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Chapter 61 The Commandery Princess Muling from Yunnan

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The handsome man coming from afar was the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min, Wen Xueran.

How could he, a man, be alone in the courtyard of Honored Consort Ya!

Suddenly, another figure appeared in the sight of Ning Xueyan who frowned when she saw that woman.

Yesterday, Ning Xueyan saw this woman who had been sitting behind the Honored Consort Ya. At first glance, Ning Xueyan felt she was arrogant. It was said that she was the daughter of the Feudal Prince of Yunnan, Commandery Princess Muling.

Since the founding of the country, the Feudal Prince of Yunnan had been stationing in the southeast of the country. But his daughter was born and grew up in the capital.

"Elder Brother Ran, why are you walking so fast? Would you like to have a rest?" The blushed Commandery Princess Muling stepped forward and delicately asked while pointing at the stone bench and table.

Seeing that their eyes turning to the table, Ning Xueyan felt bad and shrank more unconsciously. From the two steaming cups, one could know that there had been two people here.

But the two over there seemed to be unknown.

Wen Xueran gently smiled, eyes smiling too. He sat down on the stone bench where Ning Xueyan had just sat and turned over the folding fan in his hands, asking with a smile, "Commandery Prince Muling, why did you ask me out?"

"It's not a big deal. I heard you're looking for a nun. I've heard of such a man and I also found her. But I don't know if she's the one you're looking for!" The Commandery Princess Muling said with a smile.

Looking for someone? Was Wen Xueran still looking for that person?

Ning Xueyan couldn't help but be alert. That person seemed to be very important to Wen Xueran.

On that day, Ning Xueyan didn't know the nun Wen Xueran was looking for, but he still pointed at her with a sword and kept asking her with a murderous look. No one had expected the handsome and gentle Wen Xueyan to be so fierce.

"Don't trouble yourself. I've found her." Wen Xueyan smiled, eyes becoming enchanting. He was originally handsome. So when he smiled like that at this time, the Commandery Princess Muling who was sitting opposite him became shier. She pinched her handkerchief, put down it, and then rubbed it up again.

Hearing that Wen Xueran had found the nun, the Commandery Prince Muling could not help being disappointed. She thought that she had finally found an opportunity to please Wen Xueran, so she made an appointment with Wen Xueran solemnly today.

Ning Xueyan frowned slightly. She was a bystander, so she could see them clearly. It was not like he had found the nun, but like a random refusal.

"Ah, you've already found her!"

"But if you also find someone, you can tell me who she is. It's not a big thing, but still bothers you." Wen Xueran said with a smile. It sounded like he was thanking the Commandery Princess Muling, but people could felt his reluctance and random from his words.

Wen Xueran had found the nun, but he was still willing to sit down and listen to Commandery Princess Muling. It was because of Commandery Princess Muling's enthusiasm!

In this way, it was Wen Xueran who gave a face to Commandery Princess Muling.

Ning Xueyan praised Wen Xueran in her mind. The Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min was so smart that he took the initiative in his own hands by a few words. The Commandery Princess Muling helped him find people. But it seemed that the Commandery Princess Muling owed him a favor.

From Wen Xueran's action, Ning Xueyan was sure that he hadn't found that person.

"It seems that the person I found is not what you want. But you can have a look since I find a nun. Later, I'll bring her to you by myself." As soon as she heard that Wen Xueran was willing to see the people she found, the Commandery Princess Muling relieved, raised her watery eyes and said while looking at Wen Xueran.

"That's not necessary. You just ask an older female servant to send her over. It's just an insignificant person." Wen Xueran casually said, seeming to stand up and leave.

"Elder Brother Ran, why are you always avoiding me? We grew up together and played together since childhood. I think we match each other in the aspect of appearance, family background, and status. What on earth do you dislike about me? I'll change it." The beautiful girl finally couldn't bear anymore and asked.

Yesterday, the Honored Consort Ya said she would betroth Commandery Princess Muling to Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min. But he was absent. Later, something bad happened. Commandery Princess Muling's aunt had no time to care about her and only said that she let the Third Prince ask Wen Xueran in private and Wen Xueran expressed his unwillingness to marry her.

How could the proud Commandery Princess Muling accept that?

"Commandery Princess, you are neither as good-looking as I am nor graceful. Look at my own face, and then at yours... Commandery Princess, do you really think I need to marry you?" The handsome man smiled casually, but said cruel words to the beautiful girl in front of him.

The Commandery Princess Muling burst into tears and wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.

Wen Xueran, however, didn't care. He looked at her with a smile, stood up and seemed to be leaving.

Seeing that Wen Xueran was going to leave, Commandery Princess Muling became anxious.

She had made great efforts to invite Wen Xueran to Honored Consort Ya's courtyard and also asked all servants to leave so that she could be alone with him.

"Elder Brother Ran, don't go. You've made me cry, you have to comfort me." The Commandery Princess Muling stood up and pretended to stop Wen Xueran, but threw herself straight into his arms.

As long as she fell into his arms, their relationship would be unclear. The Honored Consort Ya who knew what Commandery Princess Muling was thinking would surely stand on her side. At that time, Wen Xueran, even if he didn't want to marry the Commandery Princess Muling, had to marry her!

Wen Xueran smiled and avoided Commandery Princess Muling. From the angle of Ning Xueyan, she could clearly see him secretly tripping up Commandery Princess Muling.

Commandery Princess Muling rushed forward, but suddenly found that Wen Xueran was missing. She was tripped and rushed forward for several steps, and then threw herself to the ground, falling heavily in an extremely indecent position.

"Young Lady, Young Lady, what happened?" Two maids rushed out from the back of a tree, shouting and rushing to help the Commandery Princess Muling, who still did not understand the situation.

Wen Xueran smiled and stepped back, the folding fan in his hands shaking slightly. "Nothing. The sunlight is too strong and your Commandery Princess feels dizzy so that she fell down. You should pay attention to it so as not to fall down from time to time."

Falling down and losing face in front of her sweetheart and meanwhile being slighted by him, Commandery Princess Muling couldn't bear anymore and burst out crying loudly. She pushed aside the two maids who were supporting her and ran out crying.

It was late autumn. Although there was the sun in the sky, it wasn't hot at all!

But Wen Xueran's look was extremely innocent, making people believe that the Commandery Princess Muling really fainted because of strong sunlight.

The Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min had no tenderness toward women. His graceful face was so deceptive!

Commandery Princess Muling had run away, but Ning Xueyan hadn't gone out. She was waiting for Wen Xueran to leave.

Previously, there seemed to be only Wen Xueran and Commandery Princess Muling in the garden. However, as soon as Commandery Princess Muling fell down, there were maids running out. This matter was obviously not simple.

Ning Xueyan didn't want to be involved in such a matter. So she kept hiding first and then went out when Wen Xueran left.

"Well, haven't you seen enough yet?" A voice with laughter suddenly sounded in Ning Xueyan's ear, which made her unconsciously stepped back. Then Ning Xueyan saw a magnified face in front of her and couldn't help but complain in mind.

She really didn't want to have any relationship with the Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min!

The scene that he pointed at her with a sword in her Last Life was firmly imprinted in her mind.

"Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min!" Knowing that she couldn't avoid him at this time, Ning Xueyan stood by the rockery and saluted him.

"It's destined. I didn't expect to see you here. Fifth Young Lady, did it look good?" Wen Xueran seemed to be unsurprised to see her here and asked Ning Xueyan with a smile.

He was so handsome and graceful. No wonder the Commandery Princess Muling loved him so much!

"You're joking. I just passed by accidentally but disturbed you intentionally. If it's impolite, please forgive me." Ning Xueyan gently said in a low profile, respectful and indifferent.

"Did you see me before you came to Cold Mountain Temple?" Wen Xueran didn't answer, but scrutinized Ning Xueyan and asked with interest.

"I've never seen you before!" Ning Xueyan was amazed by Wen Xueyan's question. Then she shook her head firmly and answered.

"Then, why did you avoid me when you saw me? Isn't it that I am too scary, so that you retreated?" Wen Xueran teased. "Or you're afraid that you'll fall in love with me if you're too close to me?"

Then he smiled, handsome and charming.

"You're joking. I'm just afraid of accidentally crashing the ground in front of you." Ning Xueyan also calmed down at this time, raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, her gaze falling on the place where Muling fell.

"He won't recognize me! I needn't be nervous!" Ning Xueyan thought in mind.

Moreover, Ning Xueyan looked different from Ning Ziying.

"You're afraid of crashing the ground? It's really fun!" Wen Xueran laughed loudly. "I didn't expect the weak and incompetent Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor to be so interesting."

"Princely Heir, I'm in bad health, so I have to go back to rest now." Ning Xueyan didn't intend to stay with Wen Xueran. She took two steps and came out from the back of the rockery.

They were in the Honored Consort Ya's courtyard. Although there was no one, maybe many people were staring at them in private.

"I specially came here, won't you join me for a cup of tea?" Wen Xueran pretended to be sad and asked while skillfully flipping the fan in his hands, cool and rakish.

It was Commandery Princess Muling who invited him, but Wen Xueran said he specially came here to see Ning Xueyan. It was really difficult to get rid of him. Fortunately. Ning Xueyan had come up with an idea. She smiled and said, pointing at the ground, "Princely Heir, the Commandery Princess just left in a hurry. How about you keeping this gold hairpin for her. Maybe she'll come in a minute."

Ning Xueyan pointed to the place where Muling fell down, and a golden hairpin was lying there. It must fell from Commandery Princess Muling's head when she fell down. That gold hairpin was exquisite. It must be extraordinary and cherished by its master.

"Er... Fifth Young Lady, I have anything else to do, I'll leave first." Thinking that Commandery Princess Muling would come back, Wen Xueran frowned. Commandery Princess Muling asked Wen Xueran to meet her in the living place of Honored Consort Ya, which also be Honored Consort Ya's idea. So Wen Xueran couldn't refuse.

Now he didn't want to stay here any longer when he thought that Muling might come back.

Now that she didn't need to stay with him, Ning Xueyan said goodbye to him with a smile!

Ning Xueyan strolled in the garden for a while and then went back when the time was suitable.

When Ning Xueyan arrived at the garden gate, she was hit by a man who suddenly rushed out. She stepped back for several steps and stabilized herself by holding on to one side of the door frame, then she saw the comer.