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Chapter 45 Threatening but Not Dangerous

Lin Mengya, who was leisurely visiting the Peach Blossom Dock didn't realize that Jiang Sheng was trying to destabilize her marriage just after she had been kidnapped last night.

Maybe she was the only one who could have a sound sleep in the enemy's headquarter.

"Girl, it's time to get up." Lin Mengya suddenly heard a delicate and sweet voice. She opened her eyes and found that Qinghu's face was enlarged and was very close to hers.

"You seemed to have grown up a little, right?" Lin Mengya pointed at his face and asked. When they first met, he was like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy.

After just one night, he seemed to have grown up from a boy to a young man.

Well, maybe she just woke up and didn't see him clearly.

"Yes! I think so! You gave me the prescription last night and I took some of the medicines. In the beginning, I felt that my limbs were bitten by ants and worms. It was so painful!"

Sitting happily at her bedside, Qinghu touched his face and was elated and satisfied.

"Did you take them orally?" Lin Mengya looked at the guy in front of her with doubts but she laughed in her sleeves.

He was so impatient.

"Yeah. But girl, it hurts so much and I might die of pain one day. Is there any way to ease it?"

Holding his face, Qinghu came closer to her face and looked at her piteously. It seemed that he was really afraid of the sharp pain.

"Well, yesterday I forgot to tell you that these medicines were very strong and you can take a medicated bath..."

After hearing what Lin Mengya had said, Qinghu's face suddenly changed.

Finally, he had to nod with reluctance. Taking a medicated bath was a better way but why didn't she tell him last night? Did she play tricks on him deliberately?

"You must remember that if you take a bath, you have to stop for half a month every three months. After about a year, you'll stop relying on that powder."

Although it would take a year to eradicate the poison, Qinghu was not dissatisfied at all.

He had been waiting for so many years and this was nothing to him.

"After a year, I will give you another prescription to eradicate the poison in your body. Please remember that you can no longer use the poisonous fragrance from now on."

Lin Mengya's main worry was that Qinghu couldn't resist the temptation of the poisonous fragrance.

If a drug abuser became addicted to drugs once again, it would be a lot more difficult for him/her to kick this habit. And the same was true for Qinghu.

"Don't worry, I hate the fragrance and I will never use it again."

A hint of coldness flashed across his eyes.

He had been living in hypocritical lies for many years.

Now, he finally found a chance and he would definitely free himself from that person's control.

"OK, please send me back now. I spent the night here and they must be very worried about me."

In fact, Lin Mengya could have given him all the prescriptions and asked him to find all the herbs and medicines.

However, when dealing with these murderous killers, the most important thing was that you have cards in your hands.

As long as she had something that Qinghu wanted, she could negotiate with him.

"OK! I'll ask someone to send you back immediately, please wait for a moment!"

Qinghu immediately went out to prepare for her leaving. Now, he was obedient to her in all things but he still refused to answer some important questions.

For example, what's the secret of the Peach Blossom Dock? Who was the one behind the scene? Why did it want to kill her?

"Girl, I've promised to protect you for three years, but I have something to do in the next three months. So you need to be very careful and I still want you to help me eradicate the poison!"

Lin Mengya was blindfolded once again and she heard Qinghu's voice.

Qinghu had told her that a mysterious customer had spent a lot of money asking them to kill her.

If they failed to kill her, Qinghu had to do something else to compensate this customer.

Lin Mengya nodded. She believed that no one could kill her except for Qinghu. So she was safe now.

A man carried Lin Mengya on his shoulders and she came over all dizzy.

She was getting farther away from the damp water vapor. She felt that she might be away from the Peach Blossom Dock.

She felt that she was put in a carriage and they were moving on an unknown road.

Lin Mengya secretly took off her blindfold and saw the gate of the capital city in the distance.

The gate was closed last night. How did they get out of the city?

"Laoliu, go see the woman. Is she asleep? We've walked for a long time, why didn't she make any sound?

Lin Mengya was scared by the sudden voice outside of the carriage.

She immediately lay down in the carriage as if she was really asleep.

"Yes, she's asleep. This woman is so careless. By the way, do you know why the young lord let her go? She was worth 100,000 taels of silver! Let's kill her and come back to get the money reward, what do you think?"

Lin Mengya was shocked by their words. Why did Qinghu choose these two greedy men to send her back?

"I also want to get the money. But if the young lord knows this, we will definitely be killed."

Human beings died in pursuit of wealth, and birds died in pursuit of food. Lin Mengya suddenly realized that she was in danger.

Sure enough, the two men outside discussed for a while and they turned the carriage around.

They would definitely kill her at a place where there was no one else!

"Hey, this woman is quite beautiful, let's first rape her and have fun."

"Haha, OK. When we find a place, you can enjoy it first."

Lin Mengya felt sick inside the carriage.

It was vile enough for them to kill her for money but now they even wanted to rape her!

Damn it!

It seemed that the carriage finally arrived at a secret place. Lin Mengya continued to pretend to be asleep and wait for the right moment.

"Why did you two bring my guest to this place?"

While she was thinking carefully to make a plan, she suddenly heard the soft voice of Qinghu outside of the carriage.

"Young... young lord!" They looked at the young man in front of them with fear and shock and they even stammered with dread.

"I've known that you two are not loyal to me. Well, this is a good opportunity to kill you."

Lin Mengya heard a sudden sound and then it became quiet once again.

"Girl, you can come out now."

Qinghu teased Lin Mengya who was sitting in the carriage with his cute and witty voice.

She looked out the carriage but found no one except for Qinghu who was wearing white clothes.

"Where are they?"

Lin Mengya pointed at the position of the driver and Qinghu waved the small bottle in his hand.

"This powder can reduce their corpses into ashes. I've already known that they have ulterior motives. I have a try and they are easily exposed."

Qinghu was quite proud while Lin Mengya wanted to smash her fists into his smug face.

Ulterior motives? Qinghu was lying! He was definitely taking vengeance on her! Because she hadn't told him that those medicines were used for bathing.

"Alright. Girl, I have to go."

Qinghu gave her a naughty smile, waved his sleeves and then disappeared in the forests.

Lin Mengya stared at him with anger and realized that she was deceived by this man once again!

Men couldn't be trusted!

"Miss Lin is back! Childe Yu, Miss Lin is back!"

Baizhi hadn't slept last night and her eyes were as red as that of the rabbits. She looked at Lin Mengya who was brought back by the guard team with excitement.

The Prince didn't allow them to spread the news, so only a few people of Prince Yu's Mansion knew that Miss Lin was missing.

But she didn't expect that Miss Lin would come back safely, so she became ecstatic in an instant. She pulled Lin Zhongyu who was worried and unhappy and rushed out of the yard to welcome Miss Lin.

"Miss Lin, are you alright?"

Baizhi was crying and her face was filled with tears and nasal discharges. Lin Mengya tried to stay away from her but Baizhi held her even tighter.

She could only give up the idea of trying to keep her clothes clean.

"Yeah, I'm back. Well, you see, I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Lin Zhongyu's eyes were also red. He and Baizhi were like chicks and Lin Mengya was the one who protected them.

"Come on, give me a hug. I don't want to keep this dress anyway."

She beckoned Lin Zhongyu to come closer and smiled with resignation.

"Sister Princess, welcome back."

Putting his head on the shoulders of Lin Mengya, Lin Zhongyu felt that his world finally restored peace.

Fortunately, Sister Princess was back.

Lin Kui looked at this scene of happy reunion made by the Princess with resignation.

When Baizhi stopped her loud crying and started to sob softly, Lin Kui finally found a chance to speak.

"Princess, the Prince wants you to come over, please..."

Looking at the Princess whose clothes were crumpled, Lin Kui didn't urge her to hurry up.

"OK, I will change my clothes and come over quickly."

Lin Mengya smiled helplessly. Gee, she had been kidnapped for a night and her clothes were still clean and tidy.

But she didn't expect that her clothes would be stained with tears and nasal discharges of Baizhi after coming back. It was funny.

After she had freshened up, Lin Mengya followed Lin Kui and went to the study room of Long Tianhao.

After she had interrogated the governor in the secret prison, she also became one of the aides of Long Tianhao. So she could participate in their discussions and meetings.

And she had never seen these people before.

"Pay respect to Princess Yu."

They knelt and pay respects to her. But she was only a fake Princess.

Lin Mengya looked at Long Tianhao and found that he didn't show any objection to their behavior.

Then she realized that it was also part of her task to pretend to be the Princess.

"Don't be so polite. We're a family and these courtesies are unnecessary."

She replied generously and found that these men were looking at her appreciatively.

She smiled softly and also sat in the seat of the study room.

"What happened last night?"

Long Tianhao asked without even raising his head. Lin Mengya thought for a while and told them her ideas.

"I was knocked out and locked in the Peach Blossom Dock yesterday. Besides, I guess that the Peach Blossom Dock is hidden in a port of the capital city!"