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Chapter 10 The Vigilant Prince

It wasn’t like her to be so secretive.

On the other hand, the first thing he did on the wedding night was question her about the dates. It was safe to assume the groom wasn’t enthusiastic about this marriage either.

Long Tianhao's brows furrowed—the rumors said that the daughter of the Lin family was ugly.

He was surprised to see her take off the veil herself.

He’d purposely kept her veil was because he didn't want to see her ugly face, which would repulse him.

"I am asking you a question. Why did you—" Long Tianhao's were drawn to his bride. She sat on the bed in front of him, but no matter how bright the candlelight, she seemed hazy and far away.

The girl in front of him had smooth and fair skin, and a pair of watery almond eyes that made him think of a day in spring. They brought out something protective.

This was the shunned laughter of the Lin family? Unexpectedly, she was a beauty to rival any other.

“If you’re here to give me an antidote, I appreciate the thought, but it was not difficult to neutralize the poison. It was strong, but the poisoner tried too hard to hide the fishy smell and neutralized the worst of it themselves. It wasn’t hard to figure out the remaining toxins,” Lin Mengya answered easily. This sort of talk came to her naturally and she defended herself as easily as she had defended her thesis before graduation.

Her teacher once said that to be a qualified doctor, at least, must look like a doctor. Patients would only believe you if you showed them a professional attitude.

That made sense to her. If the doctor couldn’t even explain themselves to you, why would you believe they could cure you?

"Oh? You are intelligent, but I know the antidote," Long Tianhao said, a faint smile on his face. He looked at Lin Mengya—under the candlelight, her black eyes were too bright.

As soon as he got the dates, he’d given some to his personal doctor. Unexpectedly, the man, who was quite a medicine fanatic, had declared it a difficult puzzle. He had begun to work on it immediately.

Long Tianhao was somewhat curious about this poison now.

He knew that his doctor had tasted all kinds of herbs and read through the ancient recipes. He didn't take the common poisons too seriously and could casually rattle off the antidote.

But now, even the medicine fanatic did not know how to treat this poison. He was curious.

Was the adorable girl in front of him somehow a doctor with talent that surpassed his own?

She looked down and smiled, the lamplight giving her a soft beauty.

Looking at Long Tianhao with a smile, Lin Mengya explained things slowly and clearly.

"Although it was not difficult to detoxify the poison, several of herbs were extremely rare." Lin Mengya only told part the truth and she was wise enough to know when to stop.

"If you tell me the whole story, and if we have the medicine you need in the mansion, you can use them for treatment, alright?" Long Tianhao assumed this girl would want the rare ingredients in his mansion.

Unexpectedly, Lin Mengya shook her head.