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Chapter 42 The One Behind the Scene

"Peach blossom order? What's that?" Lin Mengya looked at the governor in front of her and asked. She originally thought that this was just a simple retaliation but she didn't expect that a big gang was also involved in this event.

"Peach blossom order is a token used to transfer the killers. It will be destroyed after being used. So no one can see it except for the killers of the Peach Blossom Dock."

"OK. Detoxify him. He has said so many things and would definitely be killed even we let him go."

Lin Mengya turned and left the prison.

He was only an insignificant person. He was abandoned because he didn't know the core secrets.

But he might be useful to them, so she decided to keep him.

In fact, it was easy to make the antidote for the bliss powder. You only needed to add water to the plain vinegar and poured the liquid on your itchy body part. However, the process of detoxification was a torment for the governor at this moment.

"Princess, I'm going to report on our interrogation to the Prince. Do you have anything to say to the Prince?"

Steward Deng held testimony in his hand and stood respectfully behind Lin Mengya.

"No, I have nothing to tell the Prince. But don't let Jiang Sheng enter this place anymore. And stop him from meeting these prisoners here."

Lin Mengya admitted that she was not a traditional good person.

Compared with those who tried not to offend anybody, she was a poisonous snake.

She sprayed the venom, stuck out the tongue, squatted in her own territory and stopped anyone from invading.

Only in this way could she protect her loved ones in the turbulent days.

They might think that she was cruel and vicious, but she didn't care what people thought of her. She would use any means to survive and lead a good life.

"Yes, master. I understand."

Steward Deng also knew Jiang Sheng's weakness but he could do nothing because this young man was...

"Cousin, your Princess is so arrogant and even I have to follow her orders." Jiang Sheng looked unhappy and walked into the study of Long Tianhao.

"I told you before that you'd better stay away from the prison." Long Tianhao ignored his complaints. Looking at the testimony about the Peach Blossom Dock on the desk, he frowned slightly.

Peach Blossom Dock was mysterious. Over the past few years, it had always been the top one organization in this country, why did they want to kill Lin Mengya? She was only a young girl.

"You don't know how she tortured the governor. She doesn't like a girl at all. She's so cruel and vicious. How can she deal with the affairs in the mansion and serve your mother?"

He was still getting over the shock of what the woman had done.

If someone pissed her off, their life would become a nightmare.

"Why do you come here today?" Long Tianhao kept a poker face and asked him. Jiang Sheng was the son of his oldest maternal uncle. He was naturally interested in medical skills, so uncle sent him to the highly skilled Doctor Jiang who was a member of the same clan.

He was a good doctor, but he was too warm-hearted and ingenious.

"I come here for Ruqin!" Jiang Sheng had a headache when he thought of his twin sister.

"She cried three days and three nights after knowing that you got married. My mom and dad couldn't bear her tears and sent her back to our hometown in Tongzhou. If I had known that your Princess was so terrifying, I would have..."

"I have my own plan for my things." Long Tianhao interrupted with a touch of discontent and Jiang Sheng stopped speaking immediately.

His cousin was perfect, but he was more eccentric than his sister.

Ruqin was also pathetic. She only loved her cousin for all these years but it was just the unrequited love and was fruitless.

Lin Mengya returned to her yard. She was a little tired after watching the torture and confession for a day.

She ordered gossipy Baizhi to prepare food in the little kitchen and asked cute Lin Zhongyu to massage her shoulders.

"The injuries on your back are not recovered yet. Come on, sit next to me and we can have a talk."

In these days, numerous tonics had been sent to her. She also asked Lin Zhongyu to eat some of these nourishing foods. His thin face started to become round and he was also more bright and cheerful.

"I'm not tired. Sister, please bring me no matter where you go." Lin Zhongyu looked at Lin Mengya with tears in his eyes and she couldn't turn down his request.

"OK, I promise you." This little guy was very polite and called the servants as sister or aunt. They all liked him very much.

He would definitely become the lady-killer in the capital city when he grew up.

Many girls would be attracted to him. It seemed that she must prepare rich betrothal gifts for him early.

"I... Sister... I'm so sleepy." Lin Zhongyu rubbed his eyes and fell on the ground before even finishing his words.

The room was filled with the sweet smiled and Lin Mengya realized that something was wrong.

This must be the knockout incense.

In her mind, the poison radar immediately alerted, and Lin Mengya secretly used the golden hairpin on her head to stimulate the acupuncture points that could help her to stay awake.

These were bad guys!

"All of them are knocked out! Bring her away!"

Lin Mengya closed her eyes and tried to keep her breathing steady and slow.

Luckily, she was their target and Xiaoyu was left aside by them.

Lin Mengya was covered with a sack and was taken out of Prince Yu's Mansion in secret.

There was a faint blood smell in the air. It seemed that the guards of the mansion had already been killed.

She secretly took her golden hairpin and poked a small hole in the sack.

It was dark outside. She could only see the light in the distance, but she wasn't sure where she was.

Several people put her on the carriage, and after an hour of journey, they finally arrived at the destiny.

She heard the water sound and noticed that someone was paddling a boat in the distance. Lin Mengya suddenly realized where it was.

"Young Lord, the Princess Yu is here!"

Bingo! They were at the Peach Blossom Dock!

"Well, you can leave. I want to talk something with this girl." Lin Mengya was disgusted when she heard his feminine voice.

He was an old man in his fifties while he pretended to be a young boy. Shame on him!

The two men threw her out of the bag. Lin Mengya fell on the ground with a splash. She felt painful.

"Wake this girl up." As he stopped speaking, Lin Mengya suddenly smelled a stinky smell.

Then she suddenly sobered up. This thing was more effective than the Red Bull and coffee.

"Oh! What's this! It's stinky!" Lin Mengya woke up and quickly crawled to the corner of the room.

They had never seen anyone who could move so quickly after waking up from the knockout incense. The young lord and the other two men were shocked and looked at Lin Mengya.

"Hey, you're agile. You two can leave and I want to talk with the Princess Yu alone."

After the young lord stopped speaking, a teenage boy in a red robe appeared and stood in front of Lin Mengya.

When she first met him, he was just a dusty and plain boy.

Now, wearing this red robe, he was charming and had a neutral beauty.

His collar was unbuttoned and she could see his slender and white chest.

His lips were red and he raised his beautiful eyes. You would feel melted after being watched by him for a while.

But he was a wretched old man who practiced sorcerer! He was a wretched old man who practiced sorcerer! He was a wretched old man who practiced sorcerer!

Lin Mengya warned herself in her heart. She wouldn't be moved and deceived by his beauty!

"Why did you grab me and take me here? Let me go and I want to sleep!" Lin Mengya was not afraid at all. She didn't know much information about this man. But he was in his fifties while he still pretended to be a boy, which meant that he must be a psychopath! An old psychopath!

"You're so heartless. I invite you to come over here because I miss you. You scared me before and I want to take revenge today."

The young lord gave her a sinister smile. She was indeed an unusual girl.

Ordinary women would definitely be in a panic if they were confronted with this.

Why was this girl so calm?

"Do you want to chat with me? That's absurd! What's your purpose?"

Lin Mengya looked at him coldly. She should be more alert when he talked to her in this gentle tone.

"It's not a big deal. I just want you to try the medicine. I heard that you were a fool before and became smart the day when you got married. So I think that you have no loss if you become a fool once again."

The young lord looked at Lin Mengya with a smile, as if he was playing with a kitten and a puppy.

He was so vicious!

Lin Mengya suddenly changed from a normal kid to a fool when she was a child. It was abnormal. She was sure that someone had poisoned her.

"Well. I've already caught by you and I also have no other choices now. I don't want to eat the medicine without knowing anything. Can you tell me who asked you to do this?"

Lin Mengya had the final card to save herself and this was her poison radar.

Even if she became a fool, she might tell others the antidote by accident one day.

Now she wanted to find out the people behind the scene.

"Well, I can't tell you this," The young lord said and Lin Mengya was desperate.

"I'm a fool and I will never tell this secret to others even though you tell me, right?"

Lin Mengya continued to lure and persuade him while the smile on his face gradually became sinister.

"Well, stop trying to deceive me. To tell the truth, you will not only become a fool. You'll also become deaf, blind and lame. More importantly, you will lose your beauty!"

Lin Mengya was surprised after hearing what the young lord had said.

Who was it? Why did he/she hate me so much!

Were they Shangguan Qing and Lin Mengwu? No, it was impossible. The killers of the Peach Blossom Dock were very expensive. Moreover, it was the young lord who dealt with her in person.

No! They didn't have the power!

"Wow! Look at your eyes! You must be making a plan to entrap me! You're so naughty. I was entrapped by you once and do you think I'll make the same mistake?"