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Cloud clusters burned with an orange-red intensity so the sky appeared to be ablaze with fire over sky-high towers and rectangular buildings that were being destroyed by scaly winged fire-throwing creatures or torn down in battle.

A fierce war raged across an industrial landscape between many men and women wearing patchwork navy-blue overcoats billowing about their fighting bodies as they used swords, magic and other weapons against inhuman and vile looking creatures; some with two heads, baring three layers of teeth and deadly limbs that were used as weapons against the humans.

"The Labyrinth has fallen!" Screamed a man in a patchwork overcoat before his body was run through by a creature's sword-like limb.

It cackled as the man fell to the ground as a lifeless heap of flesh. An impression of his soul was pulled out his body by the creature when it had retracted its limb. The creature swallowed the impression and continued to strike down more people its way.


I heard a familiar name being shouted that made me turn my head and saw a man with blue eyes and blond hair firing small objects at an ugly creature from a strange weapon that had a long nose and ring that his finger was looped into. The weapon smoked when the objects were fired. My eyes widen when the creature imploded into glitter.

"Marsilien! Pay attention. My brother will not forgive me if you were to end here!" The blond haired man berated me.

Scratches on rock and shrieking drew our attention towards our left. We saw a hoard of redback spiders skittering towards us.

The blond haired man stowed his gun and concentrated on saying a spell.

Chants of an old nursery rhyme stabbed at my subconsciousness.

_A red sky burns. One thousand men bleed._

As the man spoke the spell, my mind wandered over the battle field like a hawk observing the scene from above.

Beneath the burning, unforgivable sky, I saw a determination to conquer and felt pending extinction. Humans in patchwork coats fought the tide of vile, evil creatures with everything they could muster. The creatures multiplied as the human lives dwindled. The fight was becoming one-sided.

_A fire breathes. The wyrd is freed._

The flaming sky crackled with lightening, burning clouds parted to reveal a host of winged creatures flying a formation toward the heated battle.

_Thrice it burns, Twice they churn..._

"Marsilien! Run for Death!" The blond man cried out when he fired rounds of objects at creatures to hold back advances.

The black winged lizards swooped over the man and picked his screaming body apart, devouring the essence of his soul.

One of the creatures faced me with a sinister smile and sharp teeth soaked with blood.

Black energy tingled the pivotal points of my aching fingers.

The tingling-sweet taste of a person's chi pulsated through my veins. I relished the crushing, breaking and suckling at chi to sate my famished needs. My salivating mouth opened for more.

I was extremely, morbidly, hungry...