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Chapter 40 The Princess was Not Someone to Be Trifled with

"What do you think?" Long Tianhao looked at the woman standing in front of him and asked. She was not stupid, instead, she was very smart.

However, she still needed more training and experience to be his helper.

"Since I have no other choices, I have to follow your arrangements." In this world, there was no gain without pain.

There were too many people who were related to her.

Both Baizhi and Lin Zhongyu needed her protection and the man standing in front of her was obviously her only chance.

"You should stay in bed and recover from your injuries. By the way, I've heard that you're good at interrogating prisoners. I've already seized the governor and I hope that you can elicit some useful information from him."

Long Tianhao turned around and strode out of her room.

The governor? She was eager to meet him!

Prince Yu's Mansion suffered heavy losses from the big fire. But they hid this well and no one knew that Princess Yu was nearly killed by the fire.

With Baizhi and Lin Zhongyu's care and concern and the numerous valuable herbs, Lin Mengya was restored to health and had no scar in her skin.

"Miss, the Prince is good to you!" Baizhi smiled and held a small jade bottle and carefully applied the medicine to Lin Mengya's wound.

"Are you moved by these medicines? Well, you're easy to be bought over." Lin Mengya lay on her bed and felt disappointed. It seemed that the Prince provided her with all these good medicines for free.

But she got these at the cost of her life.

The battle between the princes was very dangerous. A small mistake may cost their lives and all the belongings. Even she had no perfect plan.

"Master, I'm not talking about the medicine. It was the Prince who took you out of the fire that day, do you remember?" Her bright eyes were flashing with admiration. It was obvious that this girl worshiped the Prince and treated him as the hero.

Lin Mengya's eyes dropped. She sighed and thought that Long Tianhao was really good at buying popularity and she still had a long way to go.

"Princess, the Prince asked me to invite you for a meeting." They heard Steward Deng's voice outside of the room.

"OK. The Prince needs to wait for a moment and I'll be over there right now."

Lin Mengya dressed herself up with the help of Baizhi. Her long hair, which flowed to her waist, was cut by half because of the fire. But now, she looked more beautiful and energetic with her hair hanging on her shoulder.

But she still looked pale. She looked more feminine and delicate from the distance.

"Steward Deng, I'm relieved to see that you're safe." Steward Deng was waiting for her with a serious face and smiled when he saw Lin Mengya.

"Princess, thanks to you, I come back alive. Please don't worry, the Prince has already given enough allowances to the families of the three guards and solved everything."

Lin Mengya smiled, but she had already made up her mind.

She would definitely take reprisals against the enemy or repay the favor to her benefactor, so she would never forget the sacrifices of these three guards.

They kept walking forward. But they were not going to the Prince's study room or the main hall.

Instead, they turned around and went behind the rockery in the small garden of Prince Yu's Mansion.

Lin Mengya slightly frowned. Was it...

Sure enough, Steward Deng reached out and moved in a small hole of the rockery and Lin Mengya heard the rough sound of the mechanism.

"Princess, please follow me. There're mechanisms."

No wonder he was so careful. This was the secret prison of the Prince Yu's Mansion.

Lin Mengya nodded and followed Steward Deng carefully.

The road leading to the secret prison was crooked and the winding path only allowed two people to walk side by side.

There were lights made of moonstones around them, which was giving out terrifying faint lights. She suddenly smelled the water vapor and realized that the cell was built in a small lake in the garden.

It was awesome! It seemed that she had underestimated Prince Yu's Mansion. How many secrets were hidden in this big mansion?

"Princess, please come in." She saw a solid stone gate at the end of the path. Steward Deng reached out and touched the gate and the door rose quietly.

They stepped into the stone gate. A moist, rancid smell assailed her nostrils.

But the air was sufficient and she didn't feel suffocated at all.

Beside the aisles were all stone doors. There was only a very small iron window in the upper part of the stone door.

"The prisoners held here are all those who try to harm the Prince, including the assassin who dared to assassinate the Prince on that day." Steward Deng explained patiently after finding that Lin Mengya was puzzled.

"Well, I see." Lin Mengya nodded and said. This secret prison was very safe and it was difficult to find from the outside.

The Prince showed her this secret, which meant that he trusted her and they were on the same side. But Lin Mengya also knew that she would definitely be killed if she betrayed them or failed to meet his expectations.

She had been forced to be on the same boat with them!

Soon, they walked to another stone door and opened it. Long Tianhao was standing quietly in the darkness.

"Prince, Princess is here." Steward Deng bowed and quietly stayed at the door. Lin Mengya felt that Long Tianhao was looking at her and she smiled slightly.

"Princess, do you want me to elicit some useful information from the governor?"

The governor was still wearing pajamas and was tied to a stake in this room.

His mouth was blocked by cloth. It seemed that he had enjoyed the past few days.

But now, he was still staring at her. Lin Mengya clearly knew that he was trying to threaten her and fought to the last ditch.

"You can do whatever you want and I only want valuable information." Steward Deng had told him that Lin Mengya had special ways of interrogating prisoners.

This governor was hard to deal with and they failed to force him to talk. Since Lin Mengya was shrewd and good at punishment, he wanted her to interrogate this prisoner.

"All right."

Lin Mengya stood in front of the governor and suddenly had a good idea.

She smiled, came near the governor and whispered to him.

In a few words, she managed to threaten the governor. He stared at Lin Mengya as if she was the demon.

"Soak the whip in the salt water and flog the governor soundly."

Her voice was soft and gentle while what she had said was horrible.

The whip in the torture room was terrible. It had barbs and could cut off the prisoner's flesh.

After being soaked in the salt water, the whip could cause more pain on the prisoner.

"Princess, how many do you want?" The guard who was gonna whip the governor asked in a low voice.

But Lin Mengya looked at the governor viciously. It seemed that he was determined to endure the pain without saying anything.

Well, it was not that simple.

"Don't stop until I tell you. Steward Deng, go and prepare Ginseng Decoction and all kinds of good medicines for the knife wound. By the way, find ten corks and I want to gag him."

Instantly, all the people in the room gasped.

This was not interrogation at all. The Princess was trying to torture the prisoner and she actually enjoyed this process.

Looking at the governor, who was still resisting, all people believed that things that happened next would be wonderful.

It was not terrible to be tortured, but it was terrible that the torture was endless.

It was the most terrible and frustrating thing to be tortured without knowing when it would come to an end.

If the prisoner was feeble-minded, he would definitely become silly or crazy.

"If you tell us the truth, I'll give you a day off before whipping you once again. But if you refuse, I'll torture you day and night. Don't worry, I'm different from others and I'm sure they had never heard of these punishments."

Lin Mengya's eyes were bright and she looked at the governor happily.

When she was in college, she once read a book called The Art of Punishment.

Physical pain was only part of the penalty. The highest purpose of punishment was to destroy the spiritual will of the person.

"Uh! Ah..." The governor didn't expect that Princess Yu was a psychopath who enjoyed torturing others.

"Well, let's get started." The guards standing around instantly raised the whips on their hands and lashed the governor with the crack sound.

Suddenly, the governor howled like a pig being killed and his creams reverberated in the room.

Lin Mengya asked someone to find a small stool. She took some melon seeds and watched the governor leisurely.

"The guard on the left, go and get a new whip. The one on the right, dip your whip in the salt water." She was instructing the guards while eating her snacks.

If we ignored the governor who was bleeding and screaming, we would think that she was watching the variety show.

"Prince, if we keep whipping him, he might..." Steward Deng looked worriedly at the governor, whose screams had become weak. He was afraid that the governor might die before making a confession.

"No." Long Tianhao stood quietly in the darkness and watched. He clearly knew Lin Mengya's intentions and ideas. She wanted to make the governor believe that she didn't value his confession at all.

However, in this endless suffering, he could get a moment of peace only by making a confession.

He believed that it would not take long for this man to give up.

"Take out the things in his mouth and ask if he wants to say anything." Lin Mengya told the people to take off the rags in his mouth. But she said once again before the governor even opened his mouth.

"It seems that he has nothing to say. Block his mouth and keep whipping." The governor's eyes widened and he was shocked by Lin Mengya's behavior. He thought that Lin Mengya would be irritated by his abuses, but in fact, he didn't even have the chance to say anything.

He was depressed at this moment.

But Lin Mengya was not as relaxed as she looked.

Steward Deng told her that this man also belonged to the mysterious organization and he was a master of the martial arts.

But over the years, he had successfully concealed his identity and become the governor of the capital city. So, he did pretty well in handling official affairs.

After spending years in the official circle, he must have developed some bureaucratic habits. It was easier to force him to tell the truth while other forest outlaws would endure the torture and fight to the death.

If he had the chance, he would definitely tell them everything he knew!