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Chapter 28 A Tricky Teenager

Lin Mengya had no other skills when she was still a fool, but she had an extraordinarily retentive memory, so the content of the book had naturally been imprinted on her mind.

"Oh! It turned out to be so! But miss, you gave the jade ring to Shopkeeper Wan. Weren't you afraid that he would not give it back to you?"

The jade ring looked expensive. Miss Mengya only had a few pieces of jewellery. If Shopkeeper Wan did not return it, would Miss Mengya suffer a loss?

"He doesn't dare to," Lin Mengya said in a flat but firm voice. Then she no longer answered this curious baby's question and focused her attention on the book.

The ancient book of Lin'an related the miscellaneous affairs and folkways of previous dynasties. She did not expect that Long Tianhao would be interested in it.

Sure enough, you couldn't judge a book by its cover.

The hurtling carriage suddenly stopped, and in an instant, Lin Mengya heard a commotion outside and frowned.

Ruyue immediately lifted the curtain of the small window and talked with the guard outside.

"A boy came from nowhere and suddenly rushed out of the shop on the street. He blamed the accident on us and said our carriage collided with him. Miss, just wait for a while. Guard Lin said they would soon fix it."

"Yo, I didn't expect to encounter someone who staged a fake accident to claim for compensation in here."

Lin Mengya immediately showed some interest for she had encountered it twice while driving.

However, every time she calmly insisted on calling the police, the other party could only let it go. What would it look like in the ancient days when there was no professional injury examination organization?

"Go, let's get out and have a look." Lin Mengya had got out of the carriage quickly before Ruyue could stop her.

The crowd of onlookers could not help acclaiming when they saw the absolutely gorgeous young lady.

Of course, most of them came to watch the farce with amusement.

Lin Mengya moved forward at a leisurely pace and saw a young man lying on the ground and holding his arm three meters away from her carriage.

Several burly men by his side were confronting her guards and coachman. She had no interest in what the hooligans were saying.

However, when she saw that the teenager's face looked like white paper and his left arm bent at a strange angle, she thought he might suffer fractures.

"Show me your arm." Lin Mengya walked over and said. The teenager should suffer a lot of pain, but he only held his arm, coldly looked at the farce in front of him and did not let out a cry.

"What can you do after having a look? If you're tactful, you should give me some money and leave." The teenager's jaw trembled slightly because of the sharp pain, but to her surprise, his voice sounded cold.

Oh? Lin Mengya looked at the group of unreasonable people and then at the teenager as she thought it seemed that he had not staged the accident!

The teenager thought Lin Mengya was only an ordinary lady, so he did not expect that the young lady quickly pinched his shoulder.

The teenager, who had suffered pains, stared at the young lady in front of him with resentment, but he surprisedly found that the lady was so young!

"Nothing, it's just the dislocation. Ruyue, pin him on the ground and I'll set his bone." Lin Mengya was a bit interested in the teenager, whose eyes looked like a lonely wolf.

What a cruel look! It shouldn't belong to a street hooligan.

Ruyue thought her miss would punish the tricky teenager, so she pinned the teenager's body with great strength.

Lin Mengya raised her hands. After a few moves, she exerted her strength. With the sound "crack", the teenager's arm was set to its original position.

"Hrm..." The teenager bit his lip and almost chewed up his thin pale lip. After a sharp pain, he had a feeling that his arm was recovered.

"Stretch it. But you should pay attention to it. It will be bad if you get habitual dislocation. Ruyue, go to find me some boards and I'll give him a simple bandage."

When she was expertly giving him first aid, Lin Mengya looked into the teenager's dull eyes and flashed him a gentle smile.

"Are you, you a doctor?" The teenager stared at the pretty young girl. His eyes were full of disbelief.

"I'm not a doctor. I just know some first aid treatment." Ruyue came back with some boards. Lin Mengya tore off her skirt's hemline without hesitation. Hearing the sound of tearing the silk, Ruyue felt her heart ache.

"Miss, do you know that the skirt is made of Yunluo Satin that Baique Country offered as tribute. A bolt of cloth is valued at hundreds of gold!

"Whoops, Miss, you really lavished money!"

Simply Bandaging up the teenager's arm, Lin Mengya was not distressed at the ruined skirt.

The teenager stared at Lin Mengya. When his arm was bandaged, he still did not avert his gaze.

"Why are you looking at me? Do I have silver on my face?" Seeing this boy at close distance, she found his facial features were extremely delicate, although he was only 12 or 13 years old.

Hearing it, the teenager immediately turned his eyes away. His little face flushed.

Although he had a dried blood scab on his dirty forehead and his face was thin, his long and narrow eyes radiated a faint evil air.

"A handsome boy!" Lin Mengya could not help but sigh in her heart. "But why is this little guy associated with the group of local ruffians and hooligans?"

"Madam, you'd better give them some silver and go. Otherwise, they will pester you." Maybe because Lin Mengya cured his arm, the little guy changed his attitude and treated her better.

"Silver? I won't give them any silver. Whatever, they can report the case to the official." Lin Mengya raised his eyebrows slightly and thought the group of people dared to flagrantly blackmail her and must have insiders in the officials.

However, that would be fine because she belonged to the privileged class now. As for the status, no one here would be higher than her.

"Madam, you're a good person. Those people are from the Willow Gang, which is famous in this city. If your servants provoke one of them, they will yield on the surface, but they will secretly look for someone to keep an eye on your mansion. At that time, your family will be out of luck!"

The little guy lowered his voice. It sounded that he was a bit anxious and worried about the lady.

"What is the Willow Gang?" Lin Mengya searched her memory but could not recall anything. Lin Mengya was just a daughter of the official family. No wonder she was not clear about it.

"Don't worry. If they're powerful, they can go to my mansion to make trouble." It was estimated that it would be one way trip for them according to Long Tianhao's character.

If they wanted to make a fuss in the prince's mansion, there was no doubt that they were courting death.

"You, you really could not tell good from bad!" The teenager got more anxious. He did not expect to encounter such a stubborn person.

Lin Mengya replied, "Well, you can rest assured. Even if it is brought to the court, I will not be afraid of them. Can you still stand up?" The teenager only wore a grey robe. As he got up, the tattered dirty clothes were shown.

There were dark blood marks left on the clothes. Lin Mengya touched it and found the blood had hardened.

"They hit you!" Li Mengya got mad. In the past, when she was in an orphanage, she often met abducted children who had been rescued.

It was good for them to be sold to ordinary families for at least they would not be short of clothes and food.

If some were sold to beggar gangs, those who were beaten and suffered starvation were lucky because some of them would get limbs broken and faces disfigured and became monsters.

A flicker of irony was revealed in the teenager's eyes. He seemed to care nothing.

The gentlest part of Lin Mengya's heart was touched as if she saw the younger brothers and sisters who had been taken care of in the orphanage.

"Go, come with me." She grabbed the boy's skinny hand. It was the first time that Lin Mengya had got angry.

How shameless the wicked men were! They actually did this sort of evil thing!

Needless to say, they must have dislocated the teenager's arm. If the teenager suffered habitual dislocation, they would cut off his hands and feet!

"Oh, miss, what are you going to do with the little beggar?" Even though she was silly, Ruyue also understood what her miss would do.

However, when she wanted to prevent her, she received a cold glance from her miss.

"Whoops, it's true that the young lady is getting better, but she becomes a bit fierce now."

"Look, my little brother was hit by your carriage and was paralyzed. If you don't pay me eight or ten taels, we'll go to the yamen to argue!" Outside the carriage, three men dressed in ordinary clothes firmly blocked their way.

Two of them kept an eye on the people around them, and a wicked man started to complain first, his saliva flying across.

The onlookers all understood that they were staging a fake accident to claim for compensation. However, hearing the strong man's shout, the onlookers started to heckle the perpetrator. Several guards could not hold back the urge to beat them, but when they were about to do it, they saw that the princess was walking over while holding the hand of the teenager who pretended to be injured.

Without the master's orders, the guards and the coachman did not dare to make a move.

Lin Mengya wore a frosty look. Even the guards were a little scared when seeing her expression.

"Do you want to reason with me? Come, follow me to this teahouse and find a private room. We can have a talk while drinking tea." The three tall burly men heard a clear voice behind them.

They turned around, only to see a stunning little lady appear from nowhere and take the little bastard's hand.

The three men winked at each other. The capital city was full of beautiful women. Unfortunately, it was rare for them to have a look.

Now they casually made a swindle on the street and actually saw a great beauty. They all felt they had good luck.

Lin Mengya thought for a while and knew what disgusting idea the three men had in their minds.

If they wanted to take advantage of her, it would be a long way off with their simple minds and well-developed limbs.

She immediately asked Ruyue to say a few words to Guard Lin. Then she looked at the three husky men with disdain.

"Since the beauty has said so, we'll happy to accompany you!" The man, who had a silver tongue, winked at the crowd in some direction.

The three men leered at the pretty lady in front of them. Their eyes were full of lust as if they were very anxious to pounce on her now.