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Stargazing Stars Of Tomorrow

"Starting tomorrow , I'll be teaching you what I know Emily."


"Hey Lyonel," Emily, who rested her head on my right shoulder, asked me who was watching the stars in the sky.

"What is it, Emily?" I asked with my genuine smile present.

She let out a blush. "Do you have any goals and dreams in mind? I am aware you have your memories of your past life. But is there at least you haven't thought about..things you haven't experienced?"

'Lots of things, sadly.' I thought, thinking about the cursed condition I had in my past lives.

Looking at Emily's sky blue eyes and realization of my 'better' condition in my life, I figured trying out new experiences and making my life better as Lyonel Swordhaven than my two past lives. The 'defects' I had was what restricted others paths in my life due to it.

The current me, I would make it worthy and memorable.

"I have," I said, "It's..numerous. The things I would think for my current condition on top of my list is being better than my previous past selves, developing our House into one of the best, and experiencing my life to what I could do to make our country better. It's really long Emily..I could have gotten some of them in my past lives. But with you by my side, I am sure..it'll be a new experience for me."

"And I'm here for you, Lyon."

"You know Emily there is one thing I have to tell that is there are lines because I'm - " Before I could finish, Emily suddenly kissed me on my right cheek as she pulled back, blushing.

"N-not fair, Emily. You should be aware that I'm technically older than you since I revealed I have past life~" I said as I started teasing her. "Perhaps you want me to take 'initiative' because of it? People from my past life..you know have some uniqueness especially you being an elf~"

"L-l-lyonel, please I am supposed to be older than you in reality." cutely stuttered Emily with blush eminent. " I thought of trying it on you first only."

"Is that so?" I asked

Emily nodded.

'Let's see how you will react.' Closing the distance between us as I closed my eyes as she did the same thing, I kissed her forehead.

Opening her eyes, she pouted at me which was cute.

"Mou, Lyonel, playing my feelings as a girl, you are the worst."

Knowing she's slightly joking but I sensed what she wanted, I gave her a headpat. "Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to. It's just that ..it would not be normal to the people of my past life as JJ. I assure you, Emily Swordhaven, my feelings are pure and genuine."

Smiling a bit, Emily hugged me. " Prove it to me."

"As you wish." I said, hugging her and kissing her on her right cheek.. "But are you aware of 'that' in our world?"

"I am, " Emily happily replied. "As long as the candidate does not harm you and our house by any means, I will accept them because you deserve your own happiness as Lyonel Swordhaven. The moment we met first though...I know it's not a norm...but I see you Lyon as Lyon."

"Emily..thank you." With happiness confirmed, we both closed our eyes.