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[Vol. 1] In This World, I Am Lyonel Swordhaven Pt. 2

'They said Father and the elders were inside. Yet the clan council room was a long way off for me. I have to meet them first before the start of official training. Sigh, it's much better to say they're at clan council room which is a hundred or something meters away.' I thought before giving out my instruction to my bodyguard, "Gawayne, everything from here will be up to you as long it's matched and in-line with my grandfather's instructions."

"As you wish, Sir Lyonel."

Opening the door by doing a mechanism of pouring my mana right to the door handle, I saw fellow Swordhaven clansmen who're at my age bracket, training their swordsmanship and other useful (including combat-related types) 'stats' guided and observed by older clansmen like what an instructor would do to their disciples.

One of them, a cute silver-haired girl with short elven ears and blue eyes, when she saw me passing by, momentarily paused her sword training as she approached me with an innocent white flower grade smile that gave off a feeling within my adult self inside this body, to protect it with my whole life.

This high human elven hybrid 8-year old girl, she's Emily Swordhaven, my second cousin who first befriended me out of from my age bracket. To her, she saw me as somewhat a little brother figure which I played along.

Still, when I first saw her for the first time, I foresaw a beautiful girl in the making. So, I thought that day to maybe pick someone like her who knows me the best since childhood for assurance but I decided to put it on the sidelines for my aspiration in this world - to become the peerless knight and swordsman like Lancelot, Musashi Miyamoto, Minamoto Yoshitsune, El Cid for principles and values especially governance, etc as long as they're in their own league.

As for her being my sparring partner, I heard she's that good in our age bracket. So it makes sense, Emily was chosen with that role because she's the only one who could keep it up with me who in reality wasn't even trained in swordsmanship including past life.

"Good morning, Lyonel."

"Good morning to you too, Emily." I greeted back as I fired her another question, "How's your training?"

"It's going fine as usual. I recently finished my two sets and warm-ups."

"That's great Emily." I replied with a smile as I fired another single question upon seeing her current status, "Say, you looked tired today..is there anything that may I be of help?"

'I know being friends with her besides being a family is a plus for me. But I prefer my training partners fully charged for more efficiency...so I'll use a null spell I learned recently on her but first we need to move somewhere free from uninvited eyes after meeting.' I thought while the weird feeling of "instant Sword Saint" reacted after my seconds of observation.

"I-it's fine, I can go on." Emily replied with a small smile at my gesture as she added her thoughts which I thought that smile was an innocent white flower-grade, "And besides as your big sister, I believe it's my right to spoil you lots while guiding you in our clan's traditions and swordsmanship."

'Even though we're not blood-related, she's still F-A-M-I-L-Y!' "As much I would like to get spoiled by you Emily, I firmly believe as a boy, not as the Swordhaven Heir, I worry your health and well-being because a cute girl like you deserve a rest sometimes, not all training or so, personally since I always wanted you to be here by my side be it spar or everywhere. Please, think about it before we start after the meeting."

Having said that, I didn't expect Emily blush as I saw her elven ears became red.

'What's with her? Surely, there's nothing wrong with what I said?'

Approaching Emily in order to check her up as the gap between us shorter and shorter which was done followed by placing my forehead on to hers for it that earned an increase in body temperature per second, I noticed something's wrong and asked a question, "Emily, are you really okay? I am aware you said it earlier but can I ask for your permission to cast a null spell on you? This null spell I learned recently would surely help you tiny bits."

"!? Y-yeah, I'm fine. R-right, let's go to the clan council room for your training as our heir."

Much to my surprise, she took my hand to lead me to our destination, the clan council room where Father and the elders were waiting for us.

The training hall was indeed a 'big' one that not even an outside view from the Swordhaven mansion would make it obvious by a single glance. Everything was something that I had to get used to for the sake of my position as the next generation Lord Swordhaven.

Before we left, I swore I heard Gawayne attempting to stifle his laughter while Emily who was leading me front, remained blushing as evidenced by her elf ears.

- -

Clan Council Room, similar to the light novel/web novel and other literary work stereotypes, was a huge section that served as 'headquarters' of the clan council itself where everything was to me as a government in a governing body on clan matters and decisions concerning the clan's future, survival, and well-being. The way it was arranged, the fixtures (tables and chairs), reminded me almost a horseshoe-shaped similarly to my past life's parliament-style setup, only that the clan patriarch, who hold the final call ala decision, positioned facing down between the two columns.

From the left column, if you were in my position right now, were the clan elders who basically served as the consultants and advisers without power in the council and clan while from the right column, were my fellow clansmen of various ages, assigned to the respective departments and areas of responsibility.

On top of them, facing them down below, was my black-haired adoptive father and the clan head himself, Bors Swordhaven. His appearance, despite his older age, remained like a college boy, all due to the elf genetics as like what Emily, Uncle Julius, and others would have. The clothing he wore, surely, rekindled me some sort of long-sleeved kimono with breastplate covered with surcoat bearing the Swordhaven house crest on the back of surcoat.

"Lyonel, when I first heard you want to feel the swordplay after your birthday last month which I granted that same day, I almost became worried for you, not as the clan head, but as your father. Firstly, you haven't received an official swordplay training as the Swordhaven and Swordhaven due to your mana veins not opened completely but you proved to us here including the council wrong to our doubts due to your form after a small 'demo' as you call it to the mock match. Thankfully, you asked first for permission or things would possibly be disarray. And remember, don't do it again even next time."

'I know you are right Father...my body somehow reacted to it when I held that wooden practice sword back then. At least, I asked for permission first.' Remaining silent while listening to Father, I rekindled that kind of memory.

"Secondly, when it came to my reach that you won from your unofficial training match and others, the council consulted me to start your training way earlier than next month which I agreed with that led to your sparring and matches against our kin who are within your age bracket and group." Breaking out a smile at what he said as he remembered those days, Father asked me a question, "With those surprises keep coming up, I have a question - do you have memories of your past life?"

Like an exploded bomb, various reactions came in; various chatters and hushed whispers from all sides rose up.

'Now, what can I do with it? If I say yes, that would be awkward and possibly troublesome because of not knowing ins and out of my clan. But didn't every single Freivalian say the Swordhaven House is renowned as familial and honorable even though it's almost militaristic because of our clothing and crest? '

Glancing at Emily who the latter was beside me, she remained silent on the matter but the expression on her eyes which I could read as surprised, worry, longing and care while looking at me, caused me to think about this current situation.

'I am aware that Emily wants to be my big sister figure. So I'll take a bite and see what happens as long as I can get us out of Freival should everything about the Swordhaven turned out to be a lie like what would my grandfather Greg's enemies' would do. And really, why now?' Addressing my adoptive father with a slight edge of serious tone by formal title, I calmly gazed at him, "Lord Swordhaven, if I say yes, would you take it as truth?'