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Chapter 18 Mother-in-law Returns Home

She entered the palace today and got several useful messages.

First, the Queen didn't like Concubine De very much, including Long Tianhao.

Second, she was afraid that she would become the target of the Queen.

Alas, she couldn't help sighing helplessly. No matter which one it was, it would be hard for her to be the princess.

The concubines of all the palaces left one after another. Lin Mengya stood behind Long Tianhao with her head down, which showed that she was clever and quiet.

Several concubines who were close to Concubine De either stayed secretly to give her a small gift or sent gifts by their maids.

Lin Mengya noticed these actions but had to sigh with emotion.

The people in the Imperial Palace were honorable and noble, but it was hard for her to imagine the open quarrels and secret wrangles between them.

Concubine De was gentle and frail-looking and seemed to be at the disadvantage of the Queen.

But she could survive for so many years in the exclusion of the Queen, so her calculation should not be underestimated.

"Her mother-in-law was not simple."

She followed Concubine De to come back to the Splendid Palace. Although it was called a palace, it was just a slightly large house, whose style was less luxury than the Chaoyun Hall.

Empress Concubine De seemed very tired, sitting on her imperial concubine's couch. Only when she saw her son did her sad eyes occasionally shine.

"Is your name Mengya? What a unique name! Jinyue, bring my satisfactory jade pendant which means a happily married couple. This is my present to you."

Concubine De smiled gently and looked up and down at her daughter-in-law.

It seemed that the Queen made a mistake this time.

The new bride was not stupid. Instead, she looked intelligent and generous and conducted herself decently. Her gestures and expressions were natural and graceful, which matched the identity of Marquis Zhennan's elder daughter very well.

Standing with Hao, they looked like a perfect match.

"Thank you, Concubine De."

Her two hands took the brocade box sent by Concubine De's maid and she quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Thanks to the real Lin Mengya, she was able to get through today.

Although Marquis Zhennan loved his children so much, he treated Lin Mengya extremely strictly. Since she was three years old, he asked the nanny who taught and conducted the etiquette in the palace to teach his daughter.

Therefore, although Lin Mengya was stupid and silly after that, she did not forget these manners at all. Even without the nanny's advice, she still made no mistake.

She raised her head and looked at Concubine De, smiling wittily. Without discretion in the hall, she looked more friendly and nifty.

"Good child, I still misunderstood you previously. You don't blame me, do you? "

"I dare not. I lost my mother since childhood and the moment I saw you today, I felt that you were very kind. "

After staying for a long time in the palace, everyone would become inanimate.

Lin Mengya was fresh and pretty, with the youthful spirit that belonged to young girls. Concubine De liked her very much and also felt she was congenial.

The two women actually felt like old friends at the first meeting and soon became very close.

Fortunately, Lin Mengya amused Concubine De and diluted her sadness about leaving the palace.

They talked to each other, and Long Tianhao couldn't put a word in their conversation.

He had to stride out of the palace, looking at the direction of the Hall of Integrity.