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Chapter 48 A Vicious Trick

The two girl servants kept praising the craftsmanship of the craftsman.

After observing for a while, Baiji noticed that her master looked worried.

She carefully walked over and served her a cup of tea.

"Master, don't you like this statuette sent by the Empress?" Baiji asked. Lin Mengya looked up at her, smiled and shook her head.

"No. We all like the gifts given by the Empress."

These two girls were not her confidants yet, so she couldn't tell them everything. These were secrets of Prince Yu's Mansion and it was not wise to tell your secrets to everyone.

"I see. Master, I've never seen such a fine statuette before!" Although Baizhi was clever and sensitive, she was only a little girl. For her, this statuette of Songzi Guanyin was the most precious treasure in the world.

Lin Mengya smiled slightly. She still couldn't figure out the secrets hidden in this statuette.

They had been studying this statuette for a long time and even Lin Zhongyu came over and wanted to have a look at the middle of the night. So Lin Mengya put the statuette in the box, locked it, and put it in her bedroom.

Lin Mengya had been thinking about it for a night but she found nothing. So she got up early in the morning and wanted to see that statuette of Songzi Guanyin once again.

"What?" After opening the box, Lin Mengya suddenly found that the statuette had been broken into pieces!

But she didn't hear any strange sound last night!

"Princess, Jinyue asks to see you."

Lin Mengya suddenly heard the voice of Aunt Jinyue. She immediately invited her in.

"Princess, I just thought of something. We can accept the statuette of Songzi Guanyin!"

After entering the room, Jinyue looked at Lin Mengya and said anxiously. But Lin Mengya gave her a helpless smile.

"Aunt Jinyue, if you had told me earlier, I wouldn't have accepted this. But now..."

She pointed at the fragments in the box and said with resignation.

"Gee! I guessed right. This is it. It's all my fault! I was so careless yesterday!"

Jinyue said with regret.

"Aunt Jinyue, what's this? I didn't hear any noises last night!"

It was so strange. This statuette had been broken into pieces. Why hadn't she heard any noise?

"It is made of sandy soil and not firm. After being burned, it will generally break into pieces within 7 days. These statuettes are just failures. But those vicious people would use it to frame others up."

Jinyue was very angry when talking about this.

In fact, there were four girl servants who accompanied Concubine De to the imperial palace. However, just after the wedding ceremony, the Empress used this item to frame them up. Finally, three other girl servants were killed.

At first, Concubine De couldn't understand why the present broke into pieces for no reason.

Later she knew the secret of the so-called sandy soil pottery.

But now, they started to frame up the Princess!

"I didn't expect that there are such items in the world. But I still can't understand why the Empress wants to frame me up by using this thing."

Jinyue looked at Lin Mengya and her eyes were filled with anxiety and regrets.

"It's the birthday of the Concubine De after half a month. Concubine De lives in the mansion, but according to the usual practice, the Empress will come over here to celebrate the birthday and show her generosity and kindness. At that time..."

At that time, everyone would find that she had broken the statuette, which was a disrespect for the Empress and the Bodhisattva.

Maybe she would also get Long Tianhao and Concubine De into trouble.

Lin Mengya gulped and felt astonished. The Empress was so evil-minded and vicious!

"I didn't expect it to happen like that. Aunt Jinyue, thank you for telling me this, otherwise, I'll still live in the dark."

Lin Mengya didn't panic, instead, she was calm and tried to think of a way to solve this problem.

The reason why the Empress chose this statuette as the gift was that it was unique and Lin Mengya couldn't find the same one to deceive her.

Luckily, her three girl servants and Lin Zhongyu had observed it for a long time. Maybe they could remember some features.

"Miss Lin, what happened? Why are you so anxious?"

After the four people entered her bedroom, she closed the door, frowned and looked at them seriously.

"There's something wrong with the statuette of Songzi Guanyin. Do you remember anything about it?"

The four people were shocked by what Lin Mengya had said.

Gee! That was the gift given by the Empress!

"I can still remember that the statuette is very beautiful. Its color is bright and it looks different from the figure of Buddha in the temple!"

Lin Mengya became more depressed after hearing what Baizhi had said.

These were not the details at all.

The four people started to talk about the details of the statuette. But Lin Mengya frowned at them more anxiously and looked much more depressed.

Now she understood why the eunuch insisted that she must open the box and have a look first.

In this way, she couldn't explain herself and could only be punished when the Empress became angry.

What should she do?

"Master, what happened?" Baiji asked cautiously. The master looked worried from the moment when they brought the statuette back.

Now, she called them together to discuss it. Baiji was sure that something terrible must have happened.

After thinking for a while, Lin Mengya said slowly.

"You can have a look. The statuette has broken into pieces."

The four people were surprised and opened the red sandalwood box immediately. Lin Mengya was right. The exquisite statuette had broken into pieces and they were lying inside the box quietly.

Lin Mengya looked at them carefully. This event could be treated as a test.

If some of her servants were working for the Empress secretly, she could take this opportunity to find them out.

"Why did this happen? Sister Princess, who did this?"

Lin Zhongyu checked the pieces carefully. He became cold and angry.

He had only lived in this mansion for a short period of time, but he knew that Sister Princess had suffered much damage despite that she was very careful and cautious.

Now, she got into big trouble. Who did this? Why was this person so vicious?

"I also have no idea. But after half a month, the Empress might come over here. At that time, I'm definitely doomed."

Lin Mengya answered with desperation.

The four people were astonished and scared.

After thinking for a while, Lin Zhongyu suddenly rushed at her table, picked up a pen, and drew something.

"Xiaoyu, what are you..."

"Sister Princess, don't be worried. I have no other skills, but I have a photographic memory for these items. Please wait for a moment. I can draw it and you can ask someone to do the same statuette."

Lin Mengya was slightly surprised. She didn't expect that Xiaoyu had such a good memory.

This little guy was awesome!

"Master, I can't be compared with Childe Yu, but I'm good at sewing from childhood. I also looked at the statuette carefully yesterday. Please give me three days and I can make the same embroidery."

Baizhi also had an idea. Lin Mengya didn't expect that all the people in her courtyard were skilled craftsmen.

She immediately nodded and gave them some instructions.

"Baizhi, Baishao, you two must try your best to help Baiji. No one can disturb her and no one can see what she is doing. Baishao, you need to stop anyone from entering her room."

Baishao was worried about having nothing to do to show her loyalty, so she nodded immediately.

"Master, please rest assured. No one can enter Baiji's room over the next few days."

Lin Mengya nodded. Now, she was counting on them to get over this hurdle!

At this moment, Jinyue and Concubine De were in the Art Courtyard. They were also worried and didn't know what to do.

"Oh, this girl is so careless. Why didn't she think twice before accepting the gift of the Empress?"

Concubine De looked worried and depressed.

She had been forced to leave the imperial palace. But the Empress still had no intention of letting her off the hook. Now, this woman was trying to frame Ya'er up.

However, Ya'er was so careless and ignorant and opened Pandora's Box.

What should they do?

"The Princess is too young and has no idea about these schemes. Concubine De, please think of an idea to help her. I believe that the Princess is only one of the targets of the Empress! She also wants to harm someone else this time!"

Jinyue looked at Concubine De anxiously. It was all her fault. She became old and had a bad memory.

The sandy soil pottery had done them great harm. But it was rare.

She didn't expect that the Empress would use the same trick to frame up Lin Mengya.

The Empress must be infuriating that day in the imperial palace.

"I also have no idea. Ah, I thought that this girl was clever before. But now it seems that she is a bane to us. If she keeps being the wife of Yu'er, she might bring endless back luck to Prince Yu's Mansion."

Jinyue was surprised by what she had said. Concubine De was very satisfied with the Princess before.

But these days, she suddenly changed for no reason and became dissatisfied with the Princess.

Why did this happen?

Did the Princess do something wrong and offend Concubine De?

"Go to the Ministry of Internal Order. Ask our men to find a statuette that is similar to the one sent by the Empress. This is the only thing I can do."

They did have their men in the Ministry of Internal Order.

But they were not important figures. They couldn't have seen the gift given by the Empress.

It seemed that Concubine De didn't want to save the Princess.

What should she do?

Lin Mengya was trying to remedy the situation quietly and Aunt Jinyue decided to tell this to Long Tianhao after thinking carefully.

At that time, he was practicing martial arts in the field. He was wearing neat black clothes and was slender and strong. Every part of his body was perfect.

He was waving the long sword in his hand and every movement was powerful and overwhelming.

Jinyue looked at Long Tianhao with gratification. She had been taking care of him since he was a child. So she was like his wet nurse and Long Tianhao was thus more respectful to her.

"Aunt Jinyue, why do you come over here?"

Long Tianhao put down his sword. Jinyue took a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

Her eyes were filled with tender love but Long Tianhao still noticed that she was worried.

"Did my mother..."

Long Tianhao frowned and thought that his mother was in trouble now. But to his surprise, Jinyue shook her head slightly.