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Chapter 9 Enter the Bridal Chamber

A burst of heartbeat made Lin Mengya less calm than before.

This was her first marriage, whether in her previous life or in this life.

As for entering the bridal chamber, it was the first time in her entire life.

Her small hands tightly grabbed the skirt, thinking "entering the bridal chamber means to be..."

"God, can I go home now?"

Long Tianhao, with a cold face, returned to his wedding room as cool as a cucumber.

There were many Chinese characters of "Xi" in bright red (means happiness) in the gaily decorated wedding room. He drove the matchmaker and the maids from the palace out of the room.

Let alone the marriage that he didn't like, even if he had to marry in the future, he would not allow the irrelevant people to guide his wedding night.

The dragon-phoenix red candles as thick as arms on the table lit up the room.

Through the curtains which looked like the red clouds, he could vaguely see the new bride sitting on the bed.

It was said that the daughter of the Lin family was not only insane but also rude and ugly.

"The Queen gave me a Princess Yu like her. She really loves me."

But, thinking of her reaction when they were entering the Mansion, he felt interesting.

He lifted the corners of his mouth and revealed a sneer—this little woman seemed to hide a lot of secrets.

The footsteps were closer and closer to herself, and her heart beated like playing the drum.

She thought hard and recalled the scenes she had seen on TV.

She had heard that after the noble's wedding night always had special people to check the situation.

Was she going to make a sacrifice for this which she had never done before? Once this absurd idea occurred to her, Lin Meng Ya would no longer calm down while staring at her toes.

Although this body was not hers...

When she was thinking, the big feet in cloud boots made from Panlong spun gold stopped in front of her.

Through the gap in the veil, Lin Mengya could just see the man's toes.

"Was he going to lift the veil? And what she should do would be the most accurate response." Lin Mengya's hands clenched the bright red cotton cover.

At this moment, she felt that it was even more confusing than when she was interviewed for the postgraduate study.

"I have something to ask you and you should answer me honestly." The room was quiet and empty, and they only heard the sounds of their breathing.

Although this condescending tone made her very uncomfortable, she had to submit to humiliation because of the vicious class society here.

She nodded obediently, and obviously, her well-behaved reaction seemed to please Long Tianhao, so his impassive tone also rarely softened a little.

"That dates—have you ever eaten anything before you ate it?" Long Tianhao raised his eyebrows. At this moment, he had some of the big red dates in his hands.

Everyone said that the dates meant having a baby soon, but they were poison and they could kill people. Let alone ordinary people eat one, even if they sniffed a bit, they would feel dizzy for hours.

Unexpectedly, the girl was so miraculous that she survived after eating the dates.

"If there was no odd in it, I was afraid that even the ghosts would not believe it."

"No." Her sound was euphemistic and melodious and her answer was clean and neat. There was nothing questionable with her answer.

He raised his eyebrows slightly. This woman sounded calm and proud, and she was neither haughty nor humble as if she was not the elder daughter in the Lin family in the rumor.

"A straightforward person didn't resort to insinuations. I believed you know better than me what was on the dates. Tell me why—"

"Why am I alive after eating those fresh dates?" Lin Mengya raised her hands and took the veil off her head.