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Chapter 50 You Betrayed Me!

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Qu Qingning would never expect that Su Li was a reborn person from the previous life and that she had seen the Wu Jin’s true features in previous life, either.

When Su Li saw Qu Qingning, she immediately knew that he was a cheater!

“If I marry the person whose identity is exposed, I will accept the fact. Zhu Yan and Su Zipei will be the happiest, ho ho...”

Su Li understood the cause and effect but her face still wore a gentle smile. She walked slowly to Qu Qingning and bent lightly. She said gently, “Su Li is here to give greetings to Master Wu.”

Qu Qingning was stunned by her appearance. He had heard the name of Su Li in the Dasu Town but had never expected that there was such a pure and beautiful person in the poor town!

He had lived in the Nanjiang Country for more than one decade but never saw such a beautiful girl. He almost drooled.

“Big brother, hold on!”

Heidan whined inside and couldn’t move his eye sight from Su Li. He was a beggar and his knowledge and experience were less than those of Qu Qingning. When he suddenly saw such a beautiful girl, he blurted out, “Fairy”.

Su Li couldn’t help but laugh, “You are overpraising me. How can I be called a fairy?”

Qu Qingning woke up. He thought of his situation and quickly calmed down. When Su Huanli saw the change, he laughed louder. If Qu Qingning loved Su Li, despite her potential identity as a concubine, it was honorable for herself and the Su Family.

Su Li was a little surprised. She learnt a little about Nothing Unusual. She thought that the cheater would embarrass himself but didn’t expect that he could keep calm.

At this time, Qu Qingning said to Su Huanli with a loud laughter,

“Miss Su is really beautiful and is worthy of the praise. I saw all the girls in Yunjing. Nobody is as beautiful as Miss Su. The purpose of my visit is to propose a marriage. If you agree, I will send the first batch of betrothal presents. After I return to Yunjing and get married, I will send you a big gift.”

Su Huanli was imagining that Su Li would become a member of the Wu Family. He didn’t expect that Qu Qingning talked about the marriage so quickly. It was a shock for him.

Qu Qingning was a little nervous but pretended to be unpleasant, “Well, do you think that I don’t match your daughter by virtue of my identity?”

Su Huanli was shocked and quickly said, “You are so serious. I was just surprised and did not get it. I have a question. What is the identity of Li after she gets married with you?”

Qu Qingning turned back and said with affection, “Miss Su is such a gentle and beautiful girl. I will never treat her badly. Although she won’t be my wife considering her identity, I guarantee that her status will be equal to my wife.”

Heidan snorted and said, “It is lucky for her to marry the master...”

But he was screaming inside. His big brother would gain a lot this time! He not only earned a lot of money, but also got a beautiful girl. He was envious. If his acting skill was half as good as that of his big brother, he would also get a beautiful wife!

Su Li glanced at Heidan and smiled. The two guys acted well.

Sure enough, Su Huanli would agree. When he was about to nod and agree, Su Li said earlier, “Daddy, my marriage is up to you. But it will take some time to hand over the business of the Baiwei Building. If Childe Wu is not in a hurry, please stay in the Baiwei Building for another day.”

It seemed that Su Li agreed.

Su Huanli woke up. Immediately it was difficult for him to make a choice. It was a good thing for her daughter to marry Wu Jin. But the Baiwei Building couldn’t be lost. After all, he could earn thousands of taels of silver every day.

And the precious Beggars’ Chicken...

When Su Huanli thought that the precious Beggars’ Chicken may disappear, he felt sad. He was a little hesitant.

When Qu Qingning saw that the situation was not good, he quickly said, “Father-in-law, our General’s Mansion will dispatch cooks to the Baiwei Building. Later, the betrothal presents will be worth ten Baiwei Buildings. Why does father-in-law want to lose the greater for the less?”

Qu Qingning called Su Huanli father-in-law. He sacrificed a lot.

Ten Baiwei Buildings!

After Su Huanli heard the three words, he immediately waved his hand and agreed the proposal.

“Li, stroll with Master Wu today. Don’t do anything else.”

Su Li agreed and smiled, “Childe, this way please. Let’s go to the Baiwei Building to have a look.”

Qu Qingning extended his hand like a gentleman, “It’s up to you.”

When Su Huanli saw such a harmonious scene, he could not help but clench his fists and cheer up. He did not expect that the Su Family and the General’s Mansion would become in-laws before Qingtan came back. What a revelation of the ancestors!

Su Li went to the Baiwei Building in Qu Qingning’s carriage. On the way, she deliberately talked about astronomy and geography as well as lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, only to find that the cheater interacted with her fluently and looked calm.

“An unusual cheater.”

Su Li laughed louder and stared at Qu Qingning. The stare made him feel nervous. He felt that the girl in front of him had discovered his identity but he did not know why she didn’t expose him.

Qu Qingning perspired with a cold sweat because of the strange feeling.

Su Li stopped staring at him and looked at the scenery outside. Since she broke through the acquired ninth hurdle, she was very sensitive to breath. The breath of the cheater was very similar to that of Fang Yuan. Perhaps, they had some relationships. It was better to confirm it first. If not, it was not too late to kill him.

Yes, her confidence came from her martial arts. If the “Childe Wu” accidentally died, nobody would mention the marriage.

Qu Qingning suddenly felt a chill, which seemed that a poisonous snake was staring at him. The inexplicable instinct made him nervous. It seemed that he returned to the battlefield of the Nanjiang Country.

“How weird! Have I gotten involved in a crisis again?”

Qu Qingning was puzzled but did not realize that the source of the crisis was beside him.

In a short period of time, the carriage stopped in front of the Baiwei Building. Su Li and Qu Qingning got off from the carriage and walked into the restaurant together. They immediately caught the guests’ attention and the guests kept whispering.

“That’s Miss Su Li. She is so beautiful!”

“Who is the childe beside her? He looks extremely unusual. Is he the husband of Miss Su?”

“How could it be possible? Miss Su is only fifteen years old. It is not the right time for her to think about the marriage. One year later, numerous people will propose a marriage to her when she is sixteen years old.”

“Tut, I wonder which childe will be chosen by Miss Su.”

“We are out of the question. Master Tan ranked the first in the preliminary examination. Now no one in the Dasu Town will match siblings of the Su Family.”

When Qu Qingning heard the discussions, his smile was frigid.

Su Li had the eldest brother who ranked the first in the preliminary examination of the Dahan Country this year. Why didn’t that old woman tell him?!

If he succeeded in deceiving Su Li into marrying him, which made Master Tan angry, he would be in danger.

It was true that he could live well in the martial arts circle according to his cultivation. But no matter how powerful he was, he didn’t dare to fight against the imperial court. He wanted to have a long life!

“I knew that it is nothing good to accept a lucrative task!”

Qu Qingning was regretful but he couldn’t stop. He had to act.

“Childe Wu, the Baiwei Building belongs to our Su Family. Although it can’t be compared with your General’s Mansion, it is the best restaurant in the Dasu Town.”

Su Li introduced the Baiwei Building to Qu Qingning while they were walking. It seemed that she took a fancy to him. She introduced many things about the Su Family to him.

Qu Qingning felt sad. He talked with Su Li perfunctorily with his eye sight erratic. He was thinking about how to get away.

At this moment, Fang Yuan who was dressed as a waiter walked from the back hall with a dish. When he saw Su Li, he could not help but be surprised. Now it was the morning. Why did Su Li come to the restaurant?

Afterwards, his eye sight fell to the youngster next to Su Li. When he saw the face of him, he stumbled and almost threw away the dish, with his mouth twitching.

Why did the guy come to the Dasu Town? It seemed that he lived well according to his clothes...

With this in mind, Fang Yuan put down the dish and deliberately said louder like a flunkey, “Second Miss, I come to give my greetings to you.”

Such a pretentious action suddenly made Su Li get it. She nodded gently and laughed inside. She didn’t expect that the two people had some relationships. It seemed that she couldn’t kill him.

Qu Qingning’s eyes widened and his body was stiff. He almost could not act as a reserved childe.

“Why is Fang Yuan a waiter in the Baiwei Building?! His cultivation is much higher than mine. Why does he live so miserably?” Qu Qingning thought.

Following Fang Yuan with his eyes, Qu Qingning did not turn his eyes until he saw the former made a gesture on his back. Suddenly, Su Li, standing beside him, slightly smiled.

“Judging from how you look, do you fall in love with the waiter of the Baiwei Building? If you like him, I can give him to you.”

Su Li deliberately raised her volume on “fall in love”. Qu Qingning was immediately nervous. He did not expect that she misinterpreted his abnormal behavior. He was not a gay.

Heidan, who followed them, was puzzled. Since they came in the Baiwei Building, he couldn’t understand what they said at all.

After Su Li led Qu Qingning walking around, she arranged for him to live in the guest room and left with an excuse.

When Qu Qingning saw Su Li going to the kitchen, he breathed a sigh of relief. After calculating the time, he and Heidan quickly jumped out of the window and disappeared in the dark alley.

“Big brother, why do we come here?”

When Heidan saw that it was dark around and there was no one, he was afraid.

“You are courageous. Why are you afraid?” Qu Qingning sneered and constantly looked around. He seemed to look for something.

Heidan’s face was red and was about to refute his big brother. But he saw someone suddenly appear in front of him. He was so scared that he was ready to scream, but his mouth was covered.

“Hush, keep it down. I am not a bad person.”

After he heard the voice of a young man, Heidan breathed a sigh of relief inside. Then he saw the face of the young man.

Wasn’t he the waiter who gave greetings to Su Li?!

Seeing Fang Yuan was calm, Qu Qingning’s eye sight was complicated with a little sadness. The latter became silent for a moment and said with a low voice, “I didn’t expect that you fled away.”

Fang Yuan shook his head, “You are wrong. Both my sister and I fled away. I fled with her.”

Qu Qingning immediately became happy and whispered, “Did Ling also flee away?”

Fang Yuan smiled and nodded gently.

“Great!” Qu Qingning exclaimed. “You are amazing. I almost died. You came here with an encumbrance. But why are you a waiter here?”

Qu Qingning felt strange. By means of his skills, Fang Yuan could live well by killing someone.

Fang Yuan shook his head and laughed, “I have a sister but you don’t. It seems that you live well. However, you’d better be careful when you kill people. Many people in the town practice martial arts.”

Qu Qingning was embarrassed. He didn’t know what to say.

Heidan was more confused. Hearing that Qu Qingning lived well, he immediately said, “What you said is wrong. We live in the poor temple in the South Street and always suffer from starvation. We did not live as well as a waiter!”

Fang Yuan was stunned when he heard the words. He immediately fell about laughing. “Qu Qingning, you... ha-ha ha-ha ha!”

Qu Qingning was immediately unhappy. Heidan touched the tender spot.

Fang Yuan stopped laughing and pointed at Qu Qingning’s clothes, “Your clothes look expensive. And... why do you have the relationship with the Su Family?”

“This... is a long story.”

Qu Qingning scratched his head and immediately explained how Zhu Yan asked him to deceive Su Li.

“Now you understand why I am dressed so grandly!”

Qu Qingning pulled the clothes and the rags were exposed. He smiled bitterly.

“I see. Thank you for your explanation.”

Su Li came out from the dark and laughed. Qu Qingning saw that her eye sight changed slightly and then turned back to find that Fang Yuan was calm. Looking pale, he said, “You betrayed me!”