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Chapter 151 Battle Under the Moonlight (Part Two)


While Superior Huizhu battles the enemy, a few of apprentices of the Qingcheng Taoist Temple are watching in the yard. They saw that Lin Luoran jumped onto the roof and made a shameful sneak attack, but they didn’t expect that Huizhu would stop Lin.

Young master An can’t help shouting.

Though Lin is surprised, her attention is drawn by An’s shouting. The woman in black giggles and says: “What a good-looking young Taoist!”

She throws the black lotus out, which expands against the wind and wraps An immediately. Before An does anything, he is trapped by the petals. By the time the lotus flies back to the woman’s hand, it returns to the normal size. Young master An is nowhere to be found.

No one expected that the woman in black would change her target. Even Superior Huizhu who stopped Lin Luoran couldn’t act quick enough to save his apprentice.

However, Lin Luoran is somehow relieved a bit. When Huizhu stopped her, she used to think that maybe he and the woman in black were in this together. Lin bears a lot of secrets and she is diffident about them. Now that the woman in black has captured young master An, Lin Luoran’s suspicions disappear.

Still, why Huizhui stopped her?

The horsetail whisk of his has long since left her sword and come at the woman in black. Lin pays attention to Huizhu’s expression and she sees nothing unusual — Huizhu must have an explanation for what he did. Lin Luoran will not make another attack before she understands the situation completely.

Seemingly, the woman in black came to revenge Zou Yaowei. However, why didn’t she make the attack back when she was at Lin’s villa? No one was on guard and she fascinated all of them. Wasn’t that the perfect opportunity to kill them all?

It appears that the woman’s relationship with the superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple is special… Lin Luoran goes through her memory after she stepped on the path of cultivation. There is no way that she has done everything perfectly, but she is sure that she never shows off. If all of these, from Superior Huizhu’s care for the Lin family to the battle under the moonlight, served the same purpose, the scam would be too huge to be true.

It should not be that. Lin Luoran grabs the Bright Sword. She hears Huizhu’s serious voice, “You are still confused. Just let him go.”

They do know each other!

The woman in black wipes off the blood on the corner of her mouth. She says enchantingly: “Let him go? This young Taoist has a nice level of cultivation. He will become a pretty good elixir after I refine him. Why should I let him go?”

Before Superior Huizhu says anything back, Lin Luoran almost vomits — she remembers that the woman said she wanted to discuss the Tao of Bolus. Turns out that the woman’s Tao of Bolus is to make elixirs with human body?!

Huizhu sighs. Eight pieces of yellow paper fly out of his palm and rush at the woman in black.

This scene is so familiar. Lin Luoran remembers the yellow paper Wen Guanjing used to summon thunder during their first fight… Are these magic figures?

The woman in black clearly knows more. She immediately backs off, yet the eight pieces of yellow paper follow. There is nowhere for the woman to go. She puts the black lotus in front of her chest, and the glow of the lotus keeps the yellow paper three feet away!

“Figure circle! Old Huizhu, you have indeed made some progress these years!”

Figure circle! The memory bead White Fairy gave Lin never mentioned anything about magic circles or figures. Perhaps White Fairy herself wasn’t good at these. However, Lin Luoran is very interested in Commander Qin’s jade pendant which can protect its owner. Now, seeing that magic figure and circle can be combined, Lin Luoran’s eyes are fixed on it.

Though the black lotus manages to keep the eight pieces of figure paper away, it also leaves enough time for them to form a circle. The eight pieces of figure paper split into eight directions. When they start to glow, the bewildering fragrance of the woman in black is isolated by an invisible force.

On the fingertips of Huizhu, there seem to be eight invisible strings connecting the figure paper. Under his command, the figure paper move and take better positions.

The woman in black is not reconciled to be restrained like this. The magic circle has not come into effect. However, she is not familiar with magic circles so it will be impossible for her to find the core of it. Nevertheless, except for the circle core, she can use force to break out of the magic circle!

Lin Luoran stands by and watches the fight. The figure paper circle around the woman in black, who seems to have lost her sense of direction and can’t touch the paper which are so close to her. The more she struggles, the more wounds appear on her body. The woman’s skin is so white, and the wounds are so obvious.

In fact, the woman in black can’t see the figure paper. From her perspective, the mountain, the forest, the roof and her enemies are all gone. There are only infinite strong wind and…the sense of killing.

The wind is sharp as blades. All the blades keep cutting her body. The woman in black smiles sarcastically and thinks that this is exactly the despicable Righteous Path. Those righteous men always use such fierce magic circles!

The black lotus glows in her palm. The woman murmurs a few words and the outer layer petals of the lotus fall off.

“Old Huizhu, I know you can hear me! If you don’t let me go right now, your little apprentice will become a bloody bolus!”

Huizhu sighs: “This is so much sin…”

Lin Luoran is worried. The woman in black must be insane!

In fact, the woman only said that to let Huizhu talk so that she can find the directions. She doesn’t care about “sin” at all. Compared with what she had been through to remold herself, the pain in her body now is nothing. The woman in black hardly takes the magic circle seriously.

She closes her eyes and tries to feel. When she opens her eyes again, her natural enchantment is back. Lin Luoran is astonished. The fallen petals of the lotus all fly out, hitting every one piece of the figure paper. The collision makes loud bangs!

“Boom—” The yellow paper can’t stand the continuous collisions and they begin to crack. The entire figure circle is on the verge of collapse.

Seeing that the magic circle is unstable, Huizhu takes out a new figure and is about to steady the circle. Meanwhile, the woman in black shakes the lotus. A man rolls down on the ground. With Eyes closed and being in a coma, it is young master An!

Superior Huizhu stops his move. The woman in black kicks An onto the unstable figure paper. The invisible wind instantly cuts a dozen of bloody wounds on An’s body.

Lin Luoran can’t bear to look at this, let alone Huizhu. An is his favorite apprentice who has grown up by his side!

Eventually, Huizhu does not throw the new figure paper out… The woman in black laughs again. Taking advantage of An, she manages to break out of the magic circle!

Lin Luoran wanted to hit the woman with the sword, but she hesitates because Huizhu has stopped her before. However, the second the woman breaks out of the magic circle, she kicks An to Huizhu and rushes directly at Lin Luoran with the black lotus in her palm—

Lin Luoran tries to block the attack with the Bright Sword. There is no sound when the sword hits the black lotus. This thing is not made of metal or stone, and it is kind of soft. It is a real flower!

This is the last thing Lin Luoran thinks about. The next second, everything in front of her becomes completely dark. She enters a weird space…