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Chapter 15 Show Some Severity

Lin Mengya was worried, although she studied medicine, she still understood a little history.

Here was a feudal dynasty. If anything went wrong, she would be beheaded.

She glanced at Long Tianhao involuntarily, if she really did something wrong, would he save her?

"The new princess brings tea to the empress and the Concubine De."

The eunuchs of the squire drew up the curtain. Following Long Tianhao, Lin Mengya entered the inner chamber.

As soon as she entered the room, she smelled a mixed aroma.

It was the mixed taste of all kinds of flowers and plants. After careful identification, she could tell that there were more than ten kinds of precious spices in it.

No wonder it was a royal family with profound details, and even the spices used to scent clothes was valuable.

Respectfully standing beside Prince Yu, she saw eunuchs bring out a blue and white porcelain bowl.

It was top grade from its clear color.

But after seeing the cup, all the concubines' faces showed looks of watching the drama.

However, Concubine De's face became more melancholy.

Long Tianhao's eyes alighted with cold.

Perhaps other people didn't know the trick, but he knew it all.

Ordinary cups had two layers, so no matter how hot the tea inside was, the outside felt warm.

However, this cup was used by the masters of the palace to punish the concubines. The thin cup, as long as you touched, it felt like a hot iron.

Did it seem that the Empress really planned to make a fool of herself for humiliating Concubine De?

Unfortunately, he would not give her this chance!

"Clatter!" When Lin Mengya was about to take the cup, Long Tianhao captured the cup and threw it to the eunuch.

The scalding water instantly splashed on the eunuch's face and clothes, and the cup broke into numerous pieces.

"What a eunuch. The Empress was the mother of the nation. How dare you!"

Long Tianhao's ruthless voice suppressed everyone.

The burned eunuch was the Empress's confidant, so he had to bit his teeth and kept silent.

"Hao, what do you mean?"

A dignified voice sounded, although the tone was faint, Lin Mengya was slightly worried.

Although the Lins' eldest daughter was a fool, she still got some information.

For example, the Empress didn't like Prince Yu at all. If he was not protected by the power of the Concubine De's family and the Emperor, he wouldn't be so carefree.

Another example was the marriage with her.

"This eunuch deserves to die."

Long Tianhao looked straight at the Empress. The eunuch carrying the tea immediately knelt down and begged for mercy.

Everyone thought that the Empress would denounce Long Tianhao. However, the Empress just picked her eyebrows.

"Since Hao said he should be dead, then drag him down and beheaded."

Lin Mengya immediately had no good impression on the Empress.

He was only a eunuch, but he was also a human being and a life. He disappeared so easy like a grass.

However, there was none of her business.

"No need to serve tea. Come up and show me your princess."

All eyes were fixed on Lin Mengya. She grinned with her head hanging down. It seemed that it was time for her.

"Lin Mengya greets to the Empress. The Empress is blessed with peace."

The sweet and soft voice without any critical tone, instantly surprised all the concubines.