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Chapter 26 A Slap in the Face

"How daring! How dare you call Princess by her name?" The eunuch standing by Long Tianhao's side shouted in a loud voice so that the trivial matter could just be heard by everyone in the hall.

Lin Mengya stood there, keeping silent. She did not intend to dissuade the eunuch from making a fuss.

"Miss Lin, even though you're the princess's sister, you should know the ordering relationships by status. You don't have any title but called Princess by her name, which is disrespectful to Princess!"

Long Tianhao watched this farce with a cold look. No wonder early in this morning, Lin Mengya called his personal servant Moral to enter the chamber and planned a plot for a good while. Now Moral suddenly scolded Lin Mengwu. Was it because of what happened last night?

He could not help but shake his head in his heart. "This girl is very smart, but she is not good at scheming."

"I... I just ..." Lin Mengwu had been spoiled by her mother since she was born.

It was the first time she had encountered such a thing. Her silver tongue seemed to be less charming.

"Eunuch, don't be mad. It's just that the sisters used to bicker at home, so she forgot the rules for the moment. Wu'er, come and apologize to your sister quickly." Shangguan Qing said in a mild voice, with a kind of affection revealed in her water-like eyes.

She really looked like a loving mother, who was doting on her daughters. However, Lin Mengwu gritted her teeth and had no intention of making an apology.

How was it possible to let her bow to that little bitch?!

Lin Mengwu stared at Lin Mengya with a jealous and resentful look as if her eyes would pierce a hole in the latter's body.

"Princess Yu? To put it bluntly, she is just a pawn in my aunt Queen's hands."

"Moral, forget it. She's my sister. I believe that my sister has just forgotten her identity. Now it's getting late. Lord still has something to do. Mother and sister, thanks for your hospitality."

Bowing slightly, Lin Mengya turned to leave the hall of the Lin family, followed by Long Tianhao. A vast crowd of servants immediately tagged along with the couple.

What a splendid scene! However, Lin Mengwu and Shangguan Qing could only kneel down and see them off.

"Mother, look, is that Ruyue, who has served in Lin Mengya's courtyard? How did she get into the procession? I'll call her back..." Lin Mengwu was about to get up and grabbed by Shangguan Qing. The latter shook her head and looked furious, as if fire would spurt from her eyes.

She sneered. As she saw the people from the Prince Yu's Mansion disappear in the gate of their mansion, Shangguan Qing pulled her aggrieved daughter and stood up.

"All of you may excuse yourself. Mother Li, stay and wait on us." Then the servants filed out. No one dared to stay for half a minute.

There were only three people in the hall. Shangguan Qing withdrew her kind and amiable expression. The next moment, she put on a fierce look.

With a crash, the gray jade vase with coloured glaze on the table had turned into a pile of debris. It was Lin Mengwu who threw it onto the ground.

"Mother, I don't understand, why did you tolerate the little bitch? She is just Princess Yu, who has no power, but you're Queen's sister, so you have higher status than her, but why didn't you scold her when she humiliated me today?"

Tears of grievance and unwillingness flowed from her pretty eyes, streaming down her little face. She looked pitiful when she cried.

However, Shangguan Qing just stared at her daughter, with a miffed look. She seemed to be regretting that her daughter did not live up to her expectations.

"Wu'er, do you know why Lin Mengya suddenly provoked you today?"

Lin Mengwu blinked her eyes and answered in a trembling voice, "Didn't she do it for showing off the princess's authority to let all the people in our mansion know her status is superior to mine?"

Lin Mengwu's angry voice mingled with the chilling coldness. She was anxious to kill the woman so that she could vent her anger.

Shangguan Qing looked at her daughter while shaking her head. "The girl the woman gave birth to has become a shrewd princess, but why is my daughter still so stupid?

"Is it because she has been taken under my wing so that she lost the skills to fight with Lin Mengya?

"The battle for the throne is fierce and needs many sacrifices. If she didn't change her character, I'm afraid Wu'er would be unable to fight against Lin Mengya."

"She has long wanted to take Ruyue away, but Ruyue was born in our family. Even if she insisted on doing this, she would not make it as long as we disagreed to her request. But today, she provoked you on purpose and let you make a mistake. Then she pretended to forgive you. In that case, she took Ruyue away and I could not stop her. Do you understand?"

Shangguan Qing said in a calm tone, which made Lin Mengwu stop crying.

"Mother, did you make a fuss? How could the girl be so scheming?" Lin Mengwu was unwilling to believe it and thought her elder sister could not defeat them even if she became smart.

Shangguan Qing sighed softly and replied in a low voice, "In those days, her mother was a master of scheming. If not... Remember, you can't be impulsive any more. Lin Mengya needs to be removed, but you should value your reputation. You are the real first daughter of the Lin family. In the future, you'll be a princess. Killing people by subtle means is the best way. Do you understand?"

After yesterday's failure, Shangguan Qing no longer allowed Lin Mengwu to react at will.

There must be a bloody battle in the royal court. She had to carefully plan for her daughter's future.

In the spacious carriage, Long Tianhao was lying on the sapphire cushion with his eyes closed.

He did not expect that Lin Mengya brought a little girl with her. He thought maybe she used to be served by the girl. However, the two girls had been chattering away since they sat down.

"Miss, you're awesome! Madam could only keep silent. Look at Miss Mengwu's expression, I'm afraid the girls in her courtyard would suffer!" Ruyue felt lucky and patted her chest. She had thought Madam would grab her back.

However, Miss Mengya only asked her to walk in the crowd without worry.

Instantly, Lin Mengya had become the idol of Ruyue.

"All these things can be achieved because of the prince's support. If you want to show your appreciation, then thank him," Lin Mengya said. Then she held an ancient book of Lin'an and curled up in a corner of the carriage.

She peeped at Long Tianhao. Seeing that he did not react violently, she felt relieved.

This morning, she had threatened and enticed Moral by using her silver tongue so that he agreed to help her.

Lin Mengwu reacted as she thought and took the bait easily. With this cooperative antagonist, Li Mengya even felt it was a bit strange that things went smoothly.

"But, Miss, how did you know that Madam would not block us?" Ruyue asked. Her eyes were widened and her face was full of curiosity.

She quickly peeled the orange and gave it to Lin Mengya, who only responded with a gentle smile.

"What a miss! She even can't tell me the truth!"

This carriage, somehow, jolted.

Long Tianhao did not know why a little bit of anger rose in his heart.

Although the carriage was spacious, he, a two-meter-tall man, reclined on the cushion, which occupied half of the space.

The girl and her maid could only curl up in a corner.

The dense eyelashes slightly blocked his sight, but his gaze inadvertently fell on Lin Mengya, who looked calm and composed.

She was only 15 or 16, but why did she look as if she had seen through everything? No matter what happened, a hint of panic had never flashed through her eyes.

His tiptoe touched Lin Mengya's skirt unintentionally because of carriage jolt. The latter seemed to shrink.

"Why is this carriage so confined today? Why do I feel depressed? Even the road has become so uneven."

"Stop." A deep voice rang out and the carriage stopped abruptly.

Long Tianhao got out of the carriage without hesitation. The passionate night with Lin Mengya popped into his mind.

He should not behave like that even if it was the effect of philter.

A burst of anger came from nowhere. The slender figure had strode away on the street.

"Miss, what's wrong with the prince?" Ruyue tilted her head and stuck out to see the man on the street. She could not understand for he looked good just now.

"I don't know, probably because the carriage is too small. Forget it, ask the coachman to go the biggest drugstore. I have some medicine to buy." Thinking for a while, Lin Mengya gave up the idea of catching up with him to inquire further.

The man's bad feelings came quickly and disappeared quickly, so she did not want to provoke him again.

Besides, her own affairs had not been fixed.

She turned another page and stretched her legs. Ruyue was very thoughtful and started to beat the princess's legs, which helped her ease the feeling of numbness and distension.

Lin Mengya thought the residual poison remained in her body. If she let the poison erode her body little by little, she would have to drink tea with the white-bearded elder in the sky in less than three years. (It means that she would die)

"Yes, Prince Yu."

In the Myriad Drug Pavilion of Dadu.

Early in the morning, the shopkeeper of Myriad Drug Pavilion stood by the small window on the second floor while watching the endless stream of people walking on the street.

A proud look was revealed on his face.

In Dadu, everyone knew the Myriad Drug Pavilion because only his store had all the medicine in Jin State.

Regardless of 1,000 years of Ginseng or 10,000 years of Ganoderma lucidum, customers could find the medicinal materials they needed in here as long as they could afford it.

In the distance, a black tarpaulin carriage came into view. Although it looked plain, the four corners of the carriage roof were decorated with...

Moreover, the carriage was flanked by eight young guards. The shopkeeper thought it must be a distinguished guest coming.