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Chapter 11 The Embarrassing Wedding Night

"Only the medicine you have here? For example, what if I need Cloud-Dragon Fog. It would be an effective antidote, but it's extremely difficult to find. I am afraid there’s only a few pills in the whole of Jin state.”

Lin Mengya's voice was sweet, smooth and youthful. It didn't have the self-conscious affectation of ordinary aristocratic family ladies.

"Is that so?" Long Tianhao frowned slightly, and the first daughter of the Lin family made him take another look at her. He’d never even heard of Cloud-Dragon Fog. "I've heard that the first daughter of the Lin family was stupid, stubborn, and unbearable."

The compliment was backhanded, but Lin Mengya just smiled generously.

"Has the prince ever heard the phrase ‘believe what you see, not what you hear’? Those people who said that I was stupid must be those who had not seen me yet. Prince, seeing me, do you think I am stupid?"

She gently and skillfully turned the question back to Long Tianhao.

He couldn’t refute that. Did this girl pretend to be silly in order to protect herself? His affection for her was immediately lessened. He had grown up surrounded by conspiracies. Each step was a trap in the palace.

He was arranged to marriage a scheming woman, and he still didn’t know why the queen had chosen this match.

Lin Mengya, who had sensitive hearing, heard footsteps outside.

"Someone’s coming!"

The steps got softer, but she could hear the rustle of fabric now. Long Tianhao could hear them too, but didn’t plan to take any action yet.

Unexpectedly, Lin Mengya had sensitive hearing.

She was an alert person, but-

Did she really understand why these people were here?

She frowned and suddenly remembered a problem.

It was said that during the wedding nights of the ancient royals, someone outside would listen in on the bridal chamber. The old eunuchs or nannies would listen in on the first night of marriage to confirm it had been consummated.

She really didn't understand how ancient people thought.

How could such an intimate thing be casually heard by an outsider?

She looked at Long Tianhao with embarrassment. He sat tall and straight, and a bold idea flashed into her mind.

She grabbed Long Tianhao’s fine clothes, her wide eyes filled with cunning.

"If you want the recipe for the antidote, you might as well act in a play with me!" Long Tianhao raised his eyebrows, revealing a little bit of a smile.

Holding the cloth of Long Tianhao, Lin Mengya looked at the handsome man a bit nervously.

Oh, my god, how could she actually do this out loud?

Was she really going to tell a prince to play along in an X-rated play?

Just thinking about it, it seemed too absurd.

"This is a wonderful occasion, so Prince and Princess, please drink wine from each other’s cups!"

A shrill sound came from outside the window.

Lin Mengya was startled. As she flinched, she gave a sharp tug on the prince’s clothing. Without warning, he was pulled onto the red wedding bed.

Outside, the eunuchs and nannies could hear the thud as he landed on the bed. They chuckled to each other.

The prince tried to play it so cool, but it sounded like he was just like any other man. He pretended to have no interest in women, but now that he had a new princess, he was clearly impatient.

Inside, Long Tianhao’s face darkened.