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In This World, I Am Lyonel Swordhaven Pt. 3

"Then, I'll take it as truth but with one condition - that is to tell me more about your past life. And relax, I already activated privacy spells planted in this room before the meeting." replied the grinning Lord Swordhaven.

Seeing that grin, the easygoing kind of shit-eating grin, I am not sure if he's joking or not considering that I spent my time at the library for capturing knowledge here in this world, hanging out with grandfather Siegfried and granduncle Cain, and having a chat with Emily. Now that I thought of it, the only time I spent time with Father was breakfast, lunch and other things involving family time because of his being busy as Lord Swordhaven.

I haven't seen his personality fully but one clear thing for sure was that he's of good character because I sensed no malice. I also felt slightly bad for not bonding him nor him inviting me to bond as father and son because it's his duty to look after our house, our family, as the Lord Swordhaven first which makes it obvious he's busy similar as CEO of a number 1 multimillion corporation. I could have at least persuaded Lord Swordhaven to spend time with me or at least attempted to but I suppose he would make time up for that.

'I guess my plan of assassinating douchebags within the house is now out of the window, eh?'

Looking at every person out there from the clan council for my observation, they all quieted down. Yet, when I tried to read their inner expression and desires from their mana due to myself having a hidden natural-born sensory ability, it made me relieved as a descendant of a public servant because none of them were of darkly ambitious or bad character. If they were to be that kind, I would have assassinated them sooner once I get a hang of this world.

Glancing at my elder sister figure/second cousin, she seemed to be at least trying to smile in a good way while trying to remain calm.

Seeing her, I spoke out my mind with resolve, "Then I'll say it. But Emily, don't get surprised at what will come out of it right from me."

Emily affirmed.

At this pI calmly narrated my life to them, " In my past life, I am formerly known as Jose James C. Alcantara of Federal States of Southeast Asia. The country I used to hail at, the Federal States of Southeast Asia, was a country formerly made up of the Philippines and her neighboring Southeast Asia comrades. It was until then my former world's WW2 period came because of time magic disruption when my ancestor, the former Philippine President turned first Prime Minister Gregory "Iron Pillar" Yzon Ibarra led them through the troubles of being sent to my former's world Second World War which made what it is today.

In my life there, I considered myself as a civilian, contributor, and partial slight public servant. Because of the illness I had since the time I came to life back then and the very cause of my natural death, the doctors told me that I was not allowed to martial skill but to at least jog. I know it was kind of sad to get one at a young age but I made it up with knowledge to help people and the world.

I could have wished for having seen my progress after my discovery of magic there in my former life but I accepted my fate without malice because that's my poor fate.

If only there's a chance, maybe I'll take this opportunity given to me by nature itself. And yes, I am aware of being adopted which got no problem with it because I am grateful to grandfather, granduncle and Father looking after me especially to this Jericho who found me when I got stuck in a carriage."

Having finished my story that focuses my past life without a mention of technology level and the likes because of my wariness and fear of nukes and every WMDs possible appearing in this world due to possible magitechnology which I haven't confirmed if there is one in this world, everyone minus Emily who was busy trying to comprehend what I said, became quiet while others looked at me with pity because of my condition until Granduncle Cain brok the ice.

"Waityou'reGregory Yzon Ibarra'sdescendantthesamedescendant of summonedherowhohelpedfounding Freivalandmeanttobethekingthefirstplacebutdisappearedbecauseofsummoning failure?"

'To think I am hearing this in person and magical fantasy reality… not from the internet.' I thought with a sweatdrop at the audio editors from my past life making the words or so turn into one phrase like audio becoming too fast or what.

Staring at Granduncle Cain's figure, the muscular bearded old man clad in white armor sitting next to the same old man clad in white armor, I felt like asking him to repeat the question which I did so. "Pardon me, Granduncle Cain, if you may, kindly repeat that, please? I'm unable to comprehend what you're saying."

"Are you not Gregory Yzon Ibarra's descendant? The descendant of summoned hero who helped founded Freival and meant to be the king after the war?" repeatedly asked Granduncle Cain with a shit-eating grin as I felt his hands patting on my shoulder as if like wanting to spoil me(?), "But if what you said is true, hahaha, then this old man here won't mind hearing your ancestor's life and feats after the summoning failure in exchange of personally training you~"

'An isekai trope just like what his biography recounted.' "U-umm, Granduncle I don't think I can keep up with your routine considering that I never took martial arts in my past life." I modestly replied with an embarrassed smile while trying not to get affected by that infamous Swordhaven grin showed by Lord Swordhaven, Granduncle Cain and Grandfather Siegfried.

"Cain, I think you should not surprise Lyon. We should start lightly for his training, yes?"

"Alright, brother." the two brothers, Grandfather Sieg and Granduncle shook their hands and huddled up with Father trying to think something that earned a grin.

What was Father thinking with that grin? I had no idea.

My beloved elders, Grandfather Siegfried and Granduncle Cain both of whom I hold close to my heart despite their antics and personality? I had no idea about that too. But I pray it's for my own good because I needed to fulfill my plans in this world.

Meanwhile, Emily who was not doing that now-dubbed the infamous Swordhaven grin, looked at me, face to face with a smile as she grabbed both my hands as she asked me a question," Lyonel, how come you were able to swing your sword like it's nothing when we first sparred? As your big sis, I could have taught you things but I am really surprised. I mean I'm not even like that at your age."

"I too am surprised by it, Emily," I replied not before smiling at my situation here turning out to be a good outcome. Holding her hands tightly in return which she let out a cute blush, I jokingly and teasingly added my thoughts to her with a knowing grin. "I also can teach you things Emily that is to say share my knowledge and stuff people our 'age' group might find.. 'interesting' and embarrassing. Outside of it, however, I look forward being taught and trained by you 'sensei'. "

Not expecting my teasing, Emily blushed hard while some adults in this room who heard it chuckled. Others who were drinking their tea though let out a cough at hearing my joke.

"L-lyonel, p-p-please you should not joke with your big sister. I-I am supposed to be the older one..t-the one who is spoiling you..N-n-not the other way around. If only you didn't remember your past life, I would have-" Cutting short what she said because of status effect I inflicted to her from my teasing as others behind the ground were smiling and chuckling because I knew Emily as my big sister figure but did some teasing that I didn't expect the 'damage' to her would be a critical hit, Emily herself hid her blushing face by burying herself to my smaller frame.

"[Do not worry Emily, you are welcome to stay by my side as long you are here with me because I am nothing without you in my life~ I am really honest. Also, this [Telepathy] null spell, by the way, is like talking except inside the person's head similar to the master knights and mages who mastered their spells that is to say, able to do it without chanting - chantless.]" I whispered to her via [Telepathy] spell while trying to calm her down in a good way and teaching her the said useful spell with simple instructions.

There's such a thing as chantless in this world. It's truly magnificent from the looks of it. When I first got an episode of glimpse-like dream back when I fell asleep, there's a sudden strange vision of myself reading an unfamiliar book in a place I do not know. That 'dream' it felt so real that I had to ask some senior Order knights close to my grandfather Siegfriend about it minus the 'dream' part. When I found out there's like that, the 'strange' feeling I had told me I need to get that efficient and product method for myself which in turn made me look at the biography, accounts and various books related to magic and combat.

I wanted to know why that strange feeling keep popping up to me and why it felt so real. I only know of myself as Jose James C. Alcantara of FSEA afterall.

"[Really? Do you mean what you said?] " asked Emily, happiness evident in her voice from our space as she hugged me.

"[Yep.]" I replied with a smile while ruffling her hair. "[ I would even use my knowledge to help our House's territory for the betterment. And if possible, I would like to pass my knowledge to you because you are someone who I can trust in our age group in exchange of 'playing' the role of big sister figure of mine in this world and giving me an opportunity to spoil you in private..]"

"[I-I would love to, I'm under your care.]" happily replied Emily while having thoughts which I am not yet aware of.

"[And also, don't tell anyone about this secret of mine to others because should they hear this secret of mine, they're gonna be after me for their doings that I might label as disreded. Unless it's something I can use for my goals and gain, all of which are for our House's well-being and development, I'm sure it'll be okay.]" I told her with seriousness.

As I poured a simplified explanation of the world and behind the scenes to her since it's basically the same and not many people knew it sadly, the more she understood more of it.

"[Okay, I promise I'll support you Lyonel.]" replied Emily with determination.

'Wow, I never imagined she's that adept and understanding at her age. Can you imagine an 8 year old being aware and determined unlike some special attention whore who spoke of climate change and didn't do anything but speak, speak, speak, without taking actions? I have one right here and I would like to keep her by my side.' I thought before replying with a smile, "[Thank you, Emily.]"

"[Ehehe, this is all I can do for my little brother even though he remembered past life..I don't really mind getting spoiled by you.]"

This current atmosphere I had with Emily, I'm so gonna treasure it as part of my isekai childhood life as Lyonel Swordhaven, not as JJ Alcantara. My life as JJ lacked some areas I wanted to experience especially having a playmate. I really wanted to cherish this new opportunity and life for myself because of having a chance to live in this another world with every desires from myself free from birth ailment.

"[Lyon ❤️] "

A good cuddle and hug with Emily while giving her a headpat and hug..that's something I didn't expected to do. But if she enjoyed it very much, what kind of person would I be to say no to a childhood friend, to be exact, a childhood friend who is a cute girl?

Ah, I've forgotten an activated private space in a form of [Telepathy] room for us only because I am fond of- wait, focus on the future and isekai life journey!

"Pardon my intrusion especially you Emily." amusingly chirped Lord Swordhaven who then chuckled at the sight of blushing Emily Swordhaven letting go of me when he said that. " But can Lyonel be left alone for a little while? It'll be short. Just waiting outside the door. "

'I see there's a clan charter in this world… With it, that would make things simpler for my goals.' I thought, surprised at the discovery of an important document close to constitution while remaining a neutral facade.

Emily nodded and left the room not before making eye contact at me.

"Alright, is there something would you like to suggest or any to improve about our house's charter?" asked Lord Swordhaven, bringing out a scroll containing the freshly preserved document to me for examination.

'Everything looks okay from the bodies to responsible departments. The clan patriarch, however, needs to avoid a Katsuyori Takeda and Liu Shan at all costs, no matter how far the future would be.' Scanning the important document from top to bottom, the document seemed to be fine except the Lord Swordhaven because being the Lord Swordhaven required a thing called skills, strategy, wits and will even leading Swordhaven troops.

A lesson I learned from those historical figures should let alone serve as a warning including my descendants which I would craft a story about it in this world because absolute leadership is historically proven unstable and garbage.

'Those parts can be reorganized into something efficient and practical..it does not have to be like that..taxes can be adjusted by categorizes and lowered rates. Oh dear, I didn't expect the territory itself to be that kind of big.' Listing the key aspects of reforms as I read the same important document that can be considered as constitution's little brother while musing the size of Swordhaven territory as a whole, I envisioned the future of the Swordhaven being prosperous and standing proud and honorable after my time.

'That's the last one for sure stability and prosperity. Public order and security must be next alongside infrastructure and investments for the next part.' "Lord Swordhaven, here are my listed proposal of amendments." Handing over the key document and listed suggestion written on the paper to Father which he took and read it carefully alongside the elders (because they are basically glorified consultants without much power in the clan council), I wandered off my mind to things to do and projects besides thinking my combat style ala 'built' in my life.


Looking at one of the portraits of a gray haired young man with orange eyes hanging on the wall, a headache suddenly took over me as I began to feel my body being charged with charged air flowing like an opened flood gate YOLOing to the biggest army ever existed without second thoughts.

- - -

"My dear soldiers who I considered as my friends, do not be dismay at your lord's health! We can finish our enemy right off here! Can you think of them not using strategies in this battle but brawns? I have plans in place, no matter what situation it is - be it this frail young body of mine taking me any moment or not! Let them come at it and see what I can do with strategies besides swordplay! "

"HOOORAH!" the soldiers standing behind me roared with their blades in the air.

- - -

'I remember - I remember now, I am Frederick Augustus William Freival the Sword Saint..all the time I am him..the swordsmanship style I used in VRMMO back then is not from a game assistance, but mine alone.'


Snapping out of it, I noticed Lord Swordhaven and everyone in the council looking worried at my state.

"I'm fine, it just that I feel like wanting to eat something which is so unlike me because if I did that, then I would experience an unpleasant overeating which never happened in my life." I joked with a smile for assurance which they chuckled before returning to work.

'I cannot believe I am here once more…reincarnated with a new body and a discovery of my other past life.' I thought, surprised at the newfond revelation of my new case and answer to the mysteries I had when I first played the VRMMO as JJ and the second being as Lyonel Swordhaven in this current life.

'I never expected to become an [Ascended] suddenly… It felt so unfair and a cheat at this young age because of a single thing.' Feeling the electric coated wind mana pouring in my body which I successfully suppressed without anyone tracing it, I took small time to think of an extinct race that evolved from a high human.

[Ascended], the mythological powerful immortal being who bore a similar appearance to humans but their youthful appearance would be at the age of 15-20 similar to elves. Rumored to be powerful and stronger equivalent of high humans, it was proved to be an unknown because of having no records mentioning the said race.

'I-I am not sure with this sudden new information but I need to take advantage of my life here including being an Ascended..'

"Lyonel, these proposed amendments, it would really help our household and territory for a long time. Young child, I am really proud of you as your grandfather and elder. " happily commented Grandfather Siegfried with an infamous Swordhaven grin, who took part in reviewing the amendments I made to the charter at this young age of 4 which sounded unbelieving including myself.

Can you imagine a 4 years old child doing these small modifications without troubles and flaws? I wanted to die in shame out of embarrassment! Not because it's that, but what would others speak of me levelling up to an [Ascended] at this a very young age? It's so unrealistic and unbelieving!

"Same." added Granduncle Cain with the same infamous grin who patted my back.

"Eveything's good." satisfied said Lord Swordhaven as he stored the important document somewhere safe. Looking at me with that infamous grin, he added his musings which made me a bit slightly nervous at it. " Don't worry, you are still my son no matter what circumstances. No one here will will say a word about your recent changes even if it reaches the king, right?"

Everyone present in the council with a small smile of their own, nodded.

'I am really thankful to have a helpful and supportive family including the council members here. Because if they are corrupt and bad eggs like those wuxia and other stories, I would have to be on guard.' I thought relieved.

"But still if there is such case, that would be only disgracing your birth parents' and ancestor's memories who made a great help to our house." Kneeling down to look at me with a genuine smile, my father, Lord Swordhaven said, "Their names are Harriet Blackadder and Catherine Salvacion. When they were alive, they gave hope here in this kingdom to the commoners and nobles alike. But those evil-hearted bastards…they assassinated them. The king himself was shocked when he heard it."

'I am really sorry to hear that.. I know I haven't seen and know them but still it's just politics.' I thought sadly at the fate of my birth parents while adding another task to do for my own sake.

"Their graves are at the noble district..they really are good people. I did my best to hide your real identity." sadly stated Lord Swordhaven as he drew a box out from the storage and presented it to me. "Lyon, I am sure they want you to take it."

"What you see in that is unknown to the world itself including the appearance." added Granduncle Cain as his tone dropped into a disappointment for reason.

'I will avenge your death, mom and dad. Until the time your killers are dead, I will take your surnames as our connection and bond.' Taking the important box from him and opening it by pouring my mana on the locking mechanism, two swords flew towards by my side.

The first sword was a transparent silver crystal longsword. The way that swordguard looked made me rekindle of swords used by the good guys in every fictional stories because of that kite shield having angel wings. When I grabbed it with my left hand, it became mine as it bounded to me body and soul as it disappeared in sight.

"Her name is Durendal. She's a twin sword of Abigail who can produce invisible slashes. The good thing about her like her sister is that she can alter her appearance as desired by her wielder." stated Lord Swordhaven as he introduced the sword to me which became part of my soul.

The second sword, however, looked the same except I sensed charged air on it that matched of mine. Doing the same thing as I did to Durendal, it reacted the same and disappeared.

"That sword is Abigail. She produces a charged air slashes. Like Durendal, she can change her appearance..you get the idea." said Lord Swordhaven whose tone, in the end, turned into an easygoing one as usual.

'Twin swords, yep literally.' I jokingly thought at the pun of twin swords.

"And now you have them in your hands, is there something would like to do?" having asked by my adoptive father, Lord Swordhaven, he and others looked at me with that grin which I did the same.

'Make a harem of beautiful, talented and lovely girls for myself - just kidding!' "Yes, let's train and prepare so that we can kick those bastards' arse someday!"