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Chapter 118 Ning Yuling Speaks Without Thinking and Falls into the Trap Step by Step

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When Ning Xueyan asked what had happened, Madam Dowager immediately said, "Yan'er, Marquis of Ping'an came to Lord Protector's Manor today to propose a marriage!"

Ning Xueyan asked innocently with a blank face, "Propose a marriage? To Third Sister or Fourth Sister?”

Ning Xueyan's question stunned Madam Dowager who then could not answer. The Third Young Lady and Fourth Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor were not married yet. So generally speaking, Ning Xueyan had nothing to do with Marquis of Ping'an's proposal of marriage.

Mother Qin immediately said with a smile on her face, "Fifth Young Lady, if it were the Third Young Lady and Fourth Young Lady, Madam Dowager wouldn't have felt embarrassed. But Marquis of Ping'an said he wants to marry you. You're still young. Madam Dowager doesn't want you to get married at a young age."

Mother Qin just said that Madam Dowager wanted to keep Ning Xueyan, but did not mention that Marquis of Ping'an was old enough to be her grandfather. They actually wanted Ning Xueyan to marry an old man.

Furthermore, Marquis of Ping'an liked going to brothels and flirting with women, which should be made clear to Ning Xueyan. But Madam Dowager did not mention it at all and regarded her as a weak girl who knew nothing and fooled her. Madam Dowager was Ning Xueyan's grandmother, but she never had any family affection towards Ning Xueyan. And Ning Xueyan had never sensed any warmth in Lord Protector's Manor. She only smelt the smell of rot...

"Why does the Marquis of Ping'an want to marry me?" Eventually, Ning Xueyan could not contain herself any longer. She asked Madam Dowager in confusion with her big eyes blinking.

Madam Dowager was unable to answer again. "Maybe he heard that you had a good reputation!"

"I've been in Bright Frost Garden all the time in recent years. Even the people in Lord Protector's Manor don't know me. It's unexpected that people outside Lord Protector's Manor know my good reputation!" Ning Xueyan looked very surprised.

Madam Dowager, whose face always was calm, became blushed by Ning Xueyan's words.

Ning Xueyan had been in Bright Frost Garden all the time. People outside did not know there was a Fifth Young Lady in Lord Protector's Manor. How could there be a good reputation of Ning Xueyan? People of the noble families in the capital only knew that there were four Young Ladies in Lord Protector's Manor. Apart from the Fourth Young Lady, the other three were born of Lord Protector's Legal Wife and Co-wife. They also knew that all of them were beautiful and the Third Young Lady was the most filial and knowledgeable.

If it hadn't been for this incident, even Madam Dowager herself would have forgotten that there was another Young Lady in Bright Frost Courtyard.

"Maybe Marquis of Ping'an heard that you had fainted because of sorrow in front of Madam Ming's temporary memorial tablet. Then he knew that you're a filial daughter. So he specially came today to propose a marriage." Madam Dowager had experienced a lot. She quickly thought of an explanation and then explained to Ning Xueyan with a calm face.

"Because of what had happened in my mother's funeral?" Ning Xueyan did not ask any more questions, but repeated what Madam Dowager said.

"Yes, it must be at that time. I was wondering why Marquis of Ping'an mentioned the Fifth Young Lady and wanted to marry you. It turned out that he had taken a fancy to the Fifth Young Lady at that time. Fifth Young Lady will be the marchioness after she marries into Marquis of Ping'an's Manor."

Mother Qin seemed to be enlightened suddenly. She clapped her hand forcefully and said with a smile on her face.

"Yan'er, Marquis of Ping'an is a little older than you, but fortunately he really likes you. After you marry him, you'll be the hostess of Marquis of Ping'an's Manor and the marchioness with grade. Your future life will be happy." Madam Dowager also smiled and said something nice, as if Ning Xueyan really would live a happy life in Marquis of Ping'an's Manor in the future.

Ning Xueyan looked down to hide the sarcasm in her eyes. How could Madam Dowager say that? Was it good for a fourteen-year-old girl to marry an old man of seventy or eighty? They went on too far in bullying Ning Xueyan.

But now she wanted to lead Madam Dowager to say. The better and spoonier Marquis of Ping'an was in her description, the more disgraceful the things that were going to happen would be and the harder it would be for her to justify herself. And Ning Xueyan also wondered the origin of the jade pendant...

Listening to Madam Dowager's description of her future happy life in Marquis of Ping'an's Manor, Ning Xueyan pretended to show happiness and shyness on her face. She also deliberately gave a proud look at Ning Yuling.

"Marquis of Ping'an... Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li..." Ning Xueyan blushed when she said that. Although she did not express her meaning clearly, her meaning was understood by all the people present.

A trace of displeasure flashed through Madam Dowager's eyes. Neither Marquis of Ping'an Hou nor Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li was her ideal grandson-in-law. Ning Yuling had been supposed to marry the Third Prince. Allying with the Third Prince by marriage would bring great benefits to Lord Protector's Manor.

Madam Dowager's eyes landed on Ning Xueyan's face. Today, Ning Xueyan's makeup was not outstanding, especially her heavy bangs which almost covered half of her small white jade-liked face. But Madam Dowager knew that the face under the bangs was the most beautiful in the manor.

When Madam Ming died, Ning Xueyan was still thin and weak. At that time, she looked pale and was just a child who had not grown up. After months of conditioning, she looked better. Although her face was still a little pale, everyone could see that she would be a beautiful woman in the future.

If such a beauty could be sent to noble families, Lord Protector's Manor would get lots of help in the future. Unexpectedly, Marquis of Ping'an had taken a fancy to her. The more Madam Dowager thought about it, the more regretful she was. It was a treasure of great value, but it could only be sold as a counterfeit. Therefore, Madam Dowager was very depressed.

Madam Dowager was unhappy, but she did not show it. However, there was somebody directly vent her anger!

Ning Yuling could not control herself anymore. In Lucky Garden, she was always the center. However, today, Madam Dowager ignored her. She only talked with Ning Xueyan and also said that Ning Xueyan would be the marchioness as soon as she got married. In addition, Ning Xueyan glanced at Ning Yuling from time to time, which Ning Yuling thought was a provocation to her.

At this time, Ning Xueyan also mentioned Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li. Ning Yuling thought she was showing off in front of her. Immediately, she got angry and forgot that she had been scolded by Madam Dowager just now. She stepped forward and shouted while pointing at Ning Xueyan, "Marquis of Ping'an is just a useless old man who only knows beer and skittles every day. Does he deserve praise? Everyone in his manor, old and young, women and men, is filthy. After you marry into Marquis of Ping'an's Manor, I wonder whether you'll serve the old or the young, or you'll sever them together. Everything is possible."

Ning Yuling blurted out what Madam Ling had said to her. She just wanted to humiliate Ning Xueyan at this time, and did not think about the consequences of saying these words.

The shyness on Ning Xueyan's face disappeared at once. She turned pale, as if she had been frightened. She said while shivering, "Second Sister... are you... are you talking about Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li?"

"Bullshit! Unlike Marquis of Ping'an's Manor, Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li's Manor is clean. I heard that Marquis of Ping'an's last wife had had amours with his sons. After you get married..." Looking at Ning Xueyan's face, Ning Yuling became more and more exciting, as if she wanted Ning Xueyan to die of shyness.

"Enough!" Madam Dowager pounded on the table heavily and her face was livid. Hearing that Ning Yuling's words became more and more unpleasant to hear, she could not help shouting angrily, "What are you talking? Apologize to your Fifth Sister!"

"Grandmother, this is true. Mother said that woman will be filthy as long as she marries into Marquis of Ping'an's Manor. No one can survive if he or she wants to keep innocent. But as long as they survive, they will become filthy!" Ning Yuling was stimulated by the fear of Ning Xueyan's face and forgot that she was talking to Madam Dowager.

Ning Yuling lost herself in abusing Ning Xueyan while pointing to her. She thought that she had been framed by Ning Xueyan so that she was scolded by others recently and could not go to the menfolk courtyard to see the Third Prince. And she was relieved when she saw Ning Xueyan's pale face.

"Servants, come here! Take her away and put her into Buddha Hall to lock her up with her mother!" Madam Dowager angrily pounded the ground with her walking stick.

"Grandmother, don't punish the Second Sister to the Buddha Hall, please. It's just a dispute between sisters. It's not a big deal. I... I heard that it's extremely cold in the Buddha Hall. How could Second Sister tolerate that?" Ning Xueyan persuaded Madam Dowager with fear. It seemed that she was worried about Ning Yuling.

But no one saw that there were no tears in her black eyes. There was only a cold smile.

Ning Yuling was scolding Ning Xueyan. But Madam Dowager said that it was just an argument between sisters. So it was little possibility that Madam Dowager would punish Ning Yuling. Maybe Madam Ling and Ning Yuling would frame up Ning Xueyan and charge her with deliberate provocation. Therefore, Ning Xueyan had to get rid of this matter first and it was necessary for her to persuade Madam Dowager.

Two maids came and were about to take away Ning Yuling who was unwilling to leave. She struggled with anger and her eyes turned red because of anger. "Grandmother, you're partial. You're partial to this little bitch. Mother said that she would be a plaything after she marries into Marquis of Ping'an's Manor. Why are you partial to her?"

If she did not go on scolding, she would be taken to the Buddha Hall where Madam Ling was by maids at most. Madam Ling was her biological mother and had always spoiled her. So Madam Ling would not do anything to her. But now, she was facing the dignity of Madam Dowager and challenging her prestige. She actually dared not listen to Madam Dowager in front of so many servants.

How could Madam Dowager not be angry? Furthermore, Ning Yuling, who was so foolish that she still could not see the fury in Madam Dowager's eyes, pushed aside the two maids and shouted while staring at Madam Dowager with red eyes and stamping, "Grandmother, you're partial. You're partial. I'll tell my mother!"

Ning Yuling had always been arrogant and spoiled by Madam Ling. She was domineering in Lord Protector's Manor. Usually, Madam Dowager and Madam Ling were partial to her. At this time, when she saw that Madam Dowager was not partial to her, she subconsciously turned to Madam Ling. She felt that Madam Ling would definitely stand by her wholeheartedly to deal with Ning Xueyan.

Her words undoubtedly irritated Madam Dowager. It turned out that Madam Dowager was no better than Madam Ling who came from a normal family in Ning Yuling's mind. Madam Dowager, who had always considered herself noble, could not endure that and became very angry. She pushed away Mother Qin who was about to support her and stared at Ning Yuling with great anger.

"Take the disobedient and unfilial girl to the Buddha Hall. I want Madam Ling to explain how she raised her daughter!"

Madam Dowager was extremely angry this time, and thought it was Madam Ling's fault. Ning Yuling said that it was Madam Ling who told her. Madam Dowager originally did not want her granddaughter to marry Marquis of Ping'an. If Madam Ling had not agreed and given that jade pendant to Marquis of Ping'an, how could Madam Dowager accept Marquis of Ping'an's demand?

Madam Dowager had not persuaded Ning Xueyan to marry Marquis of Ping'an, and Ning Yuling unexpectedly jumped out and made it worse. Madam Dowager vented all her anger on Madam Ling. She only felt that Madam Ling had not taught Ning Yuling well so that she was unruly.

Seeing that Madam Dowager was really angry, two older female servants came over and held Ning Yuling's arms to stop Ning Yuling from struggling. After that, someone came over and whispered in Ning Yuling's ear. Only then did Ning Yuling stop talking with a red face. Seeing that, Ning Xueyan sneered in her mind. It seemed that there were more than one of Madam Ling's people in Lucky Garden.

Unfortunately, all of them were of low grade and could not speak in front of Madam Dowager. So they could only watch Madam Dowager, together with a large group of people and Ning Yuling, walking to Buddha Hall with a stick.

Ning Xueyan smiled and followed them with her maids!