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Chapter 130 Give You the Credit

"Your Highness, Princess Yu, there's a girl in front of us, who claimed that she's Lord Yue's servant. She's come to deliver a letter to you."

The voice of a guard echoed outside the horse carriage. Lin Mengya thought it had to be a letter from Elder Sister Yue Ting. "She must have realized that we are lagging behind and have sent men to check on us."

"Please come up."

When the door of the carriage opened, a young lass with delicate features got in.

"Greetings to Princess Yu. I am Cui'er, a personal maidservant to Eldest Miss Yue."

She bowed to Lin Mengya with a smile, drew out from her sleeve a letter sealed with wax and presented it to Lin Mengya.

Unexpectedly, Lin Mengya was apparently not in a hurry to read it. On the contrary, her eyes lingered on Cui'er and in an unhurried manner, she asked her a question.

"How is Elder Sister Yue Ting's injury? I believe you would know her condition best since you're her personal maid."

Cui'er smiled and with a respectful tone, she answered, "Rest assured, Princess Yu. Eldest Miss Yue's injury is recovering well, and she's feeling much better."

Lin Mengya nodded and then she opened the letter.

Little did she expect that when she opened the letter sealed by wax, a white powdery substance sprayed out of the seemingly thin envelope.

Lin Mengya opened her eyes wide as she watched the maid broke out in a smile, but her body felt strengthless and she fell gently to the floor.

"Ma--- Master---"

The four maidservants surrounding her fell to the floor of the horse carriage one by one, having lost all the ability to resist.

"I thought you were good, but it was really because he was so useless that he couldn't even manage to kill a few girls. Let me send you on your way then."

The girl tried to stifle her giggles by covering her mouth, and then she took out a small wooden box from inside her sleeve.

Carefully, she poured out its content. While Lin Mengya could see that it was a black beetle coming out of the box, she was not able to do anything about it.

"Go, my babe, bite them so they die."

The girl whispered those vicious words as she nudged the poisonous beetle forward with the box. To her surprise, the beetle took two steps forward, then stopped and refused to go further.

"What's happening? Go, get onto their bodies, which smell of your favorite scent."

However, the beetle just refused to move forward regardless of what she said.

Eventually, the girl became frantic. She reached out to pick up the beetle to fling it onto Lin Mengya, but never would she expect that the beetle actually turned around and crawled back into her sleeve with great speed. It continued up her arm all the way to somewhere close to her neck.

Then it bit down hard on her. Before the girl could even react, the venom quickly numbed her nerves and traveled along the major artery of her neck to spread to the rest of her body.

"You must have put in so much effort in obtaining that Usnea Diffracta Vain extract powder. On the other hand, this poisonous scorpion loves the nectar of the grape flower. How did you not realize that my guard smeared a little of the nectar on your neck when they did a body search the moment you stepped in?"

The girls lying on the floor just now had regained their strength by now.

Lin Mengya smiled as she fixed her gaze on the girl in front of her, whose countenance had turned purplish-green.

It was pure naivety on her part, to think that she could kill two people using the same method.

Just now, when Lin Mengya's horse carriage overtook the minister who had been killed by a beetle bite and having a glimpse, the name of the poison which killed him came to Lin Mengya's mind automatically and immediately.

When this girl approached Lin Mengya in her carriage, the radar in her brain started sending out alerts like crazy.

The poisonous beetle seemed really frightening.

"Look, Master!"

At this moment, the poisonous scorpion which had anchored itself on the girl's neck was tearing apart the girl's delicate skin with its huge pincers.

In a matter of seconds, it had bored into the girl's neck.

It was no wonder that when they had rushed over to the dead minister's body, they were unable to find any poisonous beetles. After all that effort trying to find the cause of his death, this was actually how the evidence was destroyed.

Indeed their finding was bizarrely horrifying.

"It's too late to throw her body out of the horse carriage. Moreover, there would be many spies around. It's not good if they see her. Let's hide her body instead."

The few of them worked together to hide the girl's dead body in the baggage compartment at the bottom of the horse carriage.

"Tell the men outside to let anyone who requested to see us into the horse carriage after doing a body search."

Lin Menya revealed an evil smile on her face.

She was certain that after two failed attempts, the people of Peach Blossom Dock would pay even more attention to her.

For this reason, she believed that more killers would come to her to look for trouble.

Hey, if one killer came, she would get rid of that one; if two came, she would tackle both at the same time!

"Your Highness the Princess, a guard from Lord Sun had asked to see you, to present to you a gift of gratitude."

"Come in."

A strong and fit man went up into the horse carriage, carrying a small gift box in his hand. In a while, the following conversation ensued in the horse carriage.

"Don't, don't come any nearer--- I'm warning you, if you come any closer, I'll strike!"

Thereafter, the horse carriage shook violently for a moment, then all was quiet again.

In the beginning, the guards outside the horse carriage were in an ever-ready position just in case they needed to dash into the carriage any time.

Little did they expect that the horse carriage just kept getting heavier and the ladies in it had not even sent out any signal of distress and asked for help.

Gradually, the guards grew numb to the situation.

The guards acting as coachmen gave the last woman who entered the carriage a helpless look. Fortunately, the Prince's horse carriage was very spacious, otherwise, how could it accommodate so many people inside?

"No, don't come any nearer."

Baizhi, Baishao, and Baiji put up an act in the initial moments, followed by Baisu closing in and waving her sword once, and this killer disguised as a harmless woman collapsed.

After they wound the woman with a delicately weaved linen rope with practiced hands and stuffed her mouth, they opened the baggage compartment and threw her inside.

"She is the fifth person here. Master, if this continues, our horse carriage would definitely break down."

Life was like a drama which depended much on the people's acting skills.

However, acting five of the same scenes was getting too boring even for Baizhi, who was the most faint-hearted of them all.

"You're all not serious about this. If not for the fact that most of Peach Blossom Dock's best killers were sent to the campground to distract us, you'll be waiting to be killed."

Lin Mengya had no idea how to deal with actresses who did not take their work seriously.

These maidservants had indeed also transformed into trash alongside the real fighters under the double protection of Baisu and Night.

They were apparently approaching the temporary imperial residence so the hunting done by the five of them had come to an end.

"Your Highness, the Princess, right in front of us is the temporary imperial residence at the outskirt of the capital city."

The voice of the guard helped ease Lin Mengya's nerves.

Along the way, she was increasingly afraid that a Heaven Grade killer would be sent to kill her. She would not be as idle if that were to happen.

"Your servant Zhu Aizhi welcomes Princess Yu and please forgive me for my delay."

Just when they arrived at the gates of the temporary imperial residence, the guard residing there came forward to welcome them.

Zhu Aizhi, who came to welcome Lin Menya, was merely a small section leader among the imperial guards. The higher-ranking officers had gone to fawn over the Crown Prince.

He was the only one sent to meet and greet those who arrived after the Crown Prince.

Prince Yu's Mansion was after all a reputable royal family, and the guards knew better not to offend them.

However, before the stunning Princess Yu emerged from the horse carriage, a securely trussed up woman was tossed out of the carriage.

Eh? What was going on here?

One by one, the bodies were tossed out of the carriage, until there were altogether five bodies that were laid across the floor. Finally, a woman's voice sounded from within the horse carriage.

"Is that Lord Zhu? These were the killers who assassinated the ministers. What can I do about them given that I'm just a delicate and weak woman?"

Out of the horse carriage, a slim figure emerged with graceful steps.

It was a beautiful and graceful lady in pale blue apparel, which further enhanced her exceptional elegance.

Apart from the lady in blue, four other girls with distinguished beauty alighted the carriage one after another.

If not for the fact that they had tossed out those bodies, which he was not sure if they were dead or alive, he would have thought they were a group consisting the mistress of a noble family and her maids, who were out for a trip.

"Lord Zhu, this is Princess Yu."

A charming maidservant in a purplish dress raised her voice as she introduced Lin Mengya.

Immediately, Lord Zhu looked as if he had wakened from his sleep and knelt down in front of Lin Mengya to pay his respect.

"Your servant Zhu Aizhi greets Your Highness, Princess Yu."

"You may rise, it was not necessary to stand on ceremony. Lord Zhu had saved my life by capturing the killers who murdered the various ministers. You've done a great service."

As Lin Mengya spoke these words with indifference, she had in fact instantly given huge credit to Zhu Aizhi for something he had not done.

Zhu Aizhi stared blankly at Princess Yu in shock. He did not expect to take such a huge credit for free.

"Are you alright, Lord Zhu?"

Lin Mengya turned around to look at Lord Zhu, who had barely recovered from the shock.

"My utmost gratitude to Princess Yu for your grace and kindness."

Now he could get out of this temporary imperial residence, be promoted and receive much wealth!

"This way, Princess Yu. We've gotten ready a room for you to take a rest. Please follow me."

The quick-witted Zhu Aizhi was able to make decisions on small matters such as the arrangement of accommodation.

While the other people were still waiting in the courtyard for accommodations arrangements, Lin Mengya and the four lasses were already put in a comfortable and spacious room.

"The temporary imperial residence is a humble place and is naturally more shanty than your mansion. Please let the maid, Xin'er, of the temporary imperial residence know what you need, and she would serve you accordingly."

Naturally, Zhu Aizhi would treat Lin Mengya well having benefitted from her, although he was still clueless why this had happened.

These ladies from Prince Yu's Mansion appeared so delicate, how on earth did they capture these brutal evil killers?

"Don't bother really. It is sufficient for my maids to serve all my needs given that they are very diligent. How about we have Xin'er to bring them around to get familiarized with this place? You may leave too; I'm feeling rather exhausted."

This was a critical moment, and it would be wise not to have strangers coming close to her to serve her.

The four lasses were more than sufficient for her use, although they were exhausted from acting and wailing so much in the horse carriage.

That did not take away much of their energy. Soon afterward, a simple meal with warm dishes was laid before Lin Mengya.

"You ladies can eat first. I don't have much appetite."

They had indeed just escaped a precarious situation, but Lin Mengya did not know what was the situation of Long Tianhao and how things were with him at this moment.

She also did not know if the military aid had arrived. She sat down beside the window, looking up to the sky outside as she waited anxiously for any news.

"You must be anxious about Prince Yu. Am I right, Master?"

Baiji knew the heart of the princess. Prince Yu and Princess Yu apparently had each other in their hearts, although they did not express their mind in spoken words.

They were so engrossed in dealing with those killers just now that they did not manage to find out more about Prince Yu's situation.