bumped into her. How could Ning Lingyun want him to be responsible for it? She just wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

"How come you're okay? I heard your cry of pain. Let me see whether you're injured. Young girls are tender. I can't let you get hurt because of me." Now that Marquis of Ping'an had believed that Ning Lingyun was interested in himself, he felt that Ning Lingyun was pretending to hate him when she stared at him.

"Woman need to be coaxed!"

So he stretched out his one hand, and was going to touch Ning Lingyun's hands, as if he was going to check whether her hands were injured.

His rude behavior in front of the Third Prince made Ning Lingyun tremble in anger. She almost could not control herself and slapped him. "Who's he? Where's he from? How could there be such a nasty and shameless person who dares to casually touch a girl?"

The maid stood in front of Ning Lingyun in time, and stopped Marquis of Ping'an from touching Ning Lingyun while angrily saying, "Sir, our Fourth Young Lady is fine. We dare not trouble you."

Seeing that, the Third Prince coldly asked, "Marquis of Ping'an, did you came here to see the Fourth Young Lady?"

The Third Prince was not helping Ning Lingyun. He asked Marquis of Ping'an because he thought that he did not take him seriously. Marquis of Ping'an was so lecherous that he dared to molest the Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor in front of Third Prince.

"Yes... er, I came to see Madam Dowager." Seeing that the Third Prince was angry, Marquis of Ping'an came to his senses immediately. They were in the Lord Protector's Manor, and the girl in front of him was the Fourth Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor. Moreover, the Third Prince was standing by. Even though he was unruly, he still knew that he had to be patient.

So he dared not be brusque at the moment. He immediately stepped back and explained to the Third Prince.

The Third Prince gave a cold look at him, turned around, and went on walking.

"Why did you come to see Madam Dowager today?" asked the Third Prince.

"There's something important to discuss with Madam Dowager." Marquis of Ping'an took a particularly nasty look at Ning Lingyun when he said that. Then he followed the Third Prince while laughing.

Ning Lingyun felt worried and had a bad feeling when she was so glanced at by Marquis of Ping'an. But it was obviously impossible for her to leave at this time. Looking at the tall and handsome Third Prince in front of her, Ning Lingyun gritted her teeth and followed. She seldom had such an opportunity to get close to the Third Prince, so she would not leave anyway.

So she also followed the Third Prince to Madam Dowager's Lucky Garden.

"Young Lady, Marquis of Ping'an..." Qingyu cried in a low voice while looking at Marquis of Ping'an who was flattering the Third Prince.

"Don't ask, just follow them." Ning Xueyan showed a slight smile on her face and followed them with a calm look. The show had just begun. Of course, she would go on watching.

Several people arrived at Lucky Garden together. Madam Dowager had been informed that the Third Prince would come today, and she had been waiting at the door.

Seeing a group of people led by the Third Prince coming, Madam Dowager immediately let go of the maid's hands and was about to salute.

The Third Prince took several steps forward and hurried to hold Madam Dowager. Then he said with a gentle smile on his face, "Madam Dowager, don't need to be so polite. Today, I just happen to have spare time and come to visit you for my mother."

"How kind of your mother. She always cares about me, but I'm unable to make any recompense. Please express my thanks to your mother." Madam Dowager did not insist on saluting. She made a bow in the direction of the imperial palace and got up.

The Third Prince elegantly said, "If it weren't for you, my mother wouldn't have had what she owns today. You deserve our thanks."

Madam Dowager smiled and replied, "Honored Consort Ya is too polite. This... is not a big deal at all. She's supremely fortunate. She deserves that."

When they finished greeting each other, Marquis of Ping'an came from the back of Third Prince and respectfully saluted Madam Dowager. "Madam Dowager, how do you do!"

Honestly speaking, Marquis of Ping'an and Madam Dowager were about the same age and was a marquis, so he did not need to salute Madam Dowager. In addition, his salute looked like a salute that the young generation made to their elders. It was neither fish nor flesh.

Madam Dowager calmly said, "Marquis of Ping'an, you're so polite!"

But Ning Xueyan did not miss Madam Dowager's anger. Her veins bulged on her forehead. It could be seen that Madam Dowager was extremely angry.

But what made Madam Dowager dare not express her anger?

"I should be polite to you. The First Madam has already told me. How can I not salute you when I see you? Others will think that I'm arrogant if I don't salute you now!"

Marquis Ping'an thought himself was handsome when he said that and gave a look at Ning Lingyun who was ashamed as well as angry by his looking. Madam Dowager also could not control herself and showed anger on her face. The Young Ladies of Lord Protector's Manor, including those who were born of concubines, could not be humiliated by such an old playboy.

Thinking of what Ning Zu'an had told her, Madam Dowager darkened her face and her joy of seeing the Third Prince disappeared at once.

Madam Dowager glanced at Ning Lingyun who looked at the Third Prince with a shy face from time to time as well as Ning Xueyan who was standing behind them and dressed up improperly. And then she indifferently said, "Xueyan, Lingyun, you two go in first with the Third Prince. I'll say something to Marquis of Ping'an before coming."

"Yes, grandmother." Ning Lingyun was very happy. She walked quickly, went to the Third Prince, and said, "Your Highness, please come with me to the courtyard to have a rest."

Ning Lingyun became excited and blushing and fell in love with him when she only saw the figure of the Third Prince. Such a handsome man, even if he was not the Third Prince, would also attract many women. Hearing that she could be close to the Third Prince, Ning Lingyun was very happy.

The Third Prince subconsciously gave a look at Ning Xueyan who was standing in place, and then looked at blushing Ning Lingyun. He nodded and said nothing while frowning slightly. Then he turned around and went inside. Ning Lingyun hurried to follow him.

Ning Xueyan was not in a hurry and slowly walked inside with two maids.

It seemed that Madam Dowager purposely asked others to leave and wanted to say something to Marquis of Ping'an...