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Valencia Night Life Pt. 1

Satisfied with my 'first' dinner and today's newly invented items namely the ["Transparent Light of Moonflower" Shinken ] an enhanced beautiful transparent colored shinken that has moonflower shaped sword guard with white matching grip and sheath which my invention can be used for pure swordplay practice and as literal combat weapon, the ["Blood Garden Under The Skies" Shinken] the twin red sibling of ["Transparent Light of Moonflower"] that has insane heaven-defying sharpness and divine-tier maintainance spell and suited crap planted on it with inverted red moonflower sword guard and blood red sheath which would probably be my main weapon for my planned ["Crimson Moon"] Set, and lastly, the [Esquire] a needle-shaped longsword for purposes I haven't figured, I go down from my assigned room by downstairs which was 3rd Floor Room 1, to do some bits of surveying out people coming in and out at this hour in this while thinking what to do next.



- You are now equipped with ["Archer Saint"] Set


Standing near the viewing space that gave me a scene of restaurant, I anticipate visitors and travellers coming in [Fourth Leaf] since it's a well-to-do establishment in this area. For some reason, I expect there would be another branch in other places but turned out it wasn't even in Ashenvale.

Right now, I'm observing a scene of people going in and out with attendants doing their jobs of taking orders and stuff as per their job description.

The visitors when I saw them below, at first, made me thought of some "adventurers and others coming in establishment" cliche like from anime and light novels. But when I heard of their conversation, I internally let out laugh because I was the very cause of it because I did it all for public safety and memories we shared during the times before this.

"Hey Hiro-san, have you heard of something interesting here in Valencia lately?" a white haired beastman with an anchor-styled beard asked his companion, a younger brown haired(?) human male with matching eyes, who sat opposite side of their table.

"Ian, sigh, the last you told me..that time..recently.. the Guild Branch Manager here almost made me worry of my drinking habit. Sometimes, I hate you for making me an alcohol drinker the first place! You are almost a father and mentor to me yet I am not sure what to do."

"That kid..is you have to adjust. Anyway, the one I'll be talking about is the- " Ian laughed as he tried to explain but turned out one of the attendants, a waiter around his age, greeted him.

"Hi Ian-san and Hiro-san, nice seeing you here!"

"Nice seeing you too, Marc! How's your day today?"

"Same thing except for adventurers like you are not allowed to drink at a certain time"

"I know." the man laughed.

"Right...May I take your order? For today's special, we have- "

'I think I had enough of listening to their conversation' Completely going downstairs by taking the nearest right exit, which in this floor have two exits, I made my way there and saw the owner of this establishment himself, Christopher Farsight, standing by the door.

The male elf got blonde hair with emerald green eyes. He wore a black jacket that covered his chain mail shirt. The beige colored pants he wore got three holsters on the left and right side which I assumed for something on the lines of holding bladed weapons or throwing knife since he told me when I first came in his establishment earlier, was he's a retired silver-ranked adventurer.

His expression right now when he saw me about to leave the door was a cheery one.

"Going somewhere this night, Balin-san?"

I let out a smile as I chuckled slightly, "Well..I want to go for sight seeing or something..you know me being new visitor in Valencia."

"Hmm, how 'bout Valencia Night Market? It's a bit far South from here but can be worth it if you're lookin' for souvenirs and stuff."

"Thanks, I'm gonna check that place."

"Take care."

' Search: Valencia Night Market, Town of Valencia'


- Notice: "Valencia Night Market" Set As Target Destination. It's open until 12 AM.

- Caution: Be Mindful of Rowdy Adventurers And Other Unwanted Parties.


'Welp, I have to keep an eye on those types on my future restoration project then.' Thinking of my former now-merged alter part, I recalled something like a nation that once existed back in a day.

I am not really fond of people depending on me too much even leadership and ruling a country like that . It would be a horror if I were to have a mortal body but thankfully I am a god, a newly-minted reincarnated god of sort, who wanted nothing but to see others progress without a literal divine intervention affecting themselves very much unless there's a threat that is beyond mortal limits, I come down and fix it.

With those thoughts, I cracked a smile as I magically swapped my ranged gear with one of my melee gears.


"As if we're going to buy a fake product from you, let's get out of here Suzuka-chan."

A noise of trouble near the stalls caught my range.