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Chapter 36 Draw a Snake out of Its Hole

"Remember that you need to protect yourself first in the future and don't be so silly. Do you understand?"

Fortunately, there were good medicines for treating burns in Prince Yu's Mansion. His wound was healing and didn't look so horrible.

However, Lin Mengya would remember his wound forever.

"Sister, can you stay here with me?" Xiaoyu lay on Lin Mengya's knees and he said in an extremely low voice.

But Lin Mengya noticed his pleading in the voice and she couldn't refuse him.

"OK, I'll stay here with you. You can go to sleep."

Maybe it was because he had got her promise, Xiaoyu's eyelids drooped and he fell into deep slumber once again.

Lin Mengya leaned against the bed, stared at Xiaoyu's sleeping face and was lost in thought.

Long Tianhao must have known this thing, but she hadn't seen him yet.

But she clearly knew that Long Tianhao would not turn a blind eye.

This kind of men who were extremely proud would not allow others to challenge him.

She was just a girl who was trapped inside her boudoir. Without available physical and human resources, it was impossible for her to seek revenge.

So he needed to expel wolves by steering tigers. Only with Prince Yu's help could she send those who wanted to hurt her to the hell!

"How do you deal with those mobs on the street?" She heard his inquiries. Lin Mengya smiled and thought that he finally came.

"I'm just a woman and it's up to you to handle these affairs." Lin Mengya easily threw the question back to Long Tianhao. It seemed that she didn't care at all while he had the final say.

Long Tianhao didn't answer her questions. Then his slender and straight figure appeared at the door.

The room was very dark and he could only see them through the dim light of a candle.

Lin Mengya leaned against the bed and he couldn't see her expression. But the boy who was lying on the bed groaned in pain.

He looked down. He suddenly felt that both the sister and brother inside were miserable. Why did he have this feeling?

"Tomorrow, there will be eight guards who will escort you to the broker house." He wanted to see if Lin Mengya was really worthy of his protection.

"Yes, thank you." Lin Mengya was clever and she knew that this was Long Tianhao's plan to draw the snake out of the hole while she was the bait to seduce the enemy.

"If you can come back alive, I'll keep you safe." It was good to treat her as his pawn instead of his wife.

"Yes." She could stay alive only when she was useful to him. Long Tianhao was so proud that he would never eat his words!

The footsteps gradually disappeared and Lin Mengya looked at the door.

Long Tianhao had already left. Her eyes were cold and she started to think seriously. Tomorrow, she might face dangers and threats and she might find nothing. But there was no alternative.

Lin Mengya returned to her own room after Xiaoyu had fallen asleep.

Baizhi was frightened by the accident happened in the daytime. After seeing Lin Mengya returning, she immediately rushed to her arms.

"Miss, I'm so scared. Ooh..." Baizhi's heart was not completely occupied by ugliness.

When they were in Lin's mansion, Baizhi didn't care about the schemes and intrigues. But Shangguan Qing and her mother were far more evil-minded than the men they met today.

"This is the reality confronted by us." Lin Mengya didn't comfort her with a soft voice, instead, she just said coldly, which made Baizhi scared.

"You need to remember today. Since the day I brought you here, you were no longer your old self. It's OK if you are not cruel enough or you don't know how to make plans or schemes, but you can't feel scared anymore."

Baizhi's eyes were filled with tears and she looked at her master. Why did Miss Lin look so strange to her?

"Miss, I don't know what you mean. What happened today is just an accident, right?" Even if she was stupid, she finally understood Miss Lin's meaning.

"No. Someone did it on purpose. We don't hurt others, but there's someone who wants to kill us. So, from today on, we need to find out those behind the scenes, so they can't harm us anymore. Do you understand?"

Lin Mengya had never thought of harming others.

But all kinds of schemes entered her life from the moment when she got married to Prince Yu.

Did they think that she was weak and easily bullied? Did they take her as a soft touch?

Then just wait and see who would be the last winner!

In Prince Yu's Mansion, everything remained unchanged. Lin Mengya and Long Tianhao didn't tell others that Xiaoyu was wounded.

What’s more, few people knew that their carriage had been smashed. It seemed that the things happened yesterday were just an incident.

Early in the morning, after Lin Mengya had freshened up, she left home with Aunt Jinyue and Steward Deng once again.

Different from yesterday, they chose a carriage of the Prince Yu's Mansion. Besides, they also brought more guards to protect them. It seemed that they were really scared by the things happened yesterday.

In the carriage, Lin Mengya was not in the mood for reading. Instead, she looked at the crowded street.

Jinyue gave her a new cup of tea and put it on a small table in the carriage.

"Aunt, are you not afraid?" At first, she wanted to go out with Steward Deng and the guards, but Jinyue stopped her at the gate. Lin Mengya didn't expect that she would volunteer to follow her.

"Master, of course, I'm afraid." Aunt Jinyue put aside the copper pot and looked at Lin Mengya with her gentle but firm eyes and said, "But if you don't bring any maids around, you will be criticized and suspected by others."

Aunt Jinyue was so thoughtful that she must have known the plan made by her and Long Tianhao.

Lin Mengya smiled. In fact, everyone in Prince Yu's Mansion was not simple.

"Please be careful." This was all she could say. Even Lin Mengya was not sure what would happen today.

"Master, the broker house is right ahead." Steward Deng told her outside the carriage. Lin Mengya wanted to hide her identity, so she asked all the servants to call her master.

The broker house was next to the governor's office.

As the only broker house of Dadu, it looked quite extraordinary. It had three quadrangle dwellings and businessmen from everywhere were coming in and out of it.

The groom took a horse stool for Lin Mengya and the eight guards gathered and protected the carriage.

Jinyue first came out of the carriage. After a while, Lin Mengya, who wore beautiful clothes, walked into the broker house.

"I don't know there are distinguished guests and fail to welcome you at the door. Please forgive me." They entered the house and a chubby middle-aged man greeted them with a bow.

"Our master doesn't like noises." Steward Deng walked forward and told the owner of the shop. The shop owner was clever. After finding that the group of people was protecting someone, he was sure that the one standing in the center must be a major character.

"I know. Please follow me." He led them bypassed the front hall and entered the inner court.

Compared with the crowded and noisy outer court, the inner court was quiet. However, the rooms and decorations here were much more refined than the outer yard.

"How should I address you?" The soft voice was so young that the owner of the broker house was surprised.

The one who was protected by the servants was just a beautiful teenage girl. After finding this fact, he felt more puzzled. She seemed so dignified, who was she?

"My family name is Tong. We are greatly honored by your gracious presence. What can I do for you?" Mr. Tong asked the servant to serve her the best tea and he became more respectful.

The carriage that stopped outside belonged to Prince Yu's Mansion, so the girl in front of him must be...

Suddenly, he broke out in a sweat on his forehead. No one afforded to provoke Prince Yu, so he must serve this honored guest very carefully.

"We want some efficient servant girls and maids. Do you have the right person? Please ask them to come over and I can have a look. "

Lin Mengya smiled gently. She didn't find anything special on the way. Maybe those people didn't want to act rashly and alert her, so they did nothing and waited for a better time.

"No problem, I'm gonna ask the woman broker to prepare for you. Please wait for a moment."

After finding that it was a big deal, Mr. Tong immediately smiled and left to prepare.

Lin Mengya told all the guards to stand outside and they were not allowed to come in without her orders. There were only her, Jinyue and Steward Deng in this room.

In a short while, the woman broker, who was dressed up, came in with over a dozen of servant girls and old female servants.

"Pay respect to you. These are the best servants in the capital city." "Please rest assured. These servants all come from honest families and are efficient. They are good enough to serve you. "

These female brokers were all clever.

They could guess the identity and demands of guests at first sight. So they just gave different servants to them based on their identities and needs.

Lin Mengya looked at them briefly. All these servants seemed to be obedient, but many of them were shrewd.

"Master said that you need to come in one by one and wait outside before she calls your name." Jinyue stood at the door and looked at these people seriously.

Everyone immediately nodded and said yes.

"Master, we can start." Jinyue closed the door of the room and the woman broker was coming in and out to call the servants' names.

"Aunt Zhou, come in! It's your turn!" They had met many servants. Lin Mengya just nodded or shook her head while Jinyue and Steward Deng asked them some detailed questions.

Lin Mengya just sat in a chair drinking tea.

These servants were quite good and some of them could help her a lot after training. Then she looked at the woman who had just come in.

This woman was kneeling on the ground obediently, but Lin Mengya's heart sank and she felt strange.

"Where are you from?" Lin Mengya suddenly said to her. Other people in the room all looked at the woman kneeling on the ground with surprise.

She wore ordinary clothes and was a little fat. Her face was flabby, but she still kept a rigid expression.

She seemed like an ordinary woman and there was nothing special about her.

"Master, my husband's surname is Tang and my surname is Wang. I live in Tang's Village outside the city."