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Chapter 16 The Indescribably Beautiful and Striking Princess Yu

Princess Yu was very slim, wearing a large red moire brocade cover. Her posture and salute were like flowing cloud with no disrespect.

She couldn't practice to such a degree in only a few years.

Surprisingly, the fool of the Lin family had sound etiquette.

"Good girl, raise your head and show me your face."

The Empress's eyes were alight with a hint of coldness.

Lin Mengya was chosen by Empress in person. Her words and behaviors were absurd and stupid. She should be the right person.

A few time later, Concubine De would be the laughingstock of the Imperial Palace forever.


Lin Mengya slowly raised her head, holding her breath and folding her eyes, looking dignified and generous.

They only saw an elfin face, and it turned out to be a stunning beauty!

"Fizz-" Everyone couldn't help but breathe a mouthful of air, because the Lin's eldest daughter totally differed from the outside rumors.

Now, perhaps the Empress felt embarrassment!

Lin Mengya certainly knew the reactions of the people around her, raising her head and looking at the surrounding quickly.

In front of her, a dignified middle-aged belle was sitting on the center. Even though Lin Mengya didn't know her at all, she knew that the bright yellow was not for everyone.

It seemed that this was the legendary Empress.

It was also one of the driving forces behind pushing her to marriage. Even this existing aunt was related to that poisoned jujube.

Making them feel bad was good, very good!

"Mengya is a mature girl. I saw you a few years ago, you were still a little kid who began walking. Now you are in the house of Prince Yu, where was incomparable with your home. You have to bear more for Yu's temper. "

A trace of rage flashed across the Empress's eyes.

Unexpectedly, Lin Mengya was such a scheming girl.

Previously, the people she sent to the mansion of Marquis Zhennan reported that Lin Mengya was stupid and the perfect candidate for the plan.

But now—

Even comparing with the girls in the city, she could be the best.

So, wouldn't her plan be ruined?

Cold murder occurred to the Empress. "This woman is deeply scheming, she must be killed."

"I will abide by the imperial decree of the Empress, and I will abide by my duty."

Empress nodded with a faint smile on her face, which seemed a harmonious scene of mother and son.

But everyone present knew how many contradictions behind this calm.

"Go and see Concubine De, my sister is blessed. After all these years, her son has grown up and married such a good princess. My sister should go out of the palace and enjoy a good life in the mansion of Prince Yu."

Seemingly, the Empress was concerned with Concubine De, but Long Tianhao's eyes were alight with a hint of mockery.

"Since I entered the palace, I have been blessed by the Empress and the Emperor, so I have today's benediction. Now the Emperor's body is not in good health, and as his concubine, I dare not ignore my duty to serve him."

What a gentle voice! Lin Mengya suddenly felt somewhat favorable towards her mother-in-law whom she had never met.

But this gentle voice sounded a little heartbreaking.

From the perspective of genetics, comparing with the Empress, Concubine De was definitely a stunning beauty.

Lin Mengya was a little curious and moved lightly to the lower position of Empress.

"Pay respect to Concubine De."