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Chapter 41 The Governor Made a Confession

They had tortured the governor several times and also changed the guards who whipped him to make sure that they were all strong.

Long Tianhao had also left. And there were only Lin Mengya and those guards in the cell.

"Well, it seems that our governor still doesn't want to make a confession. You're a real man and I admire you. Steward Deng, ask the doctor in our mansion to come over." After eating the melon seed for a long time, Lin Mengya was thirsty. She stood up, looked at the prisoner in front of her and gave him a fake smile.

They had already used three corks and each of them was full of teeth marks and dark red blood.

If Lin Mengya didn't force him to drink the expensive Ginseng Decoction to save his life, he might have already fainted.

"Do you want to swear?" Lin Mengya smiled and looked at the governor who had been whipped for a long time. He didn't look like a human and Lin Mengya's smile was sinister.

"Do you think I'm tricking you? Every time I asked you to make a confession, you didn't have the time to say anything before I asked the guard to continue." After whipping him for a while, Lin Mengya would ask someone to take out the cork in his mouth.

Then she would immediately ask the guards to whip him again no matter whether he made a confession or not.

Even though he was ready to be killed, the governor still looked at the girl standing in front of him with fear.

He didn't expect that such a beautiful girl would be so cruel and evil-minded.

"I told you before that my ultimate goal was not to force you to make a confession. Instead, I wanted to take revenge. Since you dared to conspire against me, I would make your life a living hell and force you to go through the most painful things in the world!"

Lin Mengya said softly and gave him a beautiful and kind smile.

But her tone was cold and even a man would be scared by her voice and tremble with fear.

The governor suddenly regretted what he had done. He shouldn't have got involved in this sort of thing.

"Princess, the doctor is here." Steward Deng stood respectfully at the door. This doctor was well-known in the capital city but he disappeared mysteriously three years ago.

No one knew that he was hidden by Long Tianhao. This doctor would finish something secret for him.

"Well, ask him in." Lin Mengya sat back in her chair and saw a young man in a white robe followed Steward Deng and entered the cell.

"Respects to Princess." The young man's voice was gentle. Lin Mengya thought that he might be an elegant gentleman.

Lin Mengya looked up and found that this was a handsome young man, which made her surprised.

They said that he was a highly-skilled doctor. Why was he so young?

"The highly-skilled doctor is my master. Princess, you can call me Jiang Sheng." Jiang Sheng explained understandingly. His gaze swept rapidly around her and then he looked down.

No wonder that the Prince treated this Princess so specially. She was so beautiful.

"Hello, Doctor Jiang. It's not a big deal. I invite you to come here to give a small lesson to this disobedient prisoner. I heard that the human body has a special acupuncture point. If a normal person is stabbed here, it will become extremely energetic and sensitive. But I want to know what it would feel like if an injured person is stabbed here."

Jiang Sheng glanced at the miserable prisoner who was not even like a human and couldn't bear to torture him.

Although he and his master were the doctors of this mansion and worked for the Prince, they always treated the patients as their children. They still felt pity for these prisoners.

"Princess, if this prisoner is stabbed in this point, he would not faint but the pain will be amplified by countless times. Then he would feel drained and die quickly."

But Lin Mengya seemed to be very satisfied with his answer.

"It's OK. He knows martial arts and I also feed him some Ginseng Decoction. So, please stab him in the point. Steward Deng, go and find 5 or 6 mice for me, the bigger the better."

Lin Mengya looked at the governor more mockingly.

She could feel that the governor's willpower was disintegrating. She was sure that he would definitely give in as long as she made some small tricks.

Jiang Sheng took out his silver needles and stabbed them on the governor's body.

After that, his bleeding stopped and the drowsy governor also suddenly became cheerful.

"Princess, the mice are here. What do you want to do?"

Lin Mengya looked at the governor mockingly and coldly.

"Put the mice in his trousers and beat the mice. Sprinkle the bliss powder in his upper body. Mr. Governor, this is my gift for you. You can call it Ice and Fire!"

Everyone, including Jiang Sheng, was shocked and took a deep breath.

The Princess was not interrogating him at all. In fact, she wanted to kill this man.

But the guards didn't care about his life. It was their brother who had been killed. So, they showed no mercy to those who killed their brothers.

"Princess, I think it's not appropriate." Hearing the plan, Jiang Sheng felt absolutely terrified and whispered to Lin Mengya.

"There's nothing improper. He tried to burn me in the cell and he deserved it."

As a doctor, Jiang Sheng was not as decisive as Lin Mengya when he was confronted with a serious matter. Besides, the Princess was so cruel!

Bliss powder was a special kind of medical powder. Ordinary people had no feelings if they touched this.

But if a person with a wound touched it, they would feel painful and itchy throughout their body at the same time.

This was the masterpiece of Lin Mengya. But those guards didn't know its results and desperately sprinkled the powder on the governor.

"Hey! Stop it! It's expensive! Don't waste it!" The owner of the Myriad Drug Pavilion tried his best to get this medicine while they used it on this insignificant person. It was not cost-effective.

After a while, the drug worked and the governor started to twist his body.

Lin Mengya looked at him quietly. It was her first time to use this drug and she needed to observe its effect.

Soon, the drug worked.

The governor was stubborn and tough before, but now he suddenly became a coward. He cried miserably with tears and snot rolling down his cheeks.

In this world, it was not only pain that could make people succumb.

Looking at the miserable man in front of her, Lin Mengya was satisfied with the drug's effect.

She smiled happily and took the half bottle of drug back into her arms. But she noticed that Jiang Sheng was looking at her disapprovingly.

"You think that I'm too cruel, don't you?"

Jiang Sheng thought for a while but finally shook his head.

In his impression, women were gentle and virtuous. Even the female killers who worked for the Prince were silent and cute when they didn't perform their duties.

He had never seen such a woman who was charming but cruel.

How could such a woman become their mistress?

"Doctor Jiang, living in this world, we are at the mercy of others for most of our time. Kindness will only bring you unnecessary trouble."

In fact, Lin Mengya had a good impression of this young and handsome doctor.

But she didn't expect that he was as kind and soft as the women.

"Princess, I disagree with what you said. The saint once said that we need to govern the country with benevolence and filial piety. This is the foundation of a country!"

She didn't expect that this man was a pedantic scholar.

Lin Mengya smiled and said with a low voice, "You are not a fish, how can you know the happiness of being a fish? Most of the saints you mentioned had never governed a country and what they said was just rubbish. If they were so capable, they would already become the emperor instead of teaching others."

Jiang Sheng didn't know how to contradict him and became silent.

Lin Mengya didn't hate the saints but she didn't like the doctor's ideas.

Jiang Sheng blushed but Lin Mengya was his master. So he could only suppress his dissatisfaction. But he felt deep in his heart that this woman was too arrogant and mean and she was not suitable for being the hostess of the mansion.

The governor couldn't suppress his fear. Looking at the fat mice, even his legs were shivering.

"This is your last chance. If you still refuse to say, I'll definitely put these mice into your trousers!"

Lin Mengya delivered an ultimatum to the governor but it seemed that she was not reluctant to do so.

The governor immediately shouted with his miserable voice as soon as the guard took the cork.

"Peach Blossom Dock! We are the killers of Peach Blossom Dock! I'll tell you everything!"

The bliss powder made him feel that thousands of worms were biting his heart.

No one could persist if they suffered from extreme pain and itch.

"Well, you need to make a confession and tell us everything. If you miss some details, I'll use the bliss powder once again."

"I don't dare to lie to you! I don't dare! Princess, please remove the bliss powder for me!" It seemed that the governor was going to become mad, but Lin Mengya showed no mercy.

"Steward Deng, please keep a record. Remove the bliss powder when he finishes. It's up to you to get the antidote."

Lin Mengya returned to her position while the governor told them everything and held nothing back.

It turned out that they were killers of a killer organization called Peach Blossom Dock.

The young lord was their head. It was said that the man who seemed to be a teenager was actually in his fifties and he was very cruel.

If someone wanted to ask the killer in the Peach Blossom Dock for help, he/she needed to give them a lot of money or rare treasures.

They were famous here and there, besides, they also had informers in the imperial palace.

But no one knew the identities of these killers except for the young lord.

This time Lin Mengya was assassinated because there was internal order. The governor was asked to set up barriers in the streets she passed. But they didn't expect that there was someone who organized a martial arts contest for finding a bridegroom.

But he didn't know who wanted to kill Lin Mengya.

Moreover, since the name of this organization was Peach Blossom Dock, the headquarter must be on the dock.

No one knew where the specific location was, but he was sure that he would receive the peach blossom order if he was asked to do something.

There would be specific tasks for him on the peach blossom order.