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I smiled and placed my hand on Sebastian 's and let me tell you I felt "that spark", you know that tingling electric short circuits that Tiffany mentioned to me when she first touched her boyfriend AKA my cousin Ryan , !! And how badly I made fun of" that spark"statement.. hah look who is feeling it now.

His touch was unfamiliar as well as soothing at the same time and in that instant I decided that I liked his touch .

Hand in hand we waltzes towards the dance floor, which was crowded with drunk people at every square.

As we stepped, Rihanna 's 'Don' t stop the music ' started blaring from the speakers, with its exotic lyrics depicting my emotions and I could not get any perfect song than this one to dance with Sebastian .

He put my hands around his neck, then skimmed down his fingers through and my side and placed his hands around my waist , then he pulled my body towards him with a sudden jolt and soon we started swaying our hips with the rhythm of the music

Forget that tingling tiny spark, we are talking about full 440 volt current here fellas.

# Fact2 the man really knows how to dance .

Fact 1?

# Fact1 the man surely knows how to tease a female 's body and charm the heart out of her at the same time.

He brought his lips towards my ear to whisper but instead,decided to plant a soft kiss on my ear lobe

Mind you the man just hit the 'sensitive spot'.


His teasing feathery kisses rolled down along my neck and the sensation travelled down to my core,melting me there.

Unable to control my curiosity , I didn't know if it's my need or the alcohol that was making me bold, I inserted my hands under his shirt and then started feeling up his well defined sculpted eight packed abs! I definitely wanted to see them.

My curiosity was at its peak and quickly I started to open each one of the buttons of his shirt and the sight in front of me was very inviting.