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Chapter 125 But Remember, Just This Once

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"How dare you?" Swords and sabers flew out from eunuchs and guards who stood on their side. In an instant, the two sabers and two swords already lay across Ning Xueyan's throat.

Of course, those people Ao Chenyi carried with him must be experts. Now with the killing intent permeating in the air, they pointed their swords at the vital spot of her throat and placed their sabers across her jade-like neck. Such a beauty like her would perish immediately if they pressed a little harder.

"You really have guts!" Ao Chenyi instantly waved the swords and sabers away with the other bare hand. His pair of evil pupils that others dared not to look at was filled with dense dark bloody color, which fixed steadily at Ning Xueyan. He looked as if his next step was to break the slender neck of Ning Xueyan.

His appearance was more like the bloody equinox flowers that bloomed in hell. He was now as mysteriously beautiful and glamorous as Xiuluo, who ate human souls...

The several guards gazed at each other. Although they retreated, they still stared at Ning Xueyan with vigilance because they were afraid that she would hurt their noble master again.

Ning Xueyan looked up, and a touch of red color appeared on the gauze kerchief by her lip corners. Slowly, the blood dripped down from her mouth corners, which brought her a weird and sad aura. At this time, her jet-black eyes became even clearer. She seemed unaware of the bloodthirsty light at the bottom of Ao Chenyi's eyes. Then, she smiled gently and looked at Ao Chenyi, neither cringing nor arrogant.

"Prince, did you just ask me how to handle all of this? Well, I guess this is the best way!"

"Do you dare to hurt me?" The thin lips of Ao Chenyi lifted up, and he sneered with rage. It seemed that the fire of hell was burning in his eyes.

"In this world, who can hurt you without your permission?" Indifferently, Ning Xueyan gently wiped the gauze kerchief by her mouth corners with her white hand, and the blood there froze between her delicate fingers.

"If your favorite concubine hurts you, you will certainly flare up because of your temper. Then, it will be a normal thing if you hurt your favorite concubine." With this, Ning Xueyan picked up a celadon vase at hand and threw it hard to the ground without casting a glance at it.

In the crisp and loud voice, the two guards and eunuchs looked very surprised.

"You guessed that I would do this!" Ao Chenyi glanced at the wound that was still bleeding on the back of his hand, and his long and narrow eyes looked as limpid as colored glass.

"It doesn't matter if you will do it or not, as long as others think that you will do it!" Ning Xueyan said with tongue in cheek. Then, she tossed another pure white jade bottle to the ground without changing her expression.

Hence, what she meant was that Ao Chenyi wanted others to see this scene so that he would tolerate her behavior.

She knew that it was dangerous to do so. But still, she made the choice for Ao Chenyi even before he made up his mind. Because it would be more dangerous for her if she didn't do that, she was actually trying to save herself. Ning Xueyan didn't want to be the target in the open because then she wouldn't even know how she died. However, she had no other choice!

Everyone knew that Prince Yi was brutal, bloodthirsty, and moody. If someone became haughty because of his indulgence and hurt him, this person would come to no good end even if the person were his beloved concubine...

From time to time, crushing sounds of the porcelain came out from the room. Even those servants passed by the outside of the courtyard could hear the sounds clearly. One after another, they hunched over and softly walked past the gate with fear and trepidation, and none of them dared to look back.

A slightly meaningful expression suddenly revealed on Ao Chenyi's cold face. His thin lips started to hang up, and he said, "Little girl, you are really bold. But remember, just this once."

Unexpectedly, the "toy" he bumped into could be so bold and smart. The girl was getting more and more interesting, and so Ao Chenyi was increasingly expecting her growth!

Presumed on being a favorite, Prince Yi's concubine became so spoiled that she cried and screamed in the courtyard because the emperor had given Prince Yi several Beautiful Ladies. She even bit Prince Yi's hand and provoked him. Prince Yi then left the courtyard named Zhilan House in a rage and let others seal the yard. Also, he didn't allow the people inside to come out and only offered them only one meal a day. It seemed that he became really furious.

"Did he shut his favorite concubine up?" Standing in his study, Third Prince was watching a picture of peony he drew. Upon hearing the report from the guard, he frowned a little. Then, he sat down on the chair and asked.

"Yes, Your Highness. I heard that there was an obvious bite mark on the hand of Prince Yi. He asked some people to apply medicine for him as soon as he left the yard. Later on, he sent someone there to lock the door," the guard replied, respectfully. He was the henchman of Third Prince, so he knew Ao Mingyu, the Third Prince, now concerned about this matter.

"Did she truly bite uncle's hand? What a bold woman! I really didn't expect that she survived after that. It seems that my uncle likes her." A trace of gloom emerged on Ao Mingyu's gentle face. His brows slightly loosened, and he sneered and said, "Continue to focus on the affairs of Zhilan House, but remember not to make any move in case my uncle notices anything."

Third Prince was increasingly curious about that woman. He could not see her face last time they met. But judging by her figure, the woman should be a beauty. Third Prince also sent Prince Yi two teams beauties at that time, the two leaders of the two teams were still in Prince Yi's Manor now. However, the woman did not say anything at all, and it seemed that she behaved very appropriate to the situation.

"But now, what was the reason that irritated her so much that she even bit uncle's hand? What exactly does that mean?"

"When you withdraw, send the jade ointment that His Majesty rewarded me to my uncle's manor."

It was challenging for Third Prince to place his person in Prince Yi's Manor such that he didn't dare to ask the person to do too many things for him. Now he only asked the person to check whether or not the wound on his uncle's hand was true!

"Yes!" The guards answered and then retreated. But he returned halfway. Once again, he bowed down and replied, "Your Highness, it is said that Lord Protector's Manor is about to ally itself to Marquis of Ping'an's Manor by marriage. In previous, it was the Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor would marry Marquis of Ping'an. But later, they replaced the Fifth Young Lady with the Fourth Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor for some unknown reason."

"The Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor?" A trace of surprise flashed across the Third Prince's eyes. He seemed to see an incomparably lucid and attractive face with indifferent eyes. "Was Ning Zu'an crazy or stupid? He actually prepared to marry such a delicate daughter of his co-wife to the notorious Marquis of Ping'an. I really don't know what his purpose was."

"Behind the hair fringe, she looked tedious and dull; in Cold Mountain Temple, she was intelligent but indifferent. Which one is the real her?"

For the first time, he was curious about a woman, and he would like to see what kind of appearance she would show next.

"Has anyone sent the invitation card of the Plum-blossom Party to the Lord Protector's Manor?" A faint smile appeared on the Third Prince's handsome face, and he tapped on the table with his fingers.

"Honored Consort Ya has already sent the invitation there at an earlier time. I heard that Honored Consort Ya especially sent three invitation cards to Lord Protector's Manor." Although the guard did not understand the meaning of the Third Prince, he answered honestly.

"Three invitation cards. Now that Eldest Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor is already married. Then the three cards should be sent to Second Young Lady, Third Young Lady, and Fifth Young Lady. Sure enough, parties in the palace will only invite the co-wife's daughter. My mother is indeed thoughtful. But will she come?"

A pretty smiling face flashed in his mind. She looked so tender and lovely. And she was as soft as water when she kept the Third Prince company in his most difficult time, which he always recalled.

"So many years had passed, everything must be alright about her!"

Ning Xueyan left Prince Yi's Manor from a secluded side door. She finally felt relieved when she saw Xinmei, who was waiting for her in the carriage outside. Sitting quietly before the window, Ning Xueyan felt the carriage slowly started to move. She could faintly hear the heartrending screams from the two beauties before their death. But on the surface, it seemed that it was Prince Yi that killed the two beauties who obviously had evil intents by taking advantage of her favorite concubine identity.

Ning Xueyan certainly would not think that Prince Yi would not kill the two beauties without her.

In previous, a lot of beauties were sent from the palace, and it was unknown how many of them had died in the hands of Prince Yi. However, Prince Yi cared nothing about that. But this time, the reason why Prince Yi wanted her to come forward this time was that he needed such a favorite concubine to stay in Prince Yi's Manor.

Just now, she bet on the right horse, so she could leave Prince Yi's Manor, safe and sound!

"Young Lady, did the master embarrass you?" With concern, Xinmei inquired in a low voice. Since Xinmei became Ning Xueyan's servant, she was totally impressed by Ning Xueyan's wisdom. So she certainly did not want to see her die in the hands of her previous master. Therefore, she feared for her safety ever since Ning Xueyan went in the manor.

Feeling Xinmei's genuine concern, Ning Xueyan smiled lightly. She shook her head and said, "I'm fine. Prince still needs me to be his favorite concubine."

"The purpose that Ao Chenyi used me as a shield or a target is certainly not just to deal with those beauties in the backyard of his manor. He has stayed in a high position for such a long time such that he must know very well what others are thinking about and good at playing politics. He is definitely not someone that others can make use of with ease. If I showed even the slightest hesitation when I answered him just now, I might end up like the two beauties."

"Young Lady, when we arrive at the courtyard later, will we go directly back to the manor or go to Splendid Pavilion?" Seeing that she looked natural, Xinmei let out a sigh of relief and asked.

Splendid Pavilion was one of the largest jewelry stores in the capital. It was located in the most prosperous place in the capital, and it had occupied the place of several stores on that road. Usually, those young ladies and madams in the capital came here one after the other to order or buy jewelry. Because each item in this store was a piece of beautifully designed jewelry, and there was a wide selection of colors and designs. So, the price of each piece was high. A great many daughters from noble families were proud of having the jewelry of Splendid Pavilion.

It was also Ning Lingyun's favorite place.

Ning Lingyun was only a concubine's daughter, so she certainly didn't have so much money to buy the jewelry here. But even if she could not afford the jewelry, she might as well look at them. Therefore, Ning Lingyun would pay a visit to Splendid Pavilion from time to time. She would come to look at the new varieties and patterns of the jewelry. In this way, she could still be knowledgeable about the jewelry wearing on other girls, which would make her feel proud.

Early in the morning, Ning Xueyan knew that Ning Lingyun had gone out again. Of course, her destination was Splendid Pavilion. Again and again, bad things happened to Lord Protector's Manor, and at this time, those entrance guards were a little relaxed. Moreover, now that Concubine Xu was in charge of Lord Protector's Manor. So it was much more convenient for Ning Lingyun to go out than before.

"After returning to Lord Protector's Manor, let's go to Splendid Pavilion." Ning Xueyan lifted her lips, and a faint smile appeared on her face. She then instructed calmly.

She had planned to follow Ning Lingyun to Splendid Pavilion. So this time, how could she not do that?

Madam Ling promised Concubine Xu to make her marry Marquis of Ping'an, but now it was Ning Lingyun who would marry him. Neither Ning Lingyun nor Concubine Xu would feel satisfied. And Ning Lingyun was a particularly vainglorious woman. What a coincidence...

"Well, I will make arrangements." Xinmei nodded. She knew that Ning Xueyan had her judgment, so she immediately poked her head out and said something to the coachman.

The carriage stopped in front of the door of the previous courtyard, and Xinmei helped Ning Xueyan get out of the carriage. Ning Xueyan went to the main courtyard and changed her clothes. Then she took another carriage which waited for her at the back door. The carriage went all the way smoothly and stopped by a sidewall of Lord Protector's Manor. Xinmei climbed over the wall with Ning Xueyan.

Ning Xueyan changed her clothes in Bright Frost Garden and took a little break. She asked someone to inform Concubine Xu, and then get on the carriage of Lord Protector's Manor with Xinmei and Qingyu. All of them headed to the street.

On the other side, Lanning also went out of the door of Lord Protector's Manor, on the excuse of seeing her sick aunt.

After the carriage going along the road for a little while, they arrived at Splendid Pavilion.

Qingyu handed Ning Xueyan a curtained hat, and Xinmei helped Ning Xueyan get off the carriage. Before they stood still, they heard a sarcastic voice from the front. "Yo, aren't you Fifth Sister? I'm so surprised to see you here. How come you also come to this luxurious place?"