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Chapter 13 Preparing to Enter the Imperial Palace

Bleeding an animal was something Lin Mengya could do easily. She asked Long Tianhao for a small knife, and expertly drew a drop of blood from the bird and let it fall onto the bed. That was how their wedding night ended.

She fell asleep as soon as she got into bed, but Long Tianhao sat cross-legged on a couch opposite her for several hours.

To both of their surprise, a servant knocked on the door just before dawn.

"Respects to Prince Yu and Princess. It's time. Please get up."

Lin Mengya opened her bleary eyes. Last night, she had barely been able to get out of her bridal dress. Half awake, she heard Long Tianhao's low voice.

"Serve the princess and let her get up. I will take care of myself."

"Yes Your Highness."

The servants in the mansion were all respectful and courteous to Long Tianhao. Lin Mengya had never been treated like this. She had to let the servant girls help her dress.

In the reading room, Long Tianhao put on his daily clothes.

What happened last night had already changed his impression Lin Mengya.

It was obvious she was not a spy sent by the queen.

Although Marquis Zhennan's second wife was the queen's younger sister, she was not Lin Mengya's biological mother.

And he was very familiar with the queen’s tricks.

If Lin Mengya was really sent by the queen, she would have seduced him with every trick she had last night.

Lin Mengya was beautiful and smart, but the most impressive thing was her survival. What was the secret?

"Your Highness, the princess is ready. The carriage is also all set up outside the door. What are your orders?"

The housekeeper of the mansion stood respectfully, waiting for Long Tianhao's instructions.

Once he entered the Imperial Palace, he would have a chance to see his mother. Long Tianhao couldn't help but let his cold face soften a bit.

For these years, his mother had been treated very poorly, all for the sake of his father and him. He would rescue his mother from the cold Imperial Palace sooner or later.

"Congratulations to the new princess. May princess have sons early, as well as lots of children and grandchildren."

The servant girls, who served the princess in the mansion, stood in a line and saluted to their new princess.

"Thank you. You may leave now."

Lin Mengya was not used to so much attention, she smiled faintly and dismissed them.


Lin Mengya finally let herself relax. She massaged her temples. Fortunately, she usually stayed up all night for research anyways. Otherwise, she would have stayed in bed in exhaustion.

Looking at the beauty in the quicksilver mirror, Lin Mengya was stunned, even though it was her own reflection.

In her last life, she had been an icy beauty. Now she was a sweet and delicate lady. It was such a charming face with refined features and warm eyes.

She was not posing. The gentle charm came across in anything she did. She didn’t want to be shallow, but she was still happy to be so beautiful.

Behind the sweet charm, she still felt calm. The soul behind this face had changed.

Right now, her dark hair was coiled up in an elegant bun.

Her crown was carved with exquisite phoenixes and clouds. She wore a longevity lock embossed with the Magic Lotus for protection from death.

With a large, complex garment, Lin Mengya felt like an actress in an opera.

These clothes for the ancients were really a pain to get dressed in.