Home Boy Fantasy Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 21 Go for Wool and Come Home Shorn

"Madam and the second young lady, the first young lady and Prince already arrived outside the mansion."

"What?" Lin Mengwu glanced with Shangguan Qing and they didn't think that Prince Yu comes here.

Supposedly, he was fooled and married a fool as his wife. It was enough to make Long Tianhao rage, but unexpectedly, he should follow her to go back to the Lin family.

What on earth would happen?

"Come on, go out and welcome them." Shangguan Qing and Lin Mengwu immediately rushed out to greet them because people in Dadu all knew Long Tianhao's temper and they were scared of him.

If they annoyed this man, the Queen could not be able to protect them.

Lin Mengwu was even mad with joy because when she was six years old, she went to the palace with her mother for the banquet where she met the third Prince and she fell in love with him secretly.

When she knew that the Queen chose the fool to be Princess Yu, she became even more jealous.

Prince Yu was such a good man that he was only suitable for her Lin Mengwu!

"Press the sedan!" The man who followed the sedan chair was the chief steward of the outer court of the Mansion and Prince Yu arranged him to serve the princess, which was enough to show he attached great importance to her.

The servants of the Lin family put down their work and stopped to see what was happening because they all wanted to know how the silly daughter of the Lin family attracted Prince.

Lin Mengya straightened her skirt and walked out of the sedan chair unhurriedly.

When seeing the new princess's true face, both the servants of the Lin family and the surrounding passers-by were surprised at what they just saw.

Who on earth did say that the elder daughter of the Lin family was ugly and insane?

She was clearly a fairy who came to the man's world, ok?!

Lin Mengwu and Shangguan Qing were also shocked on the spot and their similar eyes showed a look of disbelief.

"She...how did she become like that?"

Lin Mengwu covered her mouth and opened her almond eyes—Lin Mengya wasn't like a stupid at all and her distinguished air of elegance and coquetry instantly overshadowed her spotlight!

"Similar...they are really similar!"

Shangguan Qing became surprised at it, but suddenly, she also felt a surge of anger rushing from her heart.

In those days, it was this face that attracted Marquis Zhennan and that robbed of the happiness that belonged to herself.

It was also this face that occupied all her husband's love.

Previously, She thought Lin Mengya was so similar to her mother that she poisoned her face.

"She didn't imagine that after the little b*tch detoxified the poison, her face was unexpectedly the same as that of that b*tch!"

Her round fingers under the wide sleeve robe held tightly.

"She would never allow this face to destroy herself again!"

"Respects to Prince Yu and Princess. Prince and Princess, healthy and happy all the years round."

Although Shangguan Qing and Lin Mengwu were unwilling, they had to pay their respects to Long Tianhao and Lin Mengya.

"We are family. Mother and sister don't need to stand on ceremony. Get up quickly."

She spoke this until they kneeled down, so it was obvious that Lin Mengya was not sincere to do so.

"Thank Prince and Princess."

Lin Mengwu stood in the front and she was obsessed and looking at the handsome Long Tianhao.

Long Tianhao, wearing a dark black robe, was more slender and tall and his deep facial features were like knives. In particular, it was his long and narrow eyes, which were dark and possessed and were pure and cold but made people want to sink.

She wanted to see his calm and self-restraint eyes would on earth bloom how charming bright after catching the raging fire.

"All these must belong to her Lin Mengwu!"

"Sister, although you have only been married for two days, I, your sister, really miss you!"