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Chapter 5 How About You Hold Me, Prince Yu

Long Tianhao watched the farce in front of him unfold, eyes cold.

He hadn’t even planned to show up at the wedding, but the man he’d sent out said Lin Mengya was dead in the sedan chair.

He’d shown up dressed for a wedding so he could ask the queen why she’d sent him a dead girl to marry.

Now he saw this.

Everyone gasped, far more surprised by his arrival than they had been by the dead bride. The ministers in attendance watched him with wide eyes, not seeming to believe it was really the Prince Yu they knew.

Everyone knew Prince Yu kept a distance from women and he was a proud man. No one thought he’d come, but…

Hearing her speak again, the matchmaker’s twisted face grew pale. Her whole body was shivering.

If Lin Mengya was not gripping her hands, she would have collapsed to the floor. Lin Mengya was alive. Treating a princess like this would cost her life.

Lin Mengya threw the woman’s hands off her disdainfully so she could look around for the other speaker. Seeing a corner of his bright red clothes, she realized this must be Prince Yu, her intended.

But his voice was so cold.

Hands freed, the matchmaker fell to the floor.

“Please spare my life, Prince Yu. I’m old and my eyes are weak. I got confused. Please, Prince Yu, spare me…”

Her cries rang through the mansion.

Lin Mengya sneered. The matchmaker was not a fool. She knew selling out Lin Mengwu would also cost her life, so she pretended to be an old woman who’d made a simple mistake. What would the prince do?

“Drag her outside and beat her to death.”

His voice was cold enough to pull people to hell.

Not only had the matchmaker embarrassed his bride, he knew she was lying. He didn’t care about those petty conflicts, and he did not like having tricks played on him.

Lin Mengya couldn’t help trembling. This prince… he was a cruel man. Why didn’t he ask her anything? Didn’t he want to know why the matchmaker had the guts to act like that?

“Please, Prince Yu! Spare me!”

The matchmaker begged for mercy as the bamboo sticks began to beat.

“Wait,” said Long Tianhao. The sound stopped at once.

The matchmaker smiled in grateful relief until Long Tianhao spoke again.

“Drag her to town and beat her to death. I don’t want to see something so offensive. “

The woman was dragged out and the spectacle ended. The beating of the gongs and drums returned, and it was once again bustling and noisy.

How could just go on about their days like nothing happened?

Long Tianhao watched his wife be treated like a corpse yet made no effort to comfort her or ask what had happened. It seemed he really did dislike her.

She didn’t want to waste the life Lin Mengya had left her.

“Prince Yu, I no longer have a matchmaker,” she said, feeling a spark of anger. “According to the etiquette of this court, I cannot walk inside on my own. Will you carry me?”

Long Tianhao gazed at her coldly. She was clearly trying to provoke him.

The crowd watched in excitement. His bride was as oblivious as rumored. How could she ask Prince Yu to carry her? She was asking to die!

They held their collective breath, waiting to see what Prince Yu would do with her.