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Chapter 66: Being Attacked by Poison, Which was Painful like Bones Were Broken

Nalan Youhong was stunned by Bai Aoxue's short-lived smile that was like a firework.

He knew that Bai Aoxue was very beautiful, but he did not expect Bai Aoxue’s smile to be so thrilling.

He thought that if Bai Aoxue did not become the princess of Jun Yeyan, he might also fall in love with such a woman who was unruly, stubborn and unique.

The smell of decaying rust in the room manifested what happened just now. Looking at Bai Aoxue’s pale face, Nalan Youhong was somewhat regret about his drastic offense at the beginning.

"It's getting late. You’d better go back first. I will take care of Yan here. You should go back and treat your wound. It will be infected if you put off." Nalan Youhong looked at Bai Aoxue worriedly.

Bai Aoxue said indifferently: "That’s alright. I don't care about such a small injury, but I can't go to see Jun Wuhen again. I have to find a way out."

Looking at Bai Aoxue's back, Nalan Youhong also nodded. Although it was difficult to see blood since Bai Aoxue wore red clothes, the bloody smell couldn't be hidden.

When they were thinking about the countermeasures, the voice of those guards came from outside.

"Paying respects to General!"

"Is my niece inside?" Ye Zhaojue looked at those guards who were excited.

The two guards were so excited that their words were incoherently when they saw their idol. They still didn’t come back to themselves when they suddenly heard Ye Zhaojue’s question.

Ye Zhaojue looked at the two guards who were stunned. He was worried about Bai Aoxue, so he could not help raising his voice: "Speak!"

Being shocked by Ye Zhaojue, these two guards hurriedly replied: "Miss Bai is in the room. Do you want to go in or do you need us to inform her first, General?"

"No need to bother. I want to go in on my own." Ye Zhaojue stopped those guards and strode into the yard.

Bai Aoxue was in a panic when she saw that Ye Zhaojue arrived. If Ye Zhaojue saw the scene in this room, he would definitely beat Jun Yeyan.

"This is the antidote of broken bones on the tenth day that I got. After a while, you give it to Jun Yeyan. I have to go in case my uncle sets this room in chaos." Bai Aoxue took out the antidote that Cangsheng gave to her calmly then handed to Nalan Youhong.

Looking at the antidote in the porcelain bottle, Nalan Youhong was stunned for a while. He looked at Bai Aoxue and said: "If you give it to Yan, what about you?"

Bai Aoxue smiled faintly and said: "I would make a new one. Remember to give it to Jun Yeyan. Don’t forget to open the window to ventilate after I leave. Don't tell Jun Yeyan what he just did."

Nalan Youhong looked at Bai Aoxue confusedly: "Why don't you let Yan know what he did?"

"Jun Yeyan is very fragile. He protects me carefully. If he knows that he hurt me when he was unconscious, he will blame himself for a long time. In fact, I could have avoided him. Suddenly, I don't want to do so. I somehow just wanted to feel the pain with him at that time." Bai Aoxue looked at Jun Yeyan gently. She said those words with rosy lips. Her words made Nalan Youhong want to cry.

He thought about a lot of possibilities, but he didn't expect Bai Aoxue's answer to be so simple. "Feeling the pain with him." How could someone who said such words hurt Jun Yeyan?

Nalan Youhong couldn't help being annoyed by his original thoughts. He even looked at Bai Aoxue with more respect and admiration that he did not notice.

"You really are a special woman like Yan said." Looking at Bai Aoxue, Nalan Youhong said seriously.

Bai Aoxue did not refute Nalan Youhong after listening to his words.

"Take care of him. In a few days, I will list the medicines that will be used in detoxification. You will be troubled at that time." Bai Aoxue got up and walked to the door slowly.

Nalan Youhong looked at Bai Aoxue's petite figure. He felt that such she would never bend her back, and he also understood Jun Yeyan’s feelings towards Bai Aoxue.

Once a person understood her, it was difficult for him not to fall in love with her. Bai Aoxue was just like a whirlpool. Once someone stepped in, he would never walk out in his life.

Jun Yeyan probably had long ago been trapped by a whirlpool called Bai Aoxue and couldn’t control himself.

Nalan Youhong shook his head and said: "It doesn’t matter. You just need to write a list. I will find those medicinal materials no matter what they are!"

After listening to Nalan Youhong’s words, Bai Aoxue didn’t say anything. She picked up her lips and pushed the door.

When Ye Zhaojue just approached the door, it was opened from inside.

Looking at Bai Aoxue who just came out of the room, Ye Zhaojue felt that something was wrong. When he was about to look inside, the door was already closed by Bai Aoxue.

"Uncle, has everything at the banquet been solved?" Bai Aoxue looked at Ye Zhaojue and said.

And Bai Aoxue's words diverted Ye Zhaojue. He smiled and replied: "Yes, it’s all settled, so I come here to pick you up."

After listening to that, Bai Aoxue smiled faintly: "Let’s go home. I’m a little tired."

When Ye Zhaojue heard that Bai Aoxue was tired, he also realized that Bai Aoxue picked him up early in the morning. Besides, something had happened halfway. He couldn’t help feeling sorry for her: "Okay, let's go back. After you take a rest, I’ll tell you what happened at the banquet."

"Thank you, Uncle." Bai Aoxue nodded.

Ye Zhaojue smiled and said: "You don’t need to thank me. Don’t say it again. We are a family. By the way, is 5th prince feeling better now?"

"Well, he is getting better. He has been detoxified, but he is still in a coma. Imperial physicians said that he probably will wake up tomorrow morning." Bai Aoxue lied without missing a beat.

"That will be the best. So, I don’t bother 5th prince. I will see him tomorrow." Ye Zhaojue glanced at the room meaningfully and said faintly.

Bai Aoxue nodded and left with Ye Zhaojue.

Jun Yeyan, on the other side, woke up long after Bai Aoxue left.

At that time, after a fierce struggle, although Nalan Youhong had already guessed the choice of Jun Yeyan, he decided to keep the antidote of broken bones on the tenth day and waited for Jun Yeyan to make his own decision.

"Hong... Where is Xue?" As Jun Yeyan opened his eyes, he saw Nalan Youhong who was deeply distressed but did not find Bai Aoxue after looking around.

Nalan Youhong was shocked when he heard Jun Yeyan’s voice. The porcelain bottle in his hand also dropped.

Nalan Youhong caught that porcelain bottle anxiously then held it like a treasure.

"Miss Bai left. General Ye came to pick her up." Nalan Youhong gave him an evasive reply. He dared not to look at Jun Yeyan’s eyes.

Jun Yeyan looked at Nalan Youhong’s appearance, then he found that there was a faint rusty smell in the air. He was frightened, and he couldn’t imagine what happened.

"Hong, look at me. Those poisons took effect, didn’t they? Xue is injured, right?" Although Jun Yeyan was calm, Nalan Youhong still noticed the sadness and annoyance in his tone.

After struggling for a long time, Nalan Youhong did not hesitate any more. He and Jun Yeyan were like brothers, so he did not want to see Jun Yeyan blame himself.

"Yes! You were telling Bai Aoxue about your past. Suddenly, it happened. You were attacked too sudden this time. Before I came back to myself, her shoulder was in a bloody mess because you, and this time you even sucked her blood!" Nalan Youhong looked at Jun Yeyan seriously.

When Jun Yeyan heard Nalan Youhong’s words, he was shocked in the extreme.

"She said that she will detoxify you. She didn’t want me to tell you what happened since she was afraid that you would blame yourself. She also said that she could have avoided you, but she wanted suffer with you..." Looking at Jun Yeyan who was distressed, Nalan Youhong didn’t want to continue.

After listening to the latter part of Nalan Youhong’s words, Jun Yeyan’s heart was filled with sorrow and joy at the same time. He felt sorrow since he hurt the person whom he always wanted to protect. He felt joyful since Bai Aoxue did not fear him or abandon him.

"This is the antidote of broken bones on the tenth day. She let me give it to you. I originally intended to let you take it secretly, but I know your thoughts. So, you can make your decision about this antidote. " Nalan Youhong passed the antidote to Jun Yeyan.

Looking at the little porcelain bottle, Jun Yeyan felt annoyed and distressed at the same time.

Quickly getting up, Jun Yeyan took that porcelain bottle.

"What are you going to do? The toxins in your body are still unstable!" Nalan hurriedly supported Jun Yeyan hurriedly and yelled.

Jun Yeyan pushed Nalan Youhong away and said: “I’m going to find her. I can’t imagine how much it hurts when that poison attacks her. I can tolerate that by myself!”

After listening to Jun Yeyan’s words, although Nalan Youhong already knew his decision early in the morning, he was still annoyed that Jun Yeyan did not care about himself.

"You are also poisoned now!" Nalan Youhong shouted.

"So, I don't want her to be poisoned too." Jun Yeyan said calmly, as if he was stating something normal.

"Zhao, come out." Jun Yeyan said to air slightly.

When those words fell, a dark figure knelt on the ground: "My lord, what is your command?"

"After I left, I didn't want any abnormalities." Jun Yeyan looked at the man who knelt on the ground.

When the man listened to Jun Yeyan’s words, he said seriously: "My lord, please rest assured."

After that man replied, Jun Yeyan disappeared. Nalan Youhong, who was annoyed, followed him.

Looking at the direction that Jun Yeyan left, Zhao took out a mask and put it on. He wore Jun Yeyan’s clothes then quickly lied in bed. Everything happened between a blink of an eye. No one could expect that the people in bed had already changed.

After Bai Aoxue, who left with Ye Zhaojue, returned to General’s mansion, she asked Mumian to prepare some white gauze for her. Although Mumian prepared them for her obediently, she was still confused.

How could Bai Aoxue not know that Mumian was confused? However, she did not explain it to her. She only said that they were useful.

After pushing Mumian and others out of her room, Bai Aoxue took off the clothes that had been wetted by blood and sweat. She then applied medicine to her shoulder carefully.

Looking at the ferocious scars from the bronze mirror, Bai Aoxue had to sigh that Jun Yeyan’s teeth were sharp.

After applying medicine, Bai Aoxue took out a suit of clothes that had been prepared from the closet. After everything was settled down, Bai Aoxue felt something wrong when she was sitting on the edge of the bed.

It was a kind of pain that came from her bones. It came forward then swallowed Bai Aoxue inch by inch.

Bai Aoxue bit her teeth tightly, fearing that she would make a sound because of incaution. Her pure white forehead was covered with sweat which was finally mixed then fell quickly.

Although she was short-lived in the preceding world, she had suffered a lot. Even if the pain was not weaker than what she had experienced, she would not give in.

Clenching her fists, her nails were embedded in the palms, but Bai Aoxue didn’t feel painful since the pain that seemed to break her bones little by little already eroded her pain nerve.

Bai Aoxue tolerate the pain carefully. Suddenly, she heard that the window was opened. Although the sound was very weak, she didn’t miss it.

"Who is it?!" Bai Aoxue turned quickly and looked at the opened window.