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Chapter 31 The Future Lady-Killer Lin Zhongyu

The boy standing in front of her had bright eyes which were like those of cats. He was cute and had exquisite facial features, but he also looked pitifully.

His long wet hair hung down, which made his palm-sized face look as white as the jade.

Although he was a young boy, he had an androgynous charm. This guy was really a lady-killer!

"Sister, am I ugly?" Lin Zhongyu blinker his cat-like eyes and asked cautiously.

Those sisters who gave him a shower just now did the same thing. Now, even the princess was watching him motionlessly. Was he really so ugly?

"Ugly? No, no, Zhongyu, come and sit next to me." She didn't expect that the boy who she had picked up on the street could be so charming.

In the future, people in Prince Yu's Mansion must be of extreme beauty!

Lin Zhongyu sat next to her tamely. He bowed his head in a cautious manner and did not dare to look at the princess.

"Zhongyu, you will be the most handsome boy in the future. Even the prince was no match for you." She carefully wiped the child's hair with a cloth towel. She found that she missed the time when she was in the welfare home and took care of other younger siblings.

At that time, everything was so simple and beautiful. Unlike now, she must be careful to keep herself safe.

"Sister Princess, can I really live with you in the future?" He was like a lonely cub and looked at Lin Mengya as if she was his last hope. How could she refuse such a little guy?

She nodded and held him in her arms. This was the last commemoration of her past life.

"Don't worry, I'll never leave you alone." Because she could not let go of her past forever. Even after years of experience, there would be only loneliness and blur. But Her heart would always remember the first years of her life.

In the study room, Long Tianhao sat behind the mahogany desk and listened to his subordinate's words.

He left earlier and didn't expect that so many things happened after his departure. This woman was too undisciplined.

"In the end, the princess issued a gag order. I don't know what she had said to Qiu Ming, Zhang Wu, Wang Yu, and Xin Yun, but they didn't talk anything about the events happened in the teahouse. I tried my best to elicit information but found nothing. Master, if you want to know, I can ask them to come over immediately."

But Long Tianhao shook his head and motioned him to leave.

When there was only Long Tianhao in the study room, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Night, do you find out what happened?" Night, who was wearing a black suit, knelt down on the ground. He was the dark messenger who was always hidden in the shadows.

His pale face was always hidden behind the silver mask. No one knew his existence, and no one knew his name.

"Yes, master. The Willow Gang was the running dogs raised by the crown prince and his people. They usually do some trivial things such as cheating and petty theft and don't have other uses. Somehow, they ran into the princess's carriage."

The crown prince's people. Long Tianhao frowned and he didn't expect that this thing was related to the crown prince party.

"Anything else?

"I've already investigated the boy brought back by the princess. There is no problem with him and he's just an abducted boy."

Lin Kui just told him that Lin Mengya had brought a teenager back from the street.

But he didn't expect that this girl, who could not even protect herself, took pity on a strange boy.

"By the way, what did princess do in the teahouse? Why did the four guards say nothing about it?"

After a moment of silence, Night told him what the princess had done with a little weird tone.

"Master, I've checked these three people. The joints of one of them are displaced and I'm afraid that he could do nothing even his joints are matched once again. The internal organs of another man are broken and he is at death's door. The last one might be impotent."

Long Tianhao looked at Night, and there was a moment of shock in his narrow eyes.

"Do you mean that she did all of these by herself?" Night nodded and the expression of Long Tianhao suddenly became very weird.

This was not what women should do.

"I know, you can leave." Night nodded and disappeared from the study room in a moment.

Looking at the shaking bamboo forests outside of the window, Long Tianhao was curious and puzzled.

Lin Mengya, what kind of person was she?

You may think that she was cruel, but she took pity on a strange boy.

You may think that she was kindhearted, but ordinary women could not do these things.

You may think that she was crafty and cunning, but her eyes were clean and she had the courage to look at him.

Then which one was the real Lin Mengya?

"Prince, someone is waiting outside and he wants to see you. He has the princess's official seal." The voice of the servant came from the outside and interrupted his contemplation.

"Come in."


He didn't know what has she done.

"Miss, I also want to sleep with you, can I?" In the Qinglan Courtyard, Ruyue was begging her master.

According to the rules of Prince Yu's Mansion, she was only a second-class maid. She didn't care much about her monthly payment, but she had to sleep in the servant's room, which made her worried.

Lin Mengya couldn't resist her begging, but...

She and Long Tianhao must shake the bed laboriously before going to bed. If Ruyue discovered this secret and told it to others, she must be weighed down by numerous troublesome problems.

"Well, I will let you come over later. Can you first bear with it?" This girl's ability to pester others was as good as that of Su Qing, who was her only good friend in modern times.

Lin Zhongyu found a small stool and sat next to Lin Mengya. He smiled and looked at Ruyue and Sister Princess.

"Here comes Prince Yu-" People in this room were scared by the sudden eunuch's sharp voice.

Only Lin Mengya stood up calmly. It was nothing to her. She saw this every day and was not nervous as she used to be.

"Pay respect to the prince." People in the room all bowed and saluted while Lin Mengya only leaned her face and body slightly. The ancient people were so troublesome and they must salute at any time, which was the same even when they were at home.

"Well, stop it. Don't do these empty forms anymore. Lin Mengya, come and see what it is?" Long Tianhao frowned and it was obvious that he was not in a good mood.

Lin Mengya took a look and found that it was her official seal and the IOU.

Unfortunately, she showed no repentance at all. And Long Tianhao wanted to break her head and see what she was thinking!

"Explain to me why do you give them this IOU? Why don't you pay for them with the silver coins?"

Long Tianhao was extremely embarrassed. Just now, Shopkeeper Wan of the Myriad Drug Pavilion came to the mansion. He cried and pleaded and demanded repayment of the loan.

At first, he thought that the shopkeeper was being unreasonable but he had to believe him when he took out the official seal of the princess.

God knew how much he wanted to kill this shameful woman!

"There's nothing to explain. I need medicine to detoxify myself but I have no money, so I wrote an IOU and then used the most valuable thing on my body as the mortgage." Lin Mengya spread her hands and didn't felt that she was wrong.

"You-" He really wanted to break her slender white neck with her hand. But he repeatedly suppressed his anger and smiled and then put the clear evidence in front of her.

"Then, why do you write my name?" It was only several hundreds of tael of silver. Why did she write his name? He would definitely be laughed at if others knew this thing.

"Oh, your name!" Lin Mengya took the IOU and looked at him with innocent eyes.

"But people don't know who I am if I write my name! And I thought for a while and found it troublesome to take things to the pawn shop, so I just gave my official seal and jade ring to the boss of the shop."

Her big innocent eyes blinked and Lin Mengya reply confidently and firmly.

Long Tianhao suddenly felt that this head in front of him was so unsightly.

The anger and blood surged, and he was almost mad, but he still tried to control his emotions.

If strangers knew that he did not control himself and was driven crazy by his own princess, he would be more shameful.

"Aunt Jinyue, please go to the Central Palace to get her monthly payment." Her money was already allotted by the Ministry of Internal Order. But it was not the time, so he didn't give her yet.

But he didn't expect that she bought things on credit and wrote his name!

"Prince, but I have to collect herbs, so can I get more..." Lin Mengya pushed her luck. She smiled slyly and looked at the prince whose face turned green.

"Princess's monthly payment doubles and appropriate 300,000 taels of silver for her use." Long Tianhao's words were almost squeezed out of his teeth.

Lin Mengya smiled happily and her eyebrows curved. She nearly jumped up and said Hallelujah.

God, this was the real silver, which was completely different from the paper money that was now more and more worthless.

She was rich this time!

Seeing the fox-like smile on her face, Long Tianhao felt that he was being cheated.

She bought medicines on credit, left her official seal and finally the creditor found him. It seemed that all these things were schemed by this girl.

He felt a little unhappy. She could directly ask him for money if she didn't have. Why did she do all of these things?

He got up and left without looking back. He finally understood that he must stay away from her if he didn't want to be driven crazy by her!

"Prince, don't you want to stay here for a while?" Lin Mengya, who was immersed in her silver dream, took all the people in her room and stood at the door and saw him off happily.

But Long Tianhao walked faster and became angrier!