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Chapter 44 Didn't Find Her

"Prince, my sister... my sister is..." As soon as he woke up, Lin Zhongyu grabbed the sleeves of Long Tianhao and urged him to save his sister.

"Do you see who kidnapped your sister?" Long Tianhao frowned and asked. Even though the windows were open, he could still smell the knockout incense. It seemed that the Peach Blossom Dock was well prepared.

People barely noticed the activities all around them and these guys had taken advantage of this to kidnap the Princess in his own mansion. How dare they!

"Sorry, I didn't see them. I only remembered talking to my sister and after a while, I felt dizzy. Then, when I woke up, Sister Princess was missing."

Lin Zhongyu hit himself on the head remorsefully. Why didn't that group of people take him away? He wanted to be with Sister Princess.

Was she afraid?

"Lin Kui, bring along the guards of the mansion to check the major docks. Steward Deng, search the mansion carefully to see if there are any clues. Without the moles, they couldn't have found out her room so easily."


He suddenly saw a gold hairpin on the messy bed.

Long Tianhao picked it up and found a little blood in the one end of it.

Maybe Lin Mengya hadn't been knocked out.

Lin Mengya, who had been brought to the so-called cell by Qingluan and Huofeng was sitting at the window and thinking carefully.

If she guessed right, she was at the bottom of the boat.

She knocked on the hazy and transparent window and thought that it might be made of the crystal.

It was pitch dark outside the crystal window and she could only see light passing by occasionally. After watching more carefully, Lin Mengya realized that they were deep in the water!

Gee, how could they do this without modern science and technology?

Everyone believed that the headquarter of the Peach Blossom Dock should be a huge dock.

But they didn't expect that the main body of the Peach Blossom Dock was hidden under the water.

Now, it was even more difficult for her to escape from this place.

"Little girl, it's difficult to come out of here." The closed door was suddenly pushed open and Qinghu was standing at the door idly.

"Why should I run away? You will send me back sooner or later."

Lin Mengya was not afraid at all. She was sitting at the window and looked at Qinghu leisurely.

"I promise to protect you for three years. But you must help me to eradicate my poison." Qinghu walked over and sat in the chair in the room.

He looked more lonely and less frivolous than before.

"Sure, I promise. But I'm curious about you. Who raised you? Who made you become such an excellent killer?"

The special fragrance of Qinghu could help him get great internal strength in a short time. But unluckily, it was addictive and he would feel extremely painful every month.

"I'm an orphan and the previous owner of the Peach Blossom Dock adopted me and became my master."

Under the dim light of the room, she could see a certain sadness in his face.

Lin Mengya turned her head and said lightly, "Stop trying to soften me up, it's useless."

After hearing her words, Qinghu immediately laughed and became as seductive and charming as before.

"You're so hard-hearted. OK, you got me."

"When dealing with people like you, the most important thing is to stay alert and avoid being deceived by you. I clearly know what you're thinking about. You want to pretend to be pitiable and cheat me out of my antidote. That's impossible!"

Qinghu was so shrewd. But luckily, she was a principled and sensible girl.

Otherwise, she might have been cheated by him.

"Wow, you're smart. But your husband is not so clever. Now, he's running around the city and checking all the docks, large or small. But my Peach Blossom Dock is right before his eyes."

Lin Mengya suddenly had an idea. No one knew the position of the Peach Blossom Dock. What's the reason for this?

"Don't worry, I'll ask someone to send you back when the day breaks. Girl, don't try to play games, otherwise, even I can not keep you safe."

Qinghu touched her forehead and walked out of her room of detention gracefully.

She hoped that Long Tianhao could find the Peach Blossom Dock. But after hearing what Qinghu had said, she realized that there didn't seem much likelihood of this happening.

"Prince, we've searched all the 18 docks in the capital city and didn't find the Princess."

Standing on the dock, Long Tianhao looked at the big and small boats carefully. Then he suddenly realized that something was wrong. According to the clues given by the governor, the Peach Blossom Dock must be very huge while any one of these docks was not so big.

What happened? Could they disappear from the dock overnight?

He frowned and was determined to find the Peach Blossom Dock. They kidnapped Lin Mengya and more importantly, he certainly would not let anyone enter and leave his mansion so easily as if there were no guards at all.

These people didn't just want to kill Lin Mengya, they were challenging him.

"You need to continue to search carefully and pay attention to every clue. If you find out where the Princess is, report to me quickly."


Guards of the mansion disappeared into the darkness once again. He couldn't find her in a big way, otherwise, everyone would know that the Princess was missing.

And they would also seize this chance to spread rumors and create trouble.

A sneer hung on his lips.

They forced him to get married with a fool and thought that they were doing good deeds.

But now, after finding that Lin Mengya became a normal girl, they started to send people to keep an eye on her. They would definitely criticize and laugh at her if she did something wrong.

They were so vicious!

"Prince, Concubine De wants you to come over as soon as possible."

Steward Deng was standing behind Long Tianhao. He frowned and stared at the river which had the reflecting light on the surface.

"OK, I'll come over right away."

It was so late, why did his mother want to...

Long Tianhao hurried back to the Art Courtyard of Concubine De and found that Jiang Sheng stood at her side and dared not look into his eyes.

No wonder his mother hurriedly asked him to come over. It turned out that this guy had gossiped about him and Lin Mengya once again.

"Mother, what's wrong? Why do you ask me to come over?"

Concubine De frowned. She looked at Jiang Sheng and her cold son and didn't know how to start.

"Where's Ya'er? Why didn't she come with you?"

Long Tianhao dropped his eyes, stood in front of Concubine De and said, "The Princess is asleep. Mother, what's the matter?"

"You are lying! Jingyue has fished for information and found that your Princess was missing! Why do you lie to me?"

She banged the table with her slender hands, which had the golden fake nails on the fingers.

He was very stubborn from childhood.

But she didn't expect that he didn't even tell or discuss with her after such a big thing had happened in the mansion.

"Mother, please don't be angry, this thing is of great importance. Besides, if you know this, you will definitely be worried day and night. I can't let you suffer."

Concubine De became not so angry after hearing what her son had said.

Then she noticed that Jiang Sheng was winking at her broadly. After thinking for a while, she continued.

"I know that you love your Princess. But she was kidnapped by the gangs. What if..."

But Long Tianhao interrupted Concubine De.

"Mother, don't worry. She will come back safely."

Then Long Tianhao looked at Jiang Sheng coldly, which made him scared.

He hated those who were gossipy.

It seemed that he should have less contact with this cousin.

"Well, I hope so. But if something bad happens to her, I'll definitely find a new wife for you and I don't care if you hate me. By the way, Ruqin..."

"Mother, I don't want her to come over here. I have my own plan for my life."

Long Tianhao refused his mother proposal without hesitation and didn't care about Jiang Sheng's feelings at all.

When they were still children, his mother and father joked that Ruqin would be his Princess in the future.

But he only took her as his sister over all these years.

Jiang Sheng was so meddlesome.

"But your great uncle (Concubine De's big brother) has been helping us for these years. Ruqin is his favorite child, otherwise, he would not come over here and ask me to help him."

Concubine De was in a dilemma. She had known Ruqin since she was still a baby.

She was beautiful and clever. But as a young lady of a noble family, she was a little spoiled.

But she would correct this shortcoming after getting married.

Ya'er was also a good girl. But according to Jiang Sheng, she had two faces and was very vicious. She didn't think Ya'er was the best wife for her son.

Besides, she was also kidnapped now.

If something bad happened to Lin Mengya, she would definitely take Ruqin into the mansion.

"I will never forget great uncle's kindness to us. But mother, I've just got married and I don't think it's appropriate to marry a vice Princess at this time."

Long Tianhao frowned and said coldly.

At that time, the Empress threatened to kill his mother and forced him to marry Lin Mengya.

But now, his mother asked him to marry Ruqin to pay a debt of gratitude.

His marriage had been used by others for two times.

Long Tianhao knew that he would never fall in love with a woman. But he was still angry when he was forced to marry a girl.

"Well... OK. Let's do this for the time being. You need to hurry up and find Ya'er. Ask her to come over and I have something to ask her."

"Yes." Long Tianhao nodded and frowned.

"Sheng'er, you can leave with your cousin. I'm tired and want to go to bed."

She waved hands and asked Jiang Sheng to leave the Art Courtyard. With the help of Jinyue and Jingyue, she returned to the bedroom inside.

"Cousin, why don't you want to marry Ruqin? She's clever and beautiful! She's a lot better than the vicious woman!"

Jiang Sheng asked with anger but he dared not say something harsher.

Long Tianhao looked at Jiang Sheng coldly and then opened his mouth and said,

"You can't participate in anything from today on, otherwise, I'll throw you out of the mansion!"

Jiang Sheng could notice some detestation in his cold voice.

Even Jiang Sheng was bold, he dared not make any noise.

He thought that his aunt would definitely convince Long Tianhao to marry Ruqin but they failed at last.

He shook his head and followed Long Tianhao. With his head bowed, he dared not say anything.