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Chapter 39 Get Out of Here Alive

"Princess, do you have any plans?"

Steward Deng asked in a low voice and looked at Lin Mengya who was quarreling with others expectantly.

"Plan? I don't have any plans! Let's first do something cool and quarrel with them! We must be more imposing than them!" Steward Deng's face immediately darkened after hearing Lin Mengya's answer.

If we could see Steward Deng's inner activity, we could definitely find that he had freaked out.

The Princess' idea was ridiculous!

"Leader Chu, our Lord said that we could kill them if necessary, so let's make a fire attack against them!"

A subordinate looked shrewder and was telling his plan to Chu An.

Chu An looked at the door and it seemed that he was still hesitating.

"Do you think I'll be afraid of your fire attack? It's impossible to melt the stone with fire! Even if the fire can melt it, it will take a long time! Get the fuck out of here and ask your young lord to come over! Otherwise, I'll not spare him easily someday!"

For the first time in her life, Lin Mengya completely used the skills she had learned from the food market.

This was due to the fact that she would buy food for the welfare home sometimes.

The women vendors in the food market had the natural ability to quarrel with others.

You would be angry and lose your mind when talking to them. After five minutes, you would turn crazy and after half an hour, your outlook on life would be reshaped!

Lin Mengya avoided using some of the most vulgar words.

But Chu An, who was standing outside, was at the end of his forbearance. His black face darkened and he became angry about the humiliation of this girl.

"Prepare the rapeseed oil and burn all of them to death!"

But Lin Mengya jumped off the chair in an instant.

"Do you want to burn us? Don't forget that you're also here and will be killed by the fire!" She took off her coat despite what she had said.

The other four men were stunned and she tore the robe into strips.

"Well, you'll be burnt to death in the room! Let's go!" Chu An must be irritated by Lin Mengya and he left with most of his men.

It's now or never! So Lin Mengya instantly stopped talking and brought the four men together.

"Take off your cloth right now and tear them into stripes like me. Then dip them in the water and block the gap of the door."

The most terrible thing about the fire was the smoke that could kill people. Tonight, she was not sure whether they could get out of here alive, so she had to plan for the worst.

"Princess, I don't think it's appropriate to take off my clothes in front of you." The three men were even shyer than Lin Mengya. But she stared at them and said firmly.

"Just do what I say!"

The four men followed her orders immediately. The room had already been filled with the smell of burning and the fire would rip through this little stone room in a moment.

"Princess, we'll try our best to protect you. Please go back to Price Yu's Mansion after coming out here. That's the safest place." Steward Deng and the other three guards kept Lin Mengya behind to protect her.

Now, he also realized that it was the enemy's strategy and they were deceived. But he didn't know the situation of Prince Yu's Mansion.

"They won't let me go easily even I can get out of here."

This was the feudal office of the capital. Without the permission of the governor, these assassins didn't dare to do this.

Now, she was completely at the mercy of others.

The fire spread and those prisoners in the surrounding cells were the first to be burned to death.

Even if these prisoners survived the fire, many of them would definitely be killed by the assassins because all of them were witnesses who were bound to be killed.

The temperature gradually went up and they could hear the screams of other prisoners in surrounding cells.

"Pour the water on the ground and try to lower the body. Do not inhale too much smoke." Lin Mengya lay on the ground without considering her image. The most important thing at this moment was to keep alive.

Outside the cell, the fire was raging, and you could see the soaring smoke from the distance.

"Gee! The office is on fire! Hurry up and fight the fire!" The night watchman shouted madly. Soon, in the dark night, all the surrounding civilians came to fight the fire.

But, it was strange that the office's door was closed and no one came to open it although they were shouting and screaming.

The wet cloth stuck in the door was gradually dried by the fire.

The smoke came in from the crack of the door and the surrounding temperature was going up. Lin Mengya felt that even her throat was burning.

She didn't expect that her original plan to seize the assassins finally killed herself.

She might be killed in this little room.

The four men silently gathered around Lin Mengya to protect her.

Lin Mengya gradually lost her consciousness due to the thick smoke and high temperature. The wet ground also became hot now.

The door of the stone room finally collapsed after being burnt for a long time.

The red tongue of fire also entered this stone room.

Lin Mengya smiled helplessly. In the end, she was killed in this small room. But she was not reconciled to her defeat!

Lin Mengya's dream was full of the high temperature and smoke and she seemed to have returned to her previous life.

She saw the lab, but she was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. The doctors tried their best to save her but it made no difference.

She saw that her teacher's eyes were full of self-accusation. The classmates also looked at her sadly. Then, her body was covered with a piece of white cloth.

It turned out that she was really dead in this world.

She died lonely and had no nostalgia.

It seemed that all her tracks had been erased and she no longer belonged to that world.

She was stunned. But suddenly, she woke up with the overwhelming pain.

She opened her eyes with difficulty. But at first sight, she found that Baizhi and Lin Zhongyu were crying sadly.

"You..." She said one word but felt the pain in her throat. She was shocked by her hoarse voice and thought that maybe she came back to life after leaving her previous incarnation.

"Miss! You really wake up. I thought that I would never see you again!"

Obviously, Baizhi was scared. She cried and hugged Lin Mengya.

"Ouch, it hurts!" Lin Mengya nearly rolled her eyes. She felt that the pain was spreading from the body parts touched by Baizhi.

"What! Miss, are you OK? Why are you in a cold sweat?" Baizhi was screaming. She didn't realize that she was the one who made Lin Mengya break out in a cold sweat.

"You..." Lin Mengya even wanted to kill Baizhi now. Was she the real spy? Why did she keep on hurting me if the answer was no?

"Sister Baizhi, sit up! Sister Princess is gonna be crushed to death by you!" Lin Zhongyu understood Lin Mengya and pulled Baizhi out of bed immediately and saved her life.

"Miss, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." Baizhi nearly cried. Her Miss was not burned to death, but she was almost killed by herself.

"Princess, please drink some water. You have been in a coma for seven days and seven nights. The doctors said that if you can't wake up today, we must prepare for your funeral." Aunt Jinyue also stayed at her bedside. She took a glass of water and carefully fed it to Lin Mengya.

Lin Mengya finally recovered a little strength after gulping a lot of water.

She had been in a coma for seven nights and seven days. But she only spent a few minutes in the other world.

"How did I get saved?" She still remembered that she was in the hot fire before she lost all her consciousness.

Jinyue took another bowl of medicine and told her everything.

In fact, half of the city was on fire that night. The cells were in one fierce sheet of flame when the guards of Prince Yu's Mansion finally arrived.

At the crucial moment, the Prince ignored the universal opposition and rushed into the sea of flames. Miraculously, he rescued Lin Mengya and Steward Deng.

The three innocent guards were pressed against their bodies to save them. They saved Lin Mengya and Steward Deng at the cost of their own lives.

"Well, I understand." She gave a wry smile and thought that she owed a lot to the three guards.

If she didn't insist on staying in the cell, the three people would not die.

"You don't have to blame yourself, they just do what they should do." She suddenly heard the low voice in the room. Lin Mengya looked at the door with difficulty. The handsome and cold man was exactly Long Tianhao.

"Do their families know this?" Lin Mengya didn't even know their names, but she was definitely not an ungrateful person.

"I've already handled these affairs. They'll live comfortably." Long Tianhao sat in the chair in front of her bed and said. He was sullen and Lin Mengya couldn't see any emotions from his handsome face.

"You can leave. I want to talk to the Princess."

In an instant, all the other people left and there were only Long Tianhao and Lin Mengya in this room.

"Thank you for saving me." After thinking, Lin Mengya still thought that she should express her thanks to him.

"I didn't save you for your gratitude. I don't need useless people, so you are my subordinate from today on." Long Tianhao's eyes were cold. In fact, the events in that day were assessments of Lin Mengya.

But he didn't expect that those people would be so daring and attacked his mansion in the end.

"Do you know that group of people?" Lin Mengya looked up at Long Tianhao with doubts.

"You will face countless dangers if you stay with me." The forces inside and outside the palace were all threats to him. Although Lin Mengya was witty, she was just a lady and had limited experiences.

"I have no alternative but to accept this." Lin Mengya smiled softly. But she also looked more determined.