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To Like A-Man Veronica Purcell_google 3561words 2020-01-06 08:46

The drive to the airport was an awkward and long for Bradley. His mind was in turmoil over Adrian's confessions and feelings for him.

Neither said a word as they slowly moved through the thick traffic of Sydney's Eastern Suburb roads, bound for the airport near Mascot.

They eventually made their way into the airport terminal areas, and entered the ramp up to the Itura Airport Hotel.

"We need to wait out time for processing." Adrian soberly said with a slight grin.

Bradley gulped. He felt nervous. A sweat coming over him.

"Um, you know, I do have a home to go to. You could drop me home and I could..."

"No!" Adrian near-snapped his answer.

"Why?" Bradley frowned. Not liking Adrian's tone of voice.

"Do I have to spell it out?" Adrian parked the car in a bay and turned off the engine.

He stared at Bradley's frowning face with a desperation he had never felt before. Emotions he had suppressed and thought would never surface, were upon him. These feelings both elated and terrified him. He was not looking good in front of the one he like.

Bradley tensed with surprise at Adrian's vulnerability. He had never seen the man carry such an expression since he had known him.

"You like me? Why?" He gulped.

"Should I need a reason? I like you. That's all." Adrian soberly answered. Doing his best to sound nonchalant and in control.

The frown on Bradley's forehead deepened with mixed emotions.

He felt relief, joy and suspicion. How could he like him, in _that_ way in a short time? His heart raced with answers. Obviously he was no different.

"I don't get it. I'm no one important." Bradley fumbled his response.

"Important? You are to me Bradley." Adrian sighed.

"You're a man who comes across as harmless, soft and weak. Yet you work hard to give your brother a quality of life. You could've selfishly demanded anything with your advantages. You chose the moral ground."

He smiled with good feelings filling up his heart. "You're a man of quality, Bradley. A man I like."

Bradley chuckled, feeling some of his suspicions ease. Adrian's honesty was a surprise. He concluded that he was man of whim rather than scheming. He wondered how long they would last if they decided to build on their like for each other. His heart was too hooked on Adrian to not want to take that chance.

"You don't beat around the bush do you?"

"Not when it's something or someone I desire. Direct declarations are the best." Adrian eased into an expression of cockiness. "What about you Bradley?"

Bradley sighed. He paused to brace himself. There was no going back.

"I like you too." He shyly whispered.

Adrian felt his heart at peace. "That wasn't hard was it?"

"Did anyone say that you're a bit of a smart alec?" Bradley grumbled, averting his eyes from Adrian's manly gaze.

"Not in a long time. You, saying this to me." Adrian drew Bradley's face close to his. "It turns me on."

Bradley eased into Adrian's kiss that transitioned in a moment of intense passion. He felt his body on fire, and wanted more.

"So. Shall I take you home or should we go to our room that I booked?" Adrian teased.

Bradley answered by opening the car door and stepped out for the entrance to the hotel.