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Checking the direction of the targets far away while sitting in the tree, I gripped my bow with my right hand instead of my usual left arm as I glanced at my companions with confidence. "I can cover you ladies."


'It's all thanks to the final synchronization part earlier, I am really surprised that my other self is that multi-skilled and that makes me a seriously ridiculously overpowered freak with it.' I thought with a sweatdrop, remembering the 'final synchronization complete' notification when I woke up and the time when I discovered my destined accepted fate with myself and my otherself.

Archery may not be my forte with my former self like using an overkill magic archery against the bounty targets from the Adventurer's Guild and my travels. But with my current self, the techniques and tactics I knew right away and a super expensive amount of experience, gave away myself of a pleasure desire of dancing around against variety of people with various weapons I have in my disposal.

For today, I'll be trying out archery, only this time with my new party.

The quest itself we took was our first one - Horned Wolf Hunt at Valencia Forest. Valencia Forest was located at the south of Valencia accessed via south gate exit.

"Alright, if you say so." said Akari, curiously looking at my bow while Suzu herself quietly agreed. "Say, where did you get yourself a bow?"

"This? I created it all by myself. " I replied, giving to her and Suzu for having a look at it.

"Your bow...it looks so beautiful and elegant yet not flashy." Akari being the first one person to look at it, took her time to examine my bow.

"I second this." added Suzu.

Before one would say anything about myself giving my partymates a look on my bow, that thing won't be broken from dry firing, accidents and other nature because of the 'other element' of its structure including bowstring. Besides that, I had no idea how much the draw weight of that bow of mine and it's really careless for me the first place when I crafted it.

While I'm thinking of what to do next besides watching over the area ahead, unknown to me, the girls behind quietly chatted.

"In my life, I never got an interested in bow at least. Seeing it now, I understand why archers cherish it."

"You surprised me, Akari-chan. I, for sure, take you for being interested in swordsmanship only like our past life."

"I-it's not that...there is more to it."

"Oh? Why are you looking away? "



Looking behind, I saw them snapping out of trance which I chuckled. "Alright ladies, you may continue your chatter later. But right now, we need to get going."

"No fair," childishly complained Akari, "Give me a few more 30 seconds to recover."

'What's with her?' Sweatdropping, I took back my bow from Akari.

The two girls pouted.

"Suzu, Akari, something wrong?" I asked.


- - -

"Get ready, they're nearby." Nocking the arrow and placing it on the left side of the bow in reaction to hearing sounds of three forest wolves, I looked over at my companions who nodded.

Slowly creeping over the concealed sniping spot while my companions pulled their weapons out and, I instinctively positioned my fingers over the bow string with my index finger 'stabilizing' the arrow and my middle and ring finger below the position of nocked arrow.

That shooting technique, I am about to use, I never done it in my life. It was all my 'condition' causing myself to become an expert in those various fields.

"Standby. Standby. Standby." Controlling my aim with bowhand and my release with my drawing hand while not feeling the string's pressure thanks to the gloves I wore, I scanned for a perfect opportunity to deliver an 'arrow' to one of the designated targets

The first one, who I will call "Mark", reminded of a typical gray wolf found in my former wolf. The same could be said to "Paul" and "John". Difference? I don't give a jack about it because there's no alpha or pack leader amongst them.

"Taking a shot in 3..2...1. "


Releasing my hold on the bowstring, a beautiful headshot was made in a form of released madly fast projectile the target's cranium as it fell down dead with blood leak.

'Target down.' Readying myself once more for 'sureness' by nocking another arrow while aware of my passive unmentionable cheat and my condition, the girls took that moment to launch a surprise attack.

"Yui, it's time!"


With the girls on the move and attacking the two remaining wolves, I held my fire for window of opportunity called observation.

Whatever thing thing was in front of me, their swordsmanship was so beautiful that the corpses were all clean kill with required items for this quest, not damaged and missing.

"Balin," Akari who was done cleaning her katana, approached me with a small smile. "I think we can make a great team with you around."

"I agree," Suzu added with a smile of her own. "You have shown us what you can do since yesterday. But I got a feeling it's not your all."

'Eh? It' s not my fault that I'm a overpowered freak.' I thought, recalling that fateful event who made me who I am.

"And besides, with today' s result we decided to make this temporary- no our party to be a permanent. Having a reliable friend is common sense" Suzu said with a grin.

Both girls suddenly looked at each other and nodded.

""So, take care of us in our party. ""

'Why do I get a feeling it' s one of the cliche here? ' I thought before replying them back with a smile of my own, "Same here, let's experience many things together."